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Series: Virgin
Bernice Summerfield New Adventures
Release Number: 6
Main Character: Jason Kane
Featuring: Bernice Summerfield, Chris Cwej, Emile Mars-Smith
Enemy: The Jithii
Setting: Ardethe System, 2594
Author: Garry Russell
Publisher: Virgin Books
Publication: October, 1997
Format: Paperback Book, ? Pages
ISBN: ISBN 0-426-20513-8
Previous Story: Down
Following Story: Ghost Devices


Publisher's Summary

'We've a killer brain-eater on board, half of us are dead, and all you want to do is discuss your wretched fish. Do you sense a problem with your priorities?'

Jason Kane is out to impress his ex-wife, Bernice, and he has found the perfect way of doing it. He's convinced she knows the location of the legendary planet of Ardethe - a site of untold riches and forbidden knowledge So, after riffling through her bag for information, he sets off with his trusty crewman Emile to a barren and isolated rock.

As usual, Jason's plans go awry. Very soon people begin to die - and die quite horribly. They have awakened something beneath the planet's surface that's feasting on human brains. And when a ship full of hard-bitten female convicts arrives in the skies above the desolate world, the situation becomes even more complicated.

Someone is pulling the strings and watching the carnage. It could be any of the desperate prisoners, the reclusive crew, or the suspicious governor. Not knowing who the true foe is, Jason calls for help. Assistance arrives in the form of his old companion Christopher Cwej - just the man you'd want by your side in a tricky situation. But something terrible has happened to Chris, and now he can't even remember his own name.


  • Jason Kane
    • Owns a ship called the Mother Fist which he won in a game of Twister.
  • Emile Mars-Smith
    • Is Jason's 'companion' for the majority of this novel.
  • Marianne Townsend
  • Charlene Connor
    • Jason marries Charlene, to help her get a new identity.


  • Gossamer Wing and Mister Kiss-Kiss Bang Bang (also known as the KayBee 2 is the female prison ship which rescues Jason, Emile and Chris from the Ardethe system.
  • Prison camps sometimes use the Keller Principle which buries personality and emotions.
  • Emile’s father is a follower of the Natural Path.
  • The Orion War is mentioned.


  • This is one of the Bernice Summerfield novels which for most of the novel hardly has any 'Benny centric' scenes.
  • Deadfall is a remake of the Audio Visuals audio drama of the same name.
  • This is the fifth of Gary Russell's novels to have a character with the name 'Townsend' (in this case Marianne Townsend). This is because Russell's first high school crush was named Townsend.[1]
  • Ensign Sax changes gender (across one page) on page 17, Ensign Sax briefly becomes male, being referred to as "Mr Sax", but is then female again at the bottom of the page.


  • Benny and Jason last saw Chris Cwej in NA: Eternity Weeps.
  • Chris last appeared in NA: Lungbarrow.
  • Braxiatel still hasn’t attended Benny and Jason’s wedding (which is in Benny’s past but Braxiatel’s future) NA: Happy Endings.

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  1. the doctor who bewildering reference guide - deadfall

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This article is about the hunter skill. For information on training hunter, see hunter training.
A player catching Penguins.
A detailed image of the Hunter icon.

Hunter is a members-only skill that allows players to catch animals all over RuneScape. Hunter was released on 21 November 2006. Although Hunter is a non-combat skill, players can still be damaged while hunting. Using hunting equipment bought from hunter stores, players can hunt specific creatures, obtaining such rewards as bones, butterflies, animal furs, etc. Only two Hunter stores exist: one in Yanille; another one in Nardah. The current minimum requirement to be ranked (at approximately rank 926,171) on the hiscores for Hunter is level 30. There are 13,447 people who have achieved 99 hunter as of 22 January 2010.


Hunter shops

Aleck's Hunter Emporium in Yanille and another in Nardah.

Aleck's Hunter Emporium sells Hunter items.
Level Equipment Cost Uses
1 Noose wand 4 gp Tracking
1 Bird snare 6 gp Bird snaring
15 Butterfly net 24 gp Butterfly netting
15 Butterfly jar 1 gp Butterfly netting
27 Box trap 38 gp Box trapping
27 Rabbit snare 18 gp Rabbit snaring
31 Teasing stick 1 gp Pitfall trapping
39 Torch 4 gp Smoking traps to remove player's scent
71 Magic box 720 gp Magic imp boxes

Other useful items are as follows:

