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A casino is a facility where people gamble. Casinos are seen throughout the Grand Theft Auto series but Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas introduced gambling and interactive casinos where the player can gamble.



GTA San Andreas

There are three accessible casinos where the player can gamble. There is a variety of activities to wager money on. The player can borrow money from the casino, leading to a negative money value. If the money is not repaid, Carl will get phone calls from loan sharks threatening him to pay up soon or he will be physically harmed. If money is still not repaid, loan sharks armed with Micro Uzis and AK-47s will show up in black Vincents and attempt to kill Carl. The loan sharks carry a lot of money so money can be repaid by simply killing them and picking up their cash.

GTA Liberty City Stories


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City of Heroes

Up to date as of January 31, 2010

From City of Heroes Wiki

When a hero or villain is defeated, he accrues experience debt, which slows his ability to reach the next level.

Debt does not accrue until the character reaches experience level ten. As the character rises in level, the amount of debt he accrues per defeat increases, as does the maximum total amount of debt he can accumulate. A character can have a maximum of five full defeats' worth of debt.

Some powers and situations reduce or even eliminate the amount of debt that defeat causes. Most prominently, a character defeated while in an instanced mission accrues only half the normal amount of debt. Also, some resurrection effects render the revived character immune to debt for a brief period, in the event that he is immediately defeated again. There are, however, no powers or effects that directly pay off debt after it is accrued.


Working Off Debt

When a character has experience debt, half the experience earned (or the amount of remaining debt, whichever is less) is used to pay off the debt. Only the remainder applies to advance the character's level.

To work off debt more quickly, a character may serve as an Exemplar or Malefactor. While this arrangement exists, all experience the character earns is applied toward his debt.

A clever way to use Exemplaring to full effect is to acquire a high-level "Defeat X Enemies" mission that is not tied to any particular zone and specifies an enemy that exists at both high and low levels, such as Arachnos or the Circle of Thorns. Exemplar to a much lower-level character and defeat those enemies in an appropriate low-level zone. Your mission completion bonus will be based on your true level and be quite large, and it will all be applied to your debt due to your Exemplar status.

Strategic Use of Debt

On certain occasions, a character may not want to level up. In such cases, the player may deliberately accrue debt to slow the character's progression.

For example, a player may not want to outlevel his Contacts. He may be trying to get a specific badge mission or Story Arc from a Contact, or he may be a villain trying to unlock an unlockable CoV Contact while that Contact will still speak with him.

Since debt also counts toward debt badges, hardcore badge-collecting players may want to generate debt specifically to work on earning the debt badges.

Also, a character might want to earn badges for Accolades at a lower level to have access them in a PvP zone like Bloody Bay, as the game remembers what level the accolade was earned at, and will deny a character the use of the accolade power if it was earned it at a higher level than the level of the zone.

Additionally, debt can be used to increase the amount of influence/infamy that a character gains at each level, since he will spend more time playing between levels.

It should be noted that several of these goals may be accomplished by being an Exemplar/Malefactor to a lower-level player as well, particularly the last one. Serving as an Exemplar halts a character's leveling progress completely. Debt only slows it to half speed.

You can also completely turn off the gaining of experience via the an option in Menu -> Options -> General -> "Disable Earning XP".

Debt Table

   Level       Debt       Debt Cap       Level       Debt       Debt Cap   
   1       0       0       26       5,500       27,500   
   2       0       0       27       6,750       33,750   
   3       0       0       28       8,000       40,000   
   4       0       0       29       9,000       45,000   
   5       0       0       30       10,000       50,000   
   6       0       0       31       11,500       57,500   
   7       0       0       32       13,000       65,000   
   8       0       0       33       14,500       72,500   
   9       0       0       34       16,000       80,000   
   10       200       1,000       35       18,500       92,500   
   11       275       1,375       36       21,000       105,000   
   12       350       1,750       37       23,000       115,000   
   13       400       2,000       38       26,000       130,000   
   14       475       2,375       39       30,000       150,000   
   15       550       2,750       40       33,500       167,500   
   16       650       3,250       41       37,500       187,500   
   17       800       4,000       42       42,500       212,500   
   18       950       4,750       43       48,000       240,000   
   19       1,100       5,500       44       54,000       270,000   
   20       1,250       6,250       45       61,000       305,000   
   21       1,750       8,750       46       69,000       345,000   
   22       2,250       11,250       47       77,000       385,000   
   23       2,750       13,750       48       87,000       435,000   
   24       3,500       17,500       49       99,000       495,000   
   25       4,250       21,250       50       110,000       550,000   


  • Level at which debt starts was raised to level 10 in Issue 5
  • Debt from being defeated in a mission was halved in Issue 5

This article uses material from the "Debt" article on the City of Heroes wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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