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Death from the Grave is a medal awarded in Halo 3 Multiplayer for killing somebody after you have died. It is represented by a platinum eight-pointed star with a face without a mouth in the center of the star. This would usually occur from a grenade (more commonly Plasma Grenades) or Needler rounds detonating after the recipients death, or a slow moving projectile such as a rocket making contact with a foe once the being who has shot the rocket is defeated. It can also be given when a vehicle's driver is sniped out and the vehicle splatters an opponent before slowing and stopping or, rarely, being shot through a man-cannon and landing on someone. This commonly happens during jousting on Narrows. Another way to get this medal is, is you are planting a grenade on a Scorpion or Wraith, get shot off, and have the grenade explode when you are dead.  As this medal is awarded, a message appears on the screen, saying "You killed (player) from the grave". Note that you cannot get this medal immediately after you die, there is a brief waiting time between your death and the death of the person you killed that needs to be met to receive this medal.

An easy way to gain this medal is by throwing a Fragmentation Grenade at your feet, or one of the 3 other types of grenades at the enemy before imminent death. The frag grenade is usually missed due to its color, thus you'll be surprised how many people will run past your body after you are killed. Another easy way is to use the Flamethrower or a Firebomb Grenade on your enemy when you are about to die. Also, throwing a Power Drain in a crowded area, just before your death may get you this medal. You can also exploit a Energy Sword wielder by sticking him just before you get lunge killed.

Risky but well practiced Grenadiers will stick an opponent before death, hoping to have their efforts rewarded with multiple Death from the Grave Medals in one toss. Here's an example of a Triple Death from the Grave Stick. Be warned: there are no guarantees in multikills from the grave, and even a single DFTG stick can be stolen if the grenaded opponent is shot down.


  • In Halo 3 Beta, the medal was much more responsive, appearing more often almost immediately after you die, as opposed to a set time limit.
  • The face in the middle of the medal has the appearance of a ghost or skull.
  • On the Halo 3 map Orbital, if a player scores 2 Death from the Grave medals in a single online match, the Post Mortem achievement is unlocked.
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