Level Item Uses
1 Iron spit Must be used to cook beast or bird meat, and can cook rabbit meat
5 Waterskin Protection in Al Kharid Desert
23 Knife and logs (and/or axe to cut them) Deadfall and Pitfall Trapping
27 Rope to fly eagles Eagle transport system
29 Rope and fishing net Net Trapping
29 Bait - 15 swamp tar, herb (guam leaf, marrentill, tarromin, harralander), pestle and mortar Net Trapping
39 Tinderbox to light the torch. Note that left clicking a lit torch results in extinguishing it. To light the torch
43 500 coins for renting a falcon Falconry (see below)
51 Bait - Raw meat Deadfalls
53 Bait - spicy chopped tomato or spicy minced meat Box Trapping
71 Bait - beads (Imp Catcher quest) Magical imp boxes

Crossbows and bolts

Leon inside the Hunter shop in Yanille sells a Hunter's crossbow for 1,300 coins and makes bolts for a small fee.

Note that you can make your own bolts by using a chisel on a kebbit spike. The Hunter's crossbow is a fast crossbow (as fast as any shortbow) requiring 50 Ranged to wield.

Fancy Dress Shop

Main article: Fancy Dress Shop

You receive many types of furs while hunting and all of these may be traded in at the fancy-dress shop in south-east Varrock for different types of hunter gear. The costume maker requires a few coins to make sets of hunter gear as well.

Select Talk-to Fancy Dress Shop Owner, then select the option that includes hunting, which depends whether the player has fur in their inventory, "Could you make anything out of this fur that I got from hunting?" or "Can you make clothing suitable for hunting?"

The kebbit, weasel and devil gear is what makes camouflage clothing. Kyatt, Graahk and Larupia are an improved form of camouflage for the area(s) the clothing's fur came from. Wearing camouflage improves your chances of capturing your prey.

Prices for the clothes range from 20 to 200 coins. You need 2 furs per cape made, and 3 furs for every camouflage clothing made.

Other rewards

Other rewards include coloured feathers, spikes for vambraces and bolts, wieldable harpoons, ingredients for Hunter potions, creature ranged weapons, and butterflies which raise other players' combat bonuses.

Hunter areas

Hunter areas are places where players can hunt. Most of the hunter areas, including the hunter shops, are close to a Fairy ring. The central ring in Zanaris is close to a bank which can be used to deposit rewards. Other methods of transportation are listed below.

After completing the Eagles' Peak quest, a player can use the Eagle transport system to fly an eagle from Eagles' Peak in the woodland area to 3 of the other training areas: snow, jungle and desert.

Hunter locations
Area type Prey level Hunter guide Knowledge Base name Fairy ring
Training areas
- many species
1 Jungle Feldip Hunter area AKS
1 Snow Trollweiss and Rellekka Hunter area (polar) DKS
3 Woodland Piscatoris Hunter area AKQ
5 Desert Uzer Hunter area DLQ
Hunting areas
- 1 species
29 Swamp Swamp lizard area (east of Canifis) CKS
41 Karamja Horned graahk area (Karamja) CKR
43 Woodland (Falconer) Falconry area (3 types of kebbits) AKQ
59 Altar *Red salamander area (ZMI, south-west of West Ardougne)
67 Lava *Black salamander area (level 20 Wilderness)
Hunter shops
Yanille CIQ
Nardah DLQ

Training areas

There are five main training areas with many creatures to hunt. The training areas also allow a player to use many Hunter trapping methods: tracking, netting, box trapping, snaring and pit-falling.


A Crimson Swift

The Feldip Hunter area is located in the southern-most part of the Feldip Hills. Players may trap Crimson Swifts here as well as Tropical Wagtails, Feldip Weasels, Spined Larupias, Barb-tailed Kebbits and Carnivorous Chinchompas. The area can be reached by walking from Yanille (Watchtower teleport) or from Castle Wars bank (Ring of duelling teleport). A good method to get to the area is using the Fairy ring transportation system. From Zanaris, use the code AKS. Also, gnome gliders bring players just north of the hunting area after completing One Small Favour, or with level 10 Magic you can use the Mobilising Armies Teleport and walk north.


Sabretooth Kebbit

The Trollweiss Hunter area is located north of Rellekka. A hunter's targets here are Polar kebbits, Cerulean twitches, Sapphire glacialis, Snowy knights, Sabre-toothed kebbits, and Sabre-toothed kyatts. A method to get to the area is using the Fairy ring transportation system. From the central Fairy ring use code DKS and go north to the hunter area. Walking from Rellekka also is a good option as there are several teleports to Rellekka. Also, hunting Polar Kebbits for Polar Kebbit fur is a great way to make money. Burying the bones and dropping the meat can save inventory space for the fur. A Polar Kebbit fur sells at around 3,200 gp on the Grand Exchange, meaning a full inventory is almost 90,000 gp. The closest bank is in Keldagrim, or Zanaris if the player uses the nearby fairy ring.


