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Deep Space 5 was a Regula-type Federation space station active during the late 24th century. Located near Ivor Prime in the Typhon sector, among other duties, DS5 was responsible for starship development. Deep Space 5 reported the destruction of the Ivor Prime colony and the Borg incursion of 2373. (TNG: "Parallels"; Star Trek: First Contact; reference book Star Trek: Star Charts)

Later that year, DS5 became home to refugees fleeing the collapse of the Thallonian Empire in Sector 221-G. While undergoing repairs at the station, the USS Enterprise-E hosted the Thallonian conference. Admiral Edward Jellico was the station's commanding officer at that time. (NF novel: House of Cards)

Samson Glover commanded Deep Space 5 in 2365 and Jasmine Mendes was the station's operations chief in 2370. (Dark Territory)

Work on the prototype runabout USS St. Helens was "fine-tuned" at the station in 2385. (Star Trek: Pioneer (PNR): "Something Kinda New")

Star Trek: Pioneer (STP) continuity

Deep Space Five, as it appears in Star Trek: Pioneer (STP)

Deep Space Five was the central Federation base of operation in the Oralian sector. During the Coalition War, Deep Space Five became the center of all war effort operations and was the base from which the Third Fleet launched.

During the beginning of the war, Coalition forces ambushed the station during the Battle of Deep Space Five. ("In Custody")


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