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Map of the Death Altar.

The Death altar is a Runecrafting altar that can be used to convert pure essences into death runes.

Access to the altar requires completion of most of the Mourning's Ends Part II quest, and a Death talisman, a Death tiara, or one of the Omni-talisman items. The altar is also full of level 19 ghosts which can be attacked, although they are not aggressive.

Two players at the Death altar. Notice it looks like the inside of a cave.

How to get there

The Death Altar.
  • Players who want to avoid using the Abyss (as it is located in the Wilderness) can start from Lletya and use the Underground Pass in reverse direction. The maze part with Agility obstacles leads to a tiny dwarf camp that has a crevice leading to the death altar.



  • The main music, La Mort, is French for "The Death."
  • If you chop the trees in the altar you will get charcoal instead of logs.
  • The Death Altar portal in the Abyss is now a little more informative if you don't have the requirements due to updates on 9 November 2009.

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Death Altar
English: Death Altar
Attribute: Spell Cards Image:Spell.png
Property: Ritual Image:Ritual.png
Card Lore: This card is used to Ritual Summon Necrotic Deity. You must also Tribute Monsters whose total level stars equal 1 or more from the field or your hand.
Card Limit: Unlimited
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Necros Cards

Monster Cards

Abyssal Levianthan - Black Water - Carrion Raven - Crumbling Golem - Death Shaman - Dragon Corpse - Fallen Seraph
Fetid Flora - Fossilized Horror - Gloom Cerberus - Insect Carcass - Lachrymose Serpent - Negative Conduit - Netherworld Blaze
Night Satyr - Nightmare Automaton - Reanimated Decay - Rotten Ogre - Shadow Swordsman - Thought Breaker - Wicked Mermaid

Ritual Monsters

Necrotic Deity

Spell Cards

Death Altar

This article uses material from the "Death Altar" article on the YCM wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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