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Deep Space 10 was a Federation starbase in operation along the Federation-Cardassian border in the late 24th century. Under the command of Commander Kesh-Mara, DS10 was officially opened in 2376. At that time, the station's main responsibility was to observe all aid and support vessels entering Cardassia space, and to deter pirates from attacking the convoys.

In mid 2377, DS10 suffered a major malfunction in its environmental control systems, which with the use of emergency filtration and oxygen supplies, left the station with only 21 hours of life support. When the station's engineers were unable to repair the system, Commander Kesh-Mara contacted Captain David Gold aboard the USS da Vinci and requested his immediate assistance. (CoE eBook: "Troubleshooting").

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Deep space 10 was constructed between 2380 and 2382. It is the largest Federation Starbase in the Galaxy. Manned by a staff bordering 125,000 including Marines, and hosting as many 800,000 inhabitants at one time, it has an incredibile capability of hosting personnel, including as many as 1.25 million. Deep space 10 hosts sections of the 14th Fleet, and 24th Fleet. (Star Trek: Generation Fleet)



The need for the starbase was realized in 2378 as contact with New Talaxia in the Delta Quadrant via the MIDAS Array found increasing tensions in the area by the Malon. In 2379 the USS Expedition (NCC-76277) was sent to the Delta Quadrant on the behest of Ambassador Neelix in hopes of defusing the situation with the Malon. From the outset plans went smoothly, but threats by past mining proprietor Nocono led Captain Vanessa Yates in requesting the Federation starbase be located at the colony. In 2380 the Expedition would return with a convoy of ships that began construction of the new Starbase. The appearance of the Federation in the Delta Quadrant was not well received. After construction, Deep space 10 faced destruction several times from several factions, with the Malon, and the Hirogen as their strongest opponents.

The Hirogen

In 2384 the Hirogen found themselves for the first time outnumbered when they first encountered the Starbase. When the USS Expedition (NCC-76277) surrendered to them, they were escorted to the starbase when it was apparent that a peaceful solution would benefit them in regards to Starfleet. Yet only a year later would the Hirogen return, this time to destroy the starbase with an armada of 200 Hunter ships. The USS Expedition (NCC-76277) lead a diversionary assault while land mines were laid to prevent any further attempts on the Statbase.

The Malon

By 2386, a coalition of Malon waste management owners and their crews that were forced out of business due to their inability to conform to new waste management protocols amassed an armada with the intent of destroying Deep space 10. Using a ship containing lethal Thalaron Radiation, they used a dummy fleet of ships to detonate the minefield, and make a clear path to the starbase. Sacrificing her ship, Captain Vanessa Lucifel rammed the USS Expedition (NCC-76277) into the Thalaron-loaded ship, effectively destroying the majority of the remaining fleet and sending the Malon Fleeing. The resulting Thalaron explosion created a natural barrier from any other future attacks.

The New Talaxia colony

The colony below is still inhabited, but the search continues for a New Home for the Talaxians. With the Thalaton Radiation in the area, talks of giving the asteroid back to the mining consortium are in progress. A class M planet has been found some 3.2 light years away, but Ambassador Neelix, feeling the importance of the Deep space 10, remains there as well with his family.

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