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Annihilation is one of the match types used in many PvP battles in various Arenas and Challenges.

The winning objective is very simple: Kill all members of the opposing team(s), including NPCs if there are any.


Priest Annihilation

In some Annihilation matches, teams do have a Resurrection Shrine tended by a Priest. The Priest will resurrect all dead party members every 2 minutes. To win, the opposing team must be dead and their Priest killed as well. The Priest cannot be resurrected.

Obelisk Annihilation

Some Annihilation matches feature Obelisks that can be used as a tactical advantage to beat the opponent team even faster.

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Deathmatch is a multiplayer game in Grand Theft Auto IV consisting of two to sixteen players. The standard free-for-all in many online shooting games, players' only goal is to kill as many other players as possible. Players can also pick up money from deceased players. The player with the most money at the end of the match wins. There must be at least 2 players in the match, and no more than 16. You can play a similar Deathmatch in both GTA IV's Free Roam and Party Mode. While no specific score is capped, Free Roam unlocks the whole city, lots of vehicles and guns at your pleasure, just to shoot the living daylights out of other players. Party mode follows a similar principal. From both Free Roam and Party Mode, Deathmatch can be found.

In other shooting multiplayer games, Deathmatch is also known as Free For All or FFA.



The objective make the most money by the end of the match by killing other players. Each kill grans you $100, and each player will drop about 15-25 dollars after they are killed. Each match will either have a time limit or a money limit.


The Host can change a number of factors including

  • A Time limit or a money limit
  • Auto Aim allowed or disallowed
  • The area the players will play in (It can be the whole city, single islands, or different little areas like the airport or the docks)
  • The type of weapons available to players
  • The Weather and time of day
  • Either the map will show blips of all players, far players, near player, or no blips at all
  • The Respawn time and the amount of distance from other players when the player spawns


The money reward at the end of the match depends on the amount of kills each player has done. The equation is as follows: (Number of kills x $100) + (Amount of money picked up after kills) - (Times player killed themselves x 100). You may rank up after playing this, depending on the amount of money you earn.

If you earned $1,000 and you haven't earned a rank promotion, you will earn a rank 1 star and the "Cut Your Teeth" Trophy/Achievement. If you have not yet killed a Rockstar employee or someone who has one that themselves and you kill them during a game of this, you will earn the "Let Sleeping Rockstars Lie' Achievment. If you kill 20 people WITH PISTOLS during a RANKED match, you will earn the "Top of the Food Chain" Achievment.


