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Final Fantasy IX Enemy
Japanese デスゲイズ
Romaji Desugeizu
Location Memoria
Class Demon/Bug/Flying
Steal Elixir, Black Belt, Duel Claws
Item Dropped Phoenix Down, Wing Edge
Card Dropped None
Abilities Open, Close, Spin, Demon's Claw, Death, Twister, Meteor, L5 Death
Eat None
Status Immunity Petrify, Silence, Blind, Heat, Confuse, Freeze, Berserk, Condemned, Stop, Mini, Poison, Instant Death

Deathguise is a boss from Final Fantasy IX fought in Memoria. It is the third to last boss in the game before Trance Kuja and Necron, the final bosses, summoned by Kuja to attack the party. Just as the Four Fiends are evolved versions of the Shrine Guardians, Deathguise could likewise be the evolved Taharka, the guardian of the four mirrors at Ipsen's Castle, especially as it also alternates between being closed and open. Its attacks vary from when it is open and closed. When it is open, it uses its physical attacks, Demon's Claw and Spin. When it is closed, it uses Twister, Meteor, Death, and L5 Death.

When Deathguise is defeated, Kuja will become impatient and destroy his own minion with a powerful magic spell. The player then has a chance to return to a Save Point before facing Trance Kuja, use the Save Point to heal the damage from this battle and face Kuja at full potential.

Deathguise is a tribute to Deathgaze from Final Fantasy VI, sharing many things in common, such their affinity with Death.

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