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Deep Space 3 was a Federation Starbase constructed in 2328 with the purpose of keeping an eye on the Breen and other species in Breen space.

In 2375, the station was under the command of Admiral Marcus Holt, who reported making great strides in Federation/Breen relations until the Breen joined the Dominion. (LUG reference: Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Core Game Book (LUG RPG))

By 2381, Deep Space 3 was under the command of Commander Gong. DS3 was the location of a field office of the Starfleet Corps of Engineers, directed by Lieutenant Commander Kareem Mussad. Shortly after the Borg Invasion of 2381, Deep Space 3 became a central research facility for "Project Reassimilation", a classified project to study deactivated Borg technology and attempt to adapt it for Starfleet use. (ST novel: A Singular Destiny)

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Deep Space 3 was a United Federation of Planets space station active during the 24th century, designated as a general purpose facility. It was located in a "slot" of Federation space between the borders of the Ferengi Alliance and the First Federation, two parsecs from the Pinchot Expanse. Captain Montaine Buchanan assumed command of DS3 in 2352, a position he held at least until 2364. The USS Chimera was also permanently attached to the station.

The station is composed of several modular components, including drydock and repair facilities, storage bays and administrative, recreational and habitat areas. Construction began on DS3 in 2267, pursuant to a treaty between the UFP and the First Federation. Some of the station's modular sections were fabricated at the Starfleet Corps of Engineers Earth Orbital Assembly Yard and the Rigel Very Large Structure Group. Other modules constructed at the Cestus III Assembly Yard were instead reassigned to Starbase 162, which was designated a higher priority. For defense, Deep Space 3 was equipped with phaser banks and several mobile photon torpedo launch assemblies.

In 2361, Lieutenant Jennifer Forrestal was assigned as DS3's chief engineer. Lt. Commander Gregory Torkelson was assigned to DS3 as executive officer of the station and captain of the Chimera in 2364, as a replacement for the missing Sayzar Tyrellian. The station's second officer at that time was Lieutenant Renova Exler, who served as Torkelson's aide, and XO aboard the Chimera. (Star Trek: Outpost: "What Could Be So Bad?")

According to the Last Unicorn Games Star Trek roleplaying game, DS3 was constructed in 2238 near Breen territory.

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