  • For a fast and frantic game, try setting the Respawn time to "1 second", the respawn distance to "Near", and pick a small enclosed area, like the airport.
  • Remember that ALL other players on this are similar to currency. If people kill you, they get money. If you kill people, you get money. Pretty simple.
  • Try to avoid Auto-Aim: Disallow or Police: Allow games because friends work together in disallow games and police kill you, causing you to lose money.
  • Aim for the head and fire quick, one shot taps. 2 headshots will kill players instantly, with the exception of armor or using certain weapons.. Firing fully automatic just results in missed shots, and firing 1 shot very slowly results in being killed.
  • Learn to shoot faster by practicing Team Deathmatch regularly. Do not mix GTA 4 in with Call of Duty, Fallout, Halo, or any other game. It will mess up your trigger finger.
  • Always go for the best gun available. Usually, this is the M4 Rifle or M249 . Unless you know you have the patience to snipe, do not snipe.
  • Stick with the group. If your team is on a different island, you may change their respawning point to miles away from their previous respawn point.
  • Try to play with your friends. Just because you see a team of rank 9 and 10 players doesn't give you a reason to get on their team. If you do see such a team, get on the the other team. They are probably just friends.
  • Do NOT use helicopters (unless you're in a open area like the airport), or any other vehicle for that matter recklessly. Not even the best helicopter pilots can kill some players if they enclose themselves. A novice player can easily pluck a pilot out of the sky. Also, the time wasted going to grab a chopper can and should be used to kill enemies. With everyone trying to kill you, you won't last long.
  • Pick money up off the ground. I know this might be common sense, but I personally picked up probably about 250 grand off the ground alone on TLAD team deathmatch. (If you ever have a chance, look up L2K MoFoZy on or Xbox Live!). The higher the person is in the rank, the more money they drop. A rank 0 might drop anywhere form 8-10 dollars, but a rank 10 can drop upwards of 25 dollars. In fact, I know a certain rank 10 that dropped about $35 every time he died.
  • A good place to get many kills, is to set the location to Bohan, (make sure you are stocked full of health, body armor, a assault rifle, a sniper rifle and a rocket launcher. To get many kills, go to the district of Little Bay, next to the under construction bridge with to USJ's on. You can find a crane with a long ladder to the top. Once at the top, try to get your team to lure, the opposing team, to your location. By this you can get many kills, and the other players will be stunned, and will not know where you are, giving you a excellent opportunity to kill them.
  • Make sure your settings are set to Cops: OFF and Auto Aim: ON, unless you like cops attacking you or barely noticing where you can shoot.
  • Do not annoy people in lobbies with such activities as yelling into the mic, using hateful and foul language, etc.
  • If you are the host and don't know what to do, here is an acceptable game setup. It will work on TLAD, or regular GTA 4:
  • Location: Colony Island or Bohan
  • Weapons: Powerful (includes Rocket Launcher/Grenade Launcher, M4s, MP5's, the Advanced Sniper, and the best Shotguns available)
  • Respawn Points: Near
  • Respawn Time: 1 second
  • Blips: All
  • Time: Depends on the number of people in the lobby. Try 20 minutes or so, usually.
    • This is the preferred setup for Team Deathmatch on BOGT.
  • Location- Trespass
  • Weapons- Automatic
  • Respawn Points: Far
  • Respawn Time: 1 second
  • Blips: All
  • Time: Depends on the number of people in the lobby. Try 20 minutes or so, usually.
  • Here is why the other locations, weapons, and respawn distances are not preffered:
  • Locations
  • Algonquin- too large of an island, too close to Helitours
  • Alderney- too large of an island
  • Dukes/Broker- people will run to Helitours or the Airport
  • Charge Island- too many fences and too easy to leave the island
  • Industrial- not a bad location
  • Docks- not a bad location
  • Francis International Airport- obviously, people wil grab Annihilators and, on TLAD, can obliterate the competition
  • These are the Weapon sets found or set in multiplayer in TDM.
  • Weak- Includes weakest Pistol and Uzi
  • Medium- Includes MP5, Desert Eagle, weakest shotgun, the AK, and the bolt-action Sniper Rifle
  • Powerful- Includes MP5, Desert Eagle, PSG-1, M4 and best shotgun available
  • Pistols- Includes the Glock and Desert Eagle on GTA 4 and CZ-75 and Desert Eagle on TLAD
  • SMG's- Includes the Uzi and MP5 on both GTA 4 and TLAD
  • Assault Rifles-Includes both the AK and M4 on both GTA 4 and TLAD
  • Shotguns-Includes the Pump-Action and Combat Shotgun on GTA 4 and the Sawed-off Shotgun and Streetsweeper on TLAD
  • Sniper Rifles- Includes the Bolt-action and semi-automatic sniper on both GTA 4 and TLAD
  • Grenade Launcher's/Rocket Launchers- Includes the Rocket Launcher on GTA 4 and the Grenade Launcher on TLAD
  • Projectiles- Includes the Grenade and Molotovs on GTA 4 and the Pipe Bomb and Molotovs on TLAD
  • Biker Weapons- Includes the CZ-75, Grenade Launcher, Sawed off, and Streetsweeper, is only available on TLAD
  • Episodic Weapons on BOGT- Includes the Pistol .44, Explosive Shotgun ,Gold SMG, Assault SMG, Advanced MG, Advanced Sniper, and Sticky Bombs, only available on BOGT
  • Automatic Weapons- Includes the AK, Advanced MG, Golden SMG, and Assault SMG, only available on BOGT
  • Explosives- Includes the Sticky Bombs, Explsive Shotgun, a modified Grenade Launcher, and the Advanced Sniper, only available on BOGT
  • Sticky Bombs- Includes only the Sticky Bombs, only available on BOGT
    • Weak weapons, biker weapons, pistols, and shotguns force you to get close to your enemies ALWAYS, making them poor choices for a game. Grenade Launchers are quite difficult to get kills with, so extended games with only grenade launchers(longer than 10 minutes) are too long. Projectiles can't get very many kills either. However, powerful, Asssault Rifles, and SMG's allow people to remain a relative distance away and allow for kills. Medium weapons games aren't bad, but aren't good either. Most players also despise Sniper games because they don' have the patience to snipe.
  • For more help, see the [[Weapons in GTA IV ]] page, the [[Weapons in The Lost and Damned]] page, and the [[Weapons in The Ballad of Gay Tony]] page.
  • On Ballad of Gay Tony, all locations are set up in small areas, such as the Libertonian Museum or the construction site. No longer are entire island the host of Team Deathmatches. Also, spawns are random, respawn invincibility has been removed, people respawn with full health AND FULL ARMOR, and no gun remains that can have the trigger tapped on multiplayer.

