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Dean's Electronics
effects: Skill improved: Repair
weight: 1
value: 425
Dean's Electronics
effects: Skill improved: Repair
weight: 2
value: 50
base id: 0003403D

Dean's Electronics is a book written for amateur electricians in the 21st century. On the book's cover, there is the picture of a light bulb in a circle lying atop various electrical diagrams. People used this book for learning the field of electronics and repairing electrical equipment. These books are used in the Vault-Tec Vaults.

An image of this book is copied onto a slide for the Vault Dweller's Survival Guide. The identifying number is VDSG Plate #138-29.




Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout Tactics

Copies of Dean's Electronics are very easy to come by, and the game helpfully provides a few at certain Repair check locations. Reading them will boost your Repair skill a little, until you reach 92%. At that point, they will have no further effect.

Fallout 3

When the player's character reads the book, the repair skill increases by one point. If the player has chosen Comprehension, the repair skill increases by two points.



Closest map marker Location description
Cathedral Tower, level 3, on bookshelf
Glow Level 4, in locker
Hub Merchant: Mitch in Downtown
Hub Merchant: Mrs. Stapleton in Downtown
Necropolis The leader of the underground ghouls will give you three if your Repair is too low to fix the water pump.
Lost Hills Given by the Knight near the broken Power Armor when you find the parts.

Fallout 2

Closest map marker Location description
Ghost Farm On one of the skinless Slags.
Gecko Junkyard Inside the workshop storage room, in the stuff on the table
Vault City Downtown, inside Valerie's storeroom.
New Reno Salvatore's Bar, 1st floor, on the shelves in Mr. Salvatore's apartment.
New Reno New Reno Arms, inside the workshop in the back room (accessible from the street).
Sierra Army Depot In the desk in the CO's quarters, level three.
Sierra Army Depot In the robobrain assembly lab, level three.
Mariposa Military Base Two outside, one on the ground in the tent and the other inside a locker in another.
New California Republic (town) On the bookshelf in the outpost, NCR Bazaar.
Navarro In the middle workbench in the Vertibird hangar
Oil Rig Two on the shelves in the scientist's office, Detention level.
Oil Rig Two in CO's storage in the Barracks area.
Oil Rig On the scientist in the mainframe room, Reactor Level.

Fallout 3

Closest map marker Location description
Anchorage Memorial In Anchorage Memorial Facility, in the infirmary on the west side, in a floor safe under a table on the north wall of the room.
Andale To the east, in a truck on the road. The truck is also an easy find by going NW from the Nuka-Cola Plant, straight uphill.
Bethesda Ruins In Bethesda Offices West, on the third floor at the bottom of a wooden crate on a desk under some other stuff.
Canterbury Commons In Dominic and Machete`s house on desk.
Corvega Factory On a desk on the second floor near the Ant Queen.
Dunwich Building In Forsaken Dunwich Ruins, on a shelf in a small room.
Hubris Comics In Hubris Comics Utility, on a desk close to the Grayditch sewer exit.
Hubris Comics Just outside the building, inside of the Pulowski Preservation Shelter.
Jury Street Metro Station On the workbench.
Mama Dolce's In Mama Dolce's Processed Foods, on a shelf in a stairwell at the southwest corner of the map
MDPL-05 Power Station Leaning against a toolbox.
Metro Central Near Foggy Bottom Station exit, behind a locked gate in generator area on a table.
Nuka-Cola Plant Factory floor on the desk, take a right when you first enter the building.
Our Lady of Hope Hospital In the Dry Sewers that lead from the basement of Our Lady of Hope Hospital to Dupont Circle. Its on a shelf in a room at the south end.
Ranger Compound On the generator in the pantry.
Red Racer Factory Enter through the front, going to the room straight ahead with a Giant Teddy Bear on a tricycle suspended in the air. If you jump on the barrels to the left of a machine so you are on top there is a tool box with the book next to it.
Relay Tower KX-B8-11 To the southeast, near Hilltop Farm Ruins, on top of a barrel inside a flipped-over container in a small radioctive pond
Rivet City In Rivet City Bow, in Pinkerton's lab, on the shelf. Must be stolen.
Rockbreaker's Last Gas In an abandoned shack on the cliff to the west, in a wooden box under the workbench.
Tepid Sewers In the Raider hideout (in the tunnels behind sandbags. Enter the hideout, turn left, and enter the small room on your left. The book will be on the right corner behind toolbox (near generator).
VAPL-58 Power Station On the desk next to computer.
VAPL-66 Power Station On the desk with the broken computer.
Vault 92 On a shelf in the destroyed barn to the west.
Vernon Square In a small sewer area marked as 'Sewer Entrance' (not the sewer down the crater) on the local map in Vernon Square (at the end alley to the right of Cinema, opposite the Statesman Hotel). The book is on a table behind an Average locked door along with a Sawed-Off Shotgun.
Warrington Station Past the beds where you meet Roy Phillips, hang left and enter the storage room. It's on the shelf left of you when entering. Use the step ladder to see it, or just jump.

Fallout Tactics

Closest map marker Location description
Bunker Beta Sold by mechanics after Mardin
Bunker Gamma Sold by mechanics after Osceolla
St. Louis On workbench
Junction City In shelf
Vault 0 In locker
Special encounter: Brothers Grimm Carried by Joe Grimm
Skillbooks in the Fallout games

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