The Piscatoris Hunter area area is located northwest of the Tree Gnome Stronghold. It is a long walk from the entrance of the Stronghold. The northern part of the area is close to the Piscatoris region, so to shorten the trip you may want to take the boat east of the Eagles' Peak. This hunter region also can be conveniently reached using the Fairy ring transport system with access code AKQ.


The Uzer Hunter area is located west of the Ruins of Uzer and north of Nardah. It can be reached by walking from the Al Kharid Bank to Shantay Pass, then walking southeast to the bridge across the River Elid. The hunter area is east of the bridge and allows hunters to prey on Golden Warblers, Desert Devils, and Orange Salamanders. There are several alternative access methods such as the Fairy ring teleport with code DLQ, a Pharaoh's sceptre teleport and the Flying Carpet transport system. Bring desert robes, a knife, and either waterskins or an Enchanted water tiara to survive in the desert.


Puro-Puro, the homeland of the Imps and Implings, can be accessed by entering the centre of a crop circle. These crop circles appear randomly across all wheat fields in RuneScape. The only permanent one is located in the centre of the Zanaris wheat field. Those who have completed the Lost City quest and are wielding either a Dramen staff or a Lunar staff may enter Zanaris by opening the door of the shed in Lumbridge swamp, or if they have completed enough of the quest "Fairytale part 2,"They may enter Zanaris by using any fairy rings not in Zanaris to get to Zanaris' rings. Alternatively, if you have access to the abyssal space, and have completed the lost city quest you may enter Zanaris via the Cosmic rift. Once inside Zanaris, go either northeast (if you came by rings), southwest (if you came by the shed), or follow the winding path to the rings and then head northeast (if you took the abyssal route). Once in Puro-Puro, you can chat with either the Impling by the entrance, or Elnock the gnome to learn how to play Impetuous Impulses. There are many different implings to catch and either loot or trade in, and trying to hunt these flying critters while running through the wheat field maze makes it a very enjoyable minigame for some players. This form of hunting is not as fast experience as other forms, but it definitely is the most profitable way to train the hunting skill with the most useful loots (food, seeds, runes, weaponry, etc.).


Swamp lizards are located southeast of Canifis. They are a good choice for making money until hunters can hunt Carnivourious Chinchompas at level 63 Hunter. As swamp lizards are oftentimes bought, they sell on average for 760-1,873 coins each. The banks in Canifis and Port Phasmatys are the only banks that are fairly close to the lizards.


There are 2 Lava locations:


Note: World map label is Falconer and the Hunter activity, Falconry

The Falconer area is east of the Woodland Training Area near Piscatoris. The area is where Falconry is used to catch Spotted kebbits, Dark kebbits and Dashing kebbits. From the Fairy ring AKQ teleport location, walk east. The fenced Falconry area has its entrance on the northern side of the fence. The fee for using a falcon is 500 coins; a player cannot take falcons outside this area.


The Horned Graahks are north of Cairn Isle, on the west coast of Karamja. It is very close to the Fairy ring teleport location with access code CKR.


There are several hunter locations to be found in Isafdar. Two of these are southwest of Lletya and east of Tyras Camp, respectively. Pawyas and Grenwalls can be hunted in this area.

Hunting Styles

There are several methods that a Hunter can use to catch prey. More advanced hunting styles are only available to more experienced hunters. They are described in more detail in the sections below.

Level Method
1 Tracking
1 Bird Snaring
15 Butterfly Netting
23 Deadfall Trapping
27 Box trapping (ferrets)
27 Rabbit Snaring
29 Net Trapping
31 Pitfall Trapping
43 Falconry
53 Box Trapping
71 Magical Imp Boxes

It is possible to set more than one Bird snare, Rabbit snare, Box trap, Magic box, Net Trap, or Pit-fall trap. The number of such simultaneous traps increases with skill level. Hunters can only place a single Deadfall trap.

Level Number of concurrent traps
1 1
20 2
40 3
60 4
80 5


Level 1+ Bring Noose wand
Tracking Kebbits

Tracking requires a noosing wand which can be purchased from the hunter shops for about 4 coins.

Some Kebbits live in burrows. To hunt them, search their burrows to find some tracks, which will lead away from the burrows. Search the nearby bushes, snow drifts, logs, tunnels, etc., until you discover more tracks. At the end of the track, which can extend for 4-5 searches, you will receive a message suggesting that a Kebbit is inside the object. Right-click 'Attack' while wielding a noosing wand to receive loot and experience.