Here is a review of the locations for Team Deathmatch on BOGT.

  • Trespass- This is the Sprunk factory. With such high roofs and several floors, there is tons of space to hide. If in a game set at this location, get onto the roof or catwalk, as it will allow you to cover the main yard easily with an M249 and rack up kills.
  • Auld Reekie- This is set around the warehouse on Colony Island. Try to avoid being caught in the middle, and stay out of the warehouse.
  • Ziggurat- This is set at the construction site near Helitours. It is the largest map on the game and an Advanced MG is very good on this map.
  • Xero In- This is set in the warehouse where Bulgarin held the kidnapped Roman. There are about 4 floors and it is useful to have an SMG during this conflict.
  • Academically Challenged- This map is set on an area that can be presumed as a school, but is not really known. This map is perfect for small games. The size of the map is great for an M249.
  • Global Domination- This map is set at the Civilation Commitee building, and is one of the larger maps. A sniper is very useful on this map, as is the P90.
  • Battle Station- This is set at a train station in the middle of Broker/Dukes, and is an okay map. A P90 or Mini-Uzi is very good for this.
    • Below is a review on the weapons added for BOGT:
  • Pistol .44- Despite the slow rate of fire, small magazine capacity, and long reload, the extreme power and great range makes this an acceptable weapon.
  • Gold SMG- While this is essentially the same as the Micro Uzi from regular GTA 4 and TLAD, this one has an incredibly high rate of fire that is perfect for combat or drive by shootings and also has a 30 round magazine rather than a 50 round magazine.
  • Assault SMG- This is not a bad gun, but it can not be used during drive bys and is similar in range to the Gold SMG and with a slower rate of fire. On foot, however, this is better than the Gold SMG.
  • Advanced MG- This is certainly the best gun in the game. The rate of fire, power, accuracy, and magazine capacity of this weapon can turn 1 player into a moving turret.
  • Sticky Bombs- These are an oddity, as these are useful as in they can stick to objects and detonate remotely, rather than on a fuse, but have the same explosive force as grenads or pipe bombs. They can be used for trickery, as in placing sticky bombs on a vehicle, giving it to an enemy, and as soon as they get in, blow it up.
  • Explosive Shotgun- While the shotgun is not actually fully automatic, the explosive shotgun is a whopper. It will destroy cars, people, helicopters, or pretty much anything that can attack you. The buckshot shotgun is okay, but only at close quarters.
  • Advanced Sniper- This is the best sniper rifle in the history of snipers. It can have explosive rounds, making helicopters that much easier to bring down. This also obliterates people, shreds cars, and makes mincemeat of people riding bikes.

The weather and time of day don't matter.

