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Deadly red spiders inhabit areas of the Edgeville Wilderness Dungeon (Levels 4 - 6), the eastern ruins in the Wilderness, the rune rocks in the Wilderness, Karamja Volcano, Arandar, the Stronghold of Security, and near the end of the Varrock Sewers. Red spiders' eggs can often be found nearby. These are useful for Herblore. They have good accuracy and can hit up to 4. Contrary to what their name may suggest, they are not poisonous. They are a poor charm dropper. There exists a rumour which says that they attack when they sense movement for if you stand still beside one, you will not be attacked, but this is not true.

Deadly red spiders count towards a Slayer task of spiders.

One of their most notable traits is when the spiders swarm low-level players. This happens especially in the Varrock Sewers where low-level players who are looking for a key in the Demon Slayer quest often become lost. The large number of spiders in the sewers make it a dangerous location for low-level players. They are also known to attack players if they take their eggs which can be usually found scattered round the area. Players leveled 69 or higher will not be attacked by them.

As far as training in non-member areas is concerned, a free player who is not concerned with raising Prayer through monster drops and has at least 40 Fishing and Cooking would do well to train melee in the Karamja volcano Deadly red spiders area (due west of the volcano entrance). This is because this particular training spot is not only uncrowded, but there is also a place to catch Lobsters among other fish on the Karamja docks, located on the northern end of the island's surface.

The presence of at least one tree that is able to be cut down near the Karamja entrance docks (where the customs woman in blue uniforms can be located) means that a competent player will also be able to make fires and subsequently cook the fish they catch. All of these possibilities make it so that a self-sufficient player could potentially remain on Karamja and train on the spiders indefinitely.



  • Nothing

It should be noted that they do not drop Red spiders' eggs, but are near egg respawns.

Charms (members only)

Charm drop percentages
No Charm


19 - 23%

1 - 2%

1 - 3%

0 - 1%

Represents 90% confidence range, based on a sample of 1,340 kills.
1 charm is dropped at once.

Please add to the log (only if fifty or more creatures killed)

Drops of blue and green charms have been seen, but in much fewer than 1% of drops.

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