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"Personally, I'm wary of anyone who's too well-versed in deal-slang. It always comes out sounding like they have something to prove."
Phoggus Maxx

Deal-slang was the jargon used by many con men, swindlers, gamblers, professional vagabonds, dealmakers and all manner of scoundrels all over the galaxy. It was largely an in-group jargon used to keep eavesdroppers and other third parties in the dark.


List of deal-slang expressions

Deal-slang was particularly influenced by the happenings and historical events in the Galaxy during the Galactic Civil War such as the destruction of the Death Star's and Boba Fett's "Sarlacc incident", but was also inspired by other concepts of various cultural-historical values such as the Kessel Run, Sevari, Bantha fodder, and the stereotypical behavior of certain species such as the Chroma-Neeka, the Mon Calamari and the Wookiees.



  • Acceptable losses: what the gambler would consider the least acceptable way to do business
  • Achieve zero visibility: to hide


  • Bad idea: a risky deal, potentially ending not being profitable
  • Bantha fodder: when a promised deal did not come through
  • Big finish: unexpected violent or dramatic ending to a deal
  • Bilateral business: multiple deals
  • Black box: deal for technology of a military nature
  • Black hole: a deal that has gone so bad that the consequences seem to have no end
  • Boba-ize: to do something stupid that would ruin a deal - like falling into the Sarlacc
  • Boys-in-black: Imperial customs officers
  • Boys-in-brown: Espo troops
  • Boys-in-white: stormtroopers
  • BTAD: boring typical average deal


  • Cavalry: Rebel Alliance forces, later New Republic forces
  • Chroma-Neeka: someone who was adept at slipping through the cracks in governments and large organizations
  • Client: paying recipient of a deal
  • Crash-and-bash: heist made to appear as common piracy
  • Cue the soundtrack: turning around completely a bad deal at the appropriate moment
  • Cut out/Count out: ending a deal before its completion


  • Deal: business transaction
  • Death Star: a big finish ending with a bang
  • Drooling Drebble: bounty hunter
  • Drooling Drebble with fangs: a nasty bounty hunter


  • Escape pod: painless way out of a bad deal


  • Fashionably dead: what all gamblers, swindlers and the like avoided to end up as


  • Good idea: an above average deal
  • Grand idea: an above average deal sounding too good to be true (often they were)
  • Great idea: a risky deal, nonetheless profitable


  • Hardware: a deal for weapons and military technology; roughly the same as "black box"
  • Head for hyperspace: opting out of a deal


  • Idea: average deal in its planning state
  • Inherit: to acquire illegally


  • Kessel run: turning a dangerous deal into more deals; overextending oneself to the point of it becoming dangerous


  • Life detection: checking for intelligence in potential clients
  • Landing zone: a room or flat


  • Mon Cals in a fish bowl: many easy big deals from less than intelligent clients


  • Nicely dressed: being blatantly heavily armed
  • NRC: not really committed (a pun on "New Republic Council")
  • Nuts-and-bolts: a deal for electronics, droids, or computers


  • Pretty all-purpose object: object purportedly of value


  • Scanning: fishing for new clients
  • Sevari sidestep: elegantly eluding the authorities
  • Shim: swindling one's clients
  • Slug breath: Hutt
  • Software: deal for recreation items like holos and alcohol
  • Stompasseur: AT-AT walker
  • Stylishly dressed: being discretely armed
  • Sweets-and-seasonings: deal for spice


  • Throw a hydrospanner in the works: forcing someone's business to an end
  • Top off the tanks: making a risky deal seem more attractive to a client
  • Tramp-with-a-cramp: unreliable tramp freighter or smuggler


  • Vaccinate: prevent a deal from falling apart


  • Wookinate: rendering an enemy harmless by use of excessive force

Examples of deal-slang in use

Deal-slang expressions were used vividly in conversation among swindlers, conmen, dealmakers and the like, often resulting in some colorful deliberately ambiguous utterances as illustrated by the following attested utterances:

"This is a very bad idea!"
―Deal-slang for: "This is a very risky deal"
"Cue the soundtrack, boys, I'm back and I'm not happy to see you."
―Deal-slang for: "Turn this bad deal around, boys, because I don't like what I'm seeing."
"I'm cutting myself out."
―Deal-slang for: "I'm opting out of this deal."
"Count me out!"
―Deal-slang for: "I do not want to be involved in this deal."
"Sounds like she's on the Kessel Run."
―Deal-slang for: "She seems to have overextended herself with more deals than she can handle."
"I tell you, it was like blasting Mon Cals in a fishbowl."
―Deal-slang for: "I tell you, I got so many easy deals out of this client."
"You go on ahead, I'll wookienate that scout walker."
―Deal-slang for: "You go on ahead, I'll destroy that scout walker."


"It's a Gambler's Life" - Star Wars Adventure Journal 4 (First mentioned)

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