  • If you end up in a lobby and it says auto aim is off or police is on, leave immediately. Police shoot at you and very often kill you, making you lose 100 dollars. Auto Aim off makes it difficult to use almost any gun, outside of assault rifles, snipers, and grenade launchers/RPGs.
  • If in a SERIOUS pinch, run inside a building such as Perseus in Algonquin, the Modo, or basically any other building where you are able to watch the entrance with ease.
  • Get the M4 at ALL costs. The M4 Assault Rifle is the best weapon to have with its unique and perfect combination of capacity (with 30 round magazine, enough for 15 kills per magazine with perfect aim), power (2 headshots kill anybody without armor), range (most range on a non-sniper weapon in the game), and accuracy (resets to point aimed at almost immediately). This weapon can turn an early deficit into a comeback and even a blowout against stronger, better armed, or teams with more people. On BOGT, with the removal of the M4, try to get the M249, as it also has incredible power, great range, and a whopping 200 round magazine capacity, only with a long reload time and less accuracy.
  • If you notice that an enemy player is in a glitch and cannot be killed, stay away from that player. Also, if a skilled sniper is watching an area, try to avoid that area.
  • Try to avoid clans. Clans such as DBA, GMS, FSU, and the millions of other GTA 4 clans almost always have turbos, lag switches, use corners, have mods, etc. It is not fun to play witht hem as they almost always cheat.

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Rockets redirects here. For the weapon, see Rocket Launcher.

Slayer is a popular and common gametype found in the Halo Trilogy series. The object of the game is simply to kill as many opposing players as possible. This is done in teams of anywhere from 2-8 in Team Slayer, or all by yourself in a FFA (Free For All) match.

Icon for Slayer.


Included Variants

The following variations are found in Halo 3 Matchmaking.


Slayer BRs


  • Each player will start with a Energy Sword. There are no weapons on the map except grenades, although equipment and turrets remain the same. This gametype quite possibly inspired the creation of Hammerzeit.
  • Halo 2's best sword maps are Ascension and Midship.


  • All players start with a Gravity Hammer and two frag grenades. There are no weapons on the map except grenades, although pick-ups and turrets remain. Players cannot pick up extra grenades or use equipment. This game is basically a knockoff of Swords, except it is played with Gravity Hammers. Also, unlike Swords, this game will end when one person has only 15 kills, instead of 25. However, this is an infrequent gametype. Hammerzeit seems to appear only in Multi Team and Team Melee.


  • Each player starts with a Rocket Launcher. Rockets and grenades may be found on the map. This gametype can be played free for all or with teams. Rockets was also featured as a Double-Exp Weekend Playlist. In Team Rockets the rocket launcher has infinite ammunition.

Team Snipers

  • Each player starts with a Sniper Rifle and Magnum. Grenades are on the map and the way to win is the same.
  • Following the November playlist update, Team Snipers will be removed from Social and Ranked Team Slayer and given its own playlist.

Team Zombie

  • Red team are the humans, they can use any weapon besides heavy weapons and grenades. Blue team are the zombies, they can't use any weapons or grenades, they can only melee. When a blue kills a red, the red has to go blue.
  • Game ends when all players are blue.

Shotty Snipers

  • Each player starts with a Sniper Rifle and Shotgun. Grenades are on the map and the way to win is the same.
  • As of the November 2008 playlist update, Shotty Snipers will be removed from Social and Ranked Team Slayer and added to the Team Snipers Playlist.

Popular Variants

Fiesta Slayer

Used in the Cinco de Mayo Double EXP weekend hopper. FFA where all weapons, primary and secondary are random for all players.


BR and Magnum starts, no shields and 200% damage resistance. The only way for an instant kill is a headshot or a melee. Highly tactical.

'Nades 'n Spades

The only way to score points is to stick an opponent or to beat them down, typical kills from an inert gun do not count. Normal speed and shields, Plasma Pistol for a starter weapon with regenerating grenades.

Demolition Derby

A fun variant where players must be in a vehicle to get kills. Players proceed in crashing into each other, or splattering players on the ground in attempt to get kills. Best played on a large open map like Coagulation or Sandtrap. Suggested vehicles: Warthog, Chopper or Ghost; mixing up the vehicle types add extra variety.

Monster Trucks

A variant where to kill your opponents, you must splatter, push them off, or assassinate them on customized maps built near cliffs.

Optimatch Maps and Rules (Halo 2)


  • In Halo 2, if you get killed by an explosion, or any part of the scenery, there will be a message saying you were killed by the Guardians.
  • Hammerzeit ("zeit" being German for "time") is a reference to MC Hammer's song U Can't Touch This. See also Hammer Time.



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