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Death's Head
Also known as:
Race: Artificial life form
Home Planet: Constructed on Styrakon
Home Era:
For the Kaldor City audio drama, see Death's Head (audio story).

Death's Head was a metallic life-form who worked as a "freelance peacekeeping agent" (effectively, a mercenary, bounty hunter and assassin, though he hated being called any of those things) in a number of dimensions and time zones. Death's Head described himself as a mechanoid, a designation not related to the Mechanoids, the enemies of the Daleks.


Death's Head did not take pleasure in killing, merely in being professional and financially astute, and possessed a rather pedantic personality. He was a habitual traveller between alternate realities, spending most of his career in universes other than the main one. At the time that he first encountered the Doctor, Death's Head had been enlarged to nine metres in height.

Some unspecified time after his enlargement, Death's Head worked as a freelance bounty Hunter. One of his targets was the Cybertronian Decepticon called Galvatron. After various dealings with the Cybertronians, Death's Head was released into the Time Vortex.

While travelling through the Time Vortex, Death's Head collided with the Doctor's TARDIS, forcing both to materialise. Death's Head attacked the Doctor, but was shot with a TCE and returned to his original size apparently uninjured. The Doctor eventually used the TARDIS to launch the mechanoid through time and space to the planet Earth in the year 8162. (DWM: The Crossroads of Time)

There is marginal evidence to suggest this version of Earth is in the main universe to the Doctor and Death's Head both encountering the scavenger Keepsake at a later point, but it could just as easily be Earth-616 or another as yet unidentified parallel.

Death's Head later attempted to claim the price put on the Doctor's head by Josiah Dogbolter, using a prototype time machine to track him down. However, Dogbolter meant to double-cross the mechanoid, hiding a nuclear device in the time travel unit to kill both him and the Doctor. The Doctor saved Death's Head from the bomb and in return the mechanoid decided not to complete the contract on the Time Lord... this time. (Death's Head #8)

Death's Head, while counting money, raised his glass in acknowledgement to the Doctor at Bonjaxx's party. When a drunk Beep the Meep started a fight, Death's Head happily joined in. (DWM: Party Animals) On the way out of the party, Death's Head was attacked by Dogbolter's old servant Hob but was saved by teaming up with his own future self. The Doctor erased the memory of this encounter from Death's Head, and was revealed to have manipulated Death's Head II into being in this situation. (The Incomplete Death's Head #12)

Behind the Scenes

Death's Head was the lead character of a comic book published by Marvel UK, which (as described above) had several crossovers with Marvel UK's Doctor Who comic strip, thus tangentially placing Doctor Who (or at least the DWM comic strip version) within the Marvel Universe.

For an account of Death's Head origin and his other adventures outside the Doctor Who Universe, see the main Wikipedia article.

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Death's Head
Production information

Imperial I-class Star Destroyer


1,600 meters

Present for battles/events

Battle of Bilbringi


Galactic Empire



The Death's Head was an Imperial I-class Star Destroyer of the Imperial Navy.


A short time before the Battle of Endor, Ace Azzameen inadvertently came across the vessel, along with the rest of the Chimaera task force, at an Imperial Weapons Testing Facility in the Carida system.

Commanded by Captain Harbid around 9 ABY, the Death's Head joined Grand Admiral Thrawn in his campaigns against the New Republic. The Death's Head was initially spotted participating in an operation with the Chimaera and the Judicator to obtain the moss painting Killik Twilight on the planet Tatooine.

Later it would be sent to the Palanhi system in a failed attempt to capture Han Solo. The Star Destroyer was also present at the assault on the New Republic base of Ord Pardron as part of Thrawn's overall plan to capture the Ukio system. Death's Head last appeared at the Battle of Bilbringi.



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Star Wars Fanon

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Death's Head was a Star Destroyer in the Imperial Navy.


Death's Head became part of The Nemesis Battle Group tasked with hunting down and stopping piracy in the Core Worlds and Inner Rim. During the Battle off Dreighton, Death's Head was infiltrated by an assassination squad who seized its turbolaser control for a pivotal moment. The assassins opened fire on the Nearby Nemesis, damaging the ship and wounding Commander Anton Marcos. Death's Head would be reassigned after the battle.

Death's Head would later appear during the campaign of Grand Admiral Thrawn in 9 ABY.

