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From The Vault

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race: Human
affiliation: Himself
role: Crime lord
location: Hub
appearances: Fallout
quests: Dispose of merchant
Dispose of Jain
dialogue file: DECKER.MSG
actor: Keith David

Concept art

Decker was the crime boss in the Hub and the head of the Underground during 2161.



A ruthless, cunning person, he possesses great intelligence and speaks in an eloquent way, contrasting with his brutish appearance. He seeks to control the entire water distribution business, which would estabilish him as the de facto ruler of the Core Region, via the Far Go Traders, a merchant company he controls from behind the scenes. He is also wary of other threats to his position, including the Children of Cathedral, whose attractive preaching and aggressive expansion endanger his operations. Likewise, he also looks for a way to control the Hub Police, whose head, Justin Greene is less corruptible than his father.

Interactions with the player character

In Fallout, should the Vault Dweller impress Kane, his right hand, Decker, will offer two jobs - remove Daren Hightower, Daren's wife and his security detail, and later Jain of the Children of the Cathedral, to cripple their operations in the Hub. At any time during or after these quests, he can be reported to the police. The Dweller will be asked to assist, while, as expected, Decker and Kane won't be too pleased.


Decker's death is the death knell of the Underground - his absolutist control of all criminal activities within the city basically means that there is no one to succeed him and the Hub Police can easily pick off any criminal elements without fear of retribution.


Apparel Weapon Other item On death
None Throwing Knife Stimpak All of the above.

Related quests


Decker appears only in Fallout. He is a Talking Head voiced by Keith David.

Behind the scenes

Major characters of Fallout
The Hub

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From Lostpedia

Karen Decker
Karen Decker
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Karen Decker
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Oceanic Airlines representative
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Represented the Oceanic Six

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Ms. Karen Decker is a public relations representative of Oceanic Airlines.

Karen Decker in the cockpit ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 1")

On the trip to the military facility just west of Honolulu, Karen sat in the cockpit along with the pilot and co-pilot. Upon nearing the landing, she walked back to see six Oceanic Flight 815 escapees of the Island in the cargo hold, telling them that their families were waiting, and that they didn't have to answer any press questions. Jack, however, responded that they would answer questions. After making sure everyone agreed with this decision, Karen revealed to them that the press had branded them as the "Oceanic Six", which she opined was not necessarily the best name, but that it was "catchy."

At the following press conference, Karen revealed to the public the story of the Oceanic Six (which was fabricated by an unknown source), of how they crashed, how Kate gave birth, and their eventual salvation. She then denied a reporter's question about Kate's fugitive status.

After the press conference, Karen pointed Sayid towards Nadia, who was waiting for him. ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 1")


  • Shares a last name with Starfleet Captain Decker from Star Trek: the Motion Picture. Incidentally, Michelle Forbes played Starfleet Lt. Ro Laren on "Star Trek: the Next Generation."

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