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The Deep Eyes squadron is a elite military force in Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within.

The Deep Eyes are the trooper military branch of the United States Military Force (USMF). Split into squads, each with their own commanding officers, the squad operating under Captain Gray Edwards was specialized in the combat and eradication of Phantoms in the wastelands. Thanks to the advancements in bio-etheric technology, the Deep Eyes squad and the rest of the USMF are outfitted with weaponry capable of countering the Phantom threat.



A fully armored Deep Eyes soldier

The Deep Eyes are outfitted with the latest in Bio-Etheric weaponry, and plenty of other military-grade gadgets.



Rifle - The Deep Eyes rifle is a standard-issue bio-etheric energy weapon, powered by a ballistics level bio-etheric OvaPac. It can be fired like any normal long-range weapon, but can also be charged to unleash a powerful missile of bio-etheric energy with a resulting blast upon impact. As a bio-etheric weapon, it is one of the key tools the Deep Eyes possess for dealing with the Phantom threat.

Pistol - Each Deep Eyes member also has an emergency sidearm. This .45 caliber pistol is of a new, futuristic design, but still uses solid slug ammunition, and works like any normal semi-automatic pistol.

Combat Knife - The Deep Eyes also possess a small dagger sheathed on their left pauldron.

Equipment and Utilities

Armor - Each Deep Eyes soldier dons a full suit of body armor to protect them from the hazardous wasteland conditions they may have to endure. Typically, a Deep Eyes member wears a full helmet, complete with a built-in rebreather and vision enhancing goggles, which give the soldier the appearance of ghostly blue eyes. However, a mask with most of the same basic functions exist for more flexibility, which only covers the eyes and a portion of the nose. The key element to the Deep Eyes' vision enhancement is the ability to see otherwise invisible Phantoms. Unfortunately, the armor itself cannot protect a soldier from direct contact with the Phantoms.

Ether Flare - A flare that, when fired, explodes and rains particles of bio-etheric energy down onto the area. Any particles that come into contact with the normally invisible Phantoms energize the life energy and make them visible to the naked eye, making it easier to navigate and combat in Phantom infested areas.

Gel Pocket - A nifty gadget that is fired at the ground while a Deep Eyes member is airborne. Upon impact with the ground, the gel expands, forming into a cushion of dense, liquid-like gas for a soldier to safely drop into, protecting them from normally fatal falls.

Notable Members



Final Fantasy XIII's PSICOM troops.
  • Gray's Deep Eyes squadron has four members, a reference to the Final Fantasy game series where in six of the ten games then produced, you are limited to four people in your team, despite the fact that there are usually more than five characters.
  • The PSICOM troops battling Lightning and company in Final Fantasy XIII look similar to Deep Eyes soldiers.
  • The name Deep Eyes is likely a reference to the enemy from the original Final Fantasy.

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