Behind the scenes

Death's Head originally only appeared in Timothy Zahn's Thrawn Trilogy books, and was therefore created by him. Eggzavier, a Star Wars Fanon wiki user, expanded on its backstory and related it to their own characters.

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Death's Head is a not-bounty hunter in the Generation One continuity family.
Wasn't too busy drawing Watchmen, yes?

Death's Head is a "freelance peacekeeping agent." (He doesn't like being called a "bounty hunter.") He likes to end his statements as a question, yes?



Marvel Comics UK continuity

(Note: A lot of Death's Head history was written after he was effectively taken out of the Transformers UK universe and was formally part of the Marvel Universe. The problem is, a lot of the history has to be common to the Transformers Universe as well for Death's Head's story to work.)

Death's Head was created on Styrakos using a combination of magic and technology. His creator, Lupex, originally intended for the robot body to serve as his own, since Lupex was burning through the organic bodies he inhabited at an increasing rate.

Lupex's vengeful student, Pyra, plotted to use the robot to kill her former master. Pyra gave Death's Head his initial programming, and sent him to kill Lupex. The plan apparently succeeded, and Death's Head - now operational on his own - apparently killed Lupex. Before Pyra could make further use of the robot, however, it was secretly stolen by the Time Lord known as the Doctor. The Doctor activated Death's Head, enlarged him, and set him loose in the Transformers (UK) Universe.

Eventually Death's Head found his way to Elpasos where he saw a bounty on the head of Galvatron for 10,000 Shanix. Death's head confronted Cyclonus and Scourge (blasting the latter) and learned that Galvatron had travelled to Earth's past and followed him to 1987.

Death's Head arrived on Earth in the year 1987, time-displacing the Protectobot First Aid and apparently destroying the Autobot Bumblebee. After a prolonged battle with Death's Head, Galvatron, Ultra Magnus, and Rodimus Prime, Wreck-Gar sent all the time-displaced combatants back to their home time of 2007 - except for Galvatron. Wanted - Galvatron Dead or Alive

Some months later, Death's Head accepted a bounty on Rodimus Prime, and tracked him down on Cybertron. Unfortunately, Death's Head was confronted by all the Autobots in Autobase, and was forced to cancel the contract. Instead, Rodimus Prime offered a new contract, this time on Cyclonus and Scourge. Headhunt

Death's Head tracked down the two Decepticons to the planet of Junk, where he was confronted by the Dark God Unicron. Unicron had already mentally ensared the Junkions, and quickly reclaimed Cyclonus and Scourge. Unicron's plan was to use a time gate to reclaim Galvatron, and use Junk as his new body.

Fortunately, Rodimus Prime and the Dinobots arrived to stop Unicron's plans. Cyclonus and Scourge fled through the time gate into Cybertron's distant past (placing them convieniently under the command of Scorponok for the Headmasters Saga). Death's Head, though, when pursuing them, wound up travelling to a completely new dimension, taking him out of the Transformers Universe for good. The Legacy of Unicron!


  • Death's Head, after being thrust into Unicron's time gate, would wind up coming face to face with the Doctor (Doctor Who) in the Doctor Who magazine. The Doctor winds up shrinking Death's Head, tricking him, and throwing him into an alternate, Transformers-free future.
  • Eventually, Death's Head's time jumping lands him in the main Marvel Universe, which creates a permanent split between him and the Transformers Universe. (Though the Transformers trademarks were not used in these stories, several recognizable characters are drawn in some flashbacks.)
  • In the Marvel Universe, Death's Head had many adventures. He was later killed and reincarnated as the cyborg "Death's Head II", although this newer form was usually referred to by other characters as simply "Death's Head". In the process, he lost his speech pattern, yes? All of the original Death's Head stories have been collected in two trade paperbacks by Panini Comics, as has a What If issue where he wasn't killed. Death's Head II gets no such love.
  • A legion of alien robots known as Death's Heads would later trouble the Incredible Hulk on the planet Sakaar. On an alternate future Earth, one of these robots was bonded to a synthetic duplicate of the sentient energy-force known as the Uni-Power, to become Death's Head 3.0 - like his forebear, a mercenary.

External links

  • Death's Head I & II info at the Marvel Universe Appendix
You will be whole again. I promise.
I cannot remain in this unacceptable operational status!

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