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Ragnarok landing on "Battleship Island"
"A man-made mobile island for marine life research. Disappeared mysteriously after much wandering. Since the facility members are still alive, it is assumed to be concealed intentionally."
FFVIII Info Corner

The Deep Sea Research Center (海洋探査人工島, Kaiyou Tansa Jinkou Shima lit. Artificial Ocean Research Island) is located far out in the middle of the ocean, in the very south-west corner of the world of Final Fantasy VIII. It is an abandoned, half-sunken laboratory which was formerly used to research Draw effects, however other, less commonly known, research may have been going on.



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It can be found as early as Disc 2, when Balamb Garden is mobile, but it cannot be entered from the sides. The party must wait until the Ragnarok is in their possession to land on top of the structure to get inside. If Zell was in the party when the player finally lands on the location, he will allow the player to ask questions about the history of this research center

Also known as "Battleship Island", Researchers working at this facility were attempting to develop another Draw system, gathering different energy and materials for their study. They are also in pursuit of a large Draw Point said to be found somewhere on the planet. It is said that their research was hardcore, and that they used Guardian Forces for their experiments. It can be deduced that the researchers finally found what they were looking for, and left fearing the power they had found.

Inside, there is a blue core, which pulses. If the core is in the middle of a pulse and the party moves, the party must fight a Random Battle. When the party approaches the core, a voice asks them a question (So you wish to challenge me?). If answered correctly (It's not our will to fight), the party will fight a Ruby Dragon, if the party wins, the next question (Begging me for mercy?) is asked (The correct answer is "Never"). But if the party answers wrong, they will fight a Ruby Dragon until the question is answered correctly. The trick is that on the final question (Damned imbeciles. Why do you wish to fight?), there is a hidden answer, below the main two (revealed to be "It's our nature"), which is the correct one. If this hidden option is selected Squall and the party will fight the Guardian Force Bahamut.


Deep Sea Deposit, the last destination of the Deep Sea Research Center

Deep Sea Deposit

"Marine Research Island's last excavation site. Believed to be an ocean floor ruin. There is a note saying: 4127 Travel by Underwater Tower."
—FFVIII Info Corner

When Bahamut is defeated, the core that was there ends up completely destroyed. If the party leaves the area and returns, it also allows access to the lower levels of the research facility by a large vine structure. There are a series of floors leading down to the excavation site. Squall must open up each door using the units of pressure, but must conserve enough units for the final lock at the bottom of the excavation site. The party starts with a set number of units, and must conserve ten if they are to fight Ultima Weapon. There is a point where the party can gain more units of pressure. If these are used to access the excavation site, the Enc-None ability can be used to transverse the site. If these units aren't found and Zell is in your party, he forces open a jammed door that leads into the excavation site without using any units. In this case, the party encounters a number of scripted battles which cannot be avoided using Enc-None.

When the party reaches the bottom, Squall will use the last of his pressure units. After a pause, sounds can be heard from above and the air starts to get heavy. The party is then thrust into a battle against Ultima Weapon. Ultima Weapon is said to be the second most powerful opponent in the game (behind Omega Weapon). Ultima Weapon, however, carries the strongest GF in the game Eden, if you are fortunate enough to draw it away from him.


The Research Center is located far from any land mass out in the vastness and serenity of the sea. The corner of the map is a recurring location for secret locations in the games. Other examples include the island hiding the Chocobo's Paradise in Final Fantasy IX, and the island that houses the Summon Knights of the Round in Final Fantasy VII.

Location of the Deep Sea Research Center, indicated by crosshair

Musical Themes

The Deep Sea Reserch Center's theme is "Junction."

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