Each player follows a unique track and does not compete with other players to get kebbits.

Catching a Kebbit gives the player Bones, raw beast meat, and kebbit fur. The hides obtained from Kebbit Tracking can be used to make Camouflage costumes. All camouflage outfits can be put in the armour case in the costume room. You can also use polar kebbit fur for summoning.

Level Image Creature Location Experience Drops
1 File:Polar kebbit.PNG Polar Kebbit N Snow 30 Fur for Polar camouflage gear
3 File:Common kebbit.PNG Common Kebbit Woodland S of icon 36 Fur for Wood camouflage gear
7 File:Feldip weasel.PNG Feldip Weasel SW Jungle 48 Fur for Jungle camouflage gear
13 File:Desertdevil.gif Desert Devil Desert 66 Fur for Desert camouflage gear
45 File:penguinhunt.png Penguin Snow 250
49 File:Razorbacked kebbit.PNG Razor-backed Kebbit NE Woodland 348 Long kebbit spike for bolts

Bird Snaring

Level 1+
Catching birds

Using bird snares, available from the hunter shops for about 6 coins, you can trap birds. After setting up a trap, if a bird flies over and attempts to perch on top of it, it may catch the bird. If it fails to catch the bird, or if the trap falls over by itself (it will after a set amount of time), the trap will have to be dismantled and set up again; or, you can just right-click 'Lay bird snare' to reset the trap. You receive experience when taking the ensnared bird from the trap. You also get bones, raw bird meat, and coloured feathers.

At Level 39 Hunter, a player is able to smoke a trap. Smoking traps removes a player's scent and increases the chance of snaring a bird. Torches are available at hunter shops and can be lit with a Tinderbox.

A player needs to set the snare where the birds will fly over it and wait for one to come. Only one snare can be placed on one tile, so players compete with each other to get a spot. A higher hunter skill level gives a better bird catch rate. Players who are not patient might wish to combine bird snaring with the more active Kebbit Tracking. It should be noted that the traps should not be left unattended, as they may fall over and become dropped items visible to other players a short period after falling over.

Level Image Creature Location Experience Feathers
1 File:Crimson swift.PNG Crimson Swift Jungle 34 Red feathers
5 File:Golden warbler.PNG Golden Warbler Desert 48 Yellow feathers
9 File:Copper longtail sm.PNG Copper Longtail Woodland 61 Orange feathers
11 File:Cerulean twitch sm.PNG Cerulean Twitch Snow 64.67 Blue feathers
19 File:Tropical wagtail.PNG Tropical Wagtail Jungle 95.2 Striped feathers
39 File:Wimpy bird.PNG Wimpy bird Oo'glog 167 Wimpy feather

Butterfly Netting

Level 15+
Catching a butterfly

A player wielding a butterfly net and carrying a butterfly jar may catch a butterfly by clicking on it. In fact, with a horizontal camera angle, players may click on the space below the butterfly; this may be easier as the butterflies are quite small. A butterfly can be netted by only one player, the one who started first. The butterfly may be released from the jar immediately, allowing you to hunt another. They yield low experience, and are best combined with some form of trapping. Although players can't move while releasing a butterfly, they can perform other actions at the same time, such as laying a box trap. Butterflies have a more practical use than just gaining experience; they can be released on other players in multiple combat areas to enhance the Melee Combat Skills Attack, Strength, Defence, or Hitpoints.

Level Image Creature Location Experience Effect
15 File:Ruby harvest.PNG Ruby Harvest Woodland 24 Raises Attack
25 File:Sapphire glacialis.PNG Sapphire Glacialis Snow 34 Raises Defence
35 File:Snowy knight.PNG Snowy Knight Snow 44 Restores Hitpoints
45 File:Black warlock.PNG Black Warlock Jungle 54 Raises Strength

Barehanded Butterfly Catching

With high Hunter and Agility levels, butterflies can be caught without a butterfly jar or butterfly net. While this rewards you with significantly higher Hunter experience, as well as some Agility experience, the butterfly is released immediately afterwards and cannot be kept for personal use.

Hunter Level Agility Level Image Creature Location Hunter Experience Agility Experience
80 75 File:Ruby harvest.PNG Ruby Harvest Woodland 300 50
85 80 File:Sapphire glacialis.PNG Sapphire Glacialis Snow 400 70
90 85 File:Snowy knight.PNG Snowy Knight Snow 500 100
95 90 File:Black warlock.PNG Black Warlock Jungle 650 125

Barehanded butterfly catching presents players a choice of power training their hunter while gaining no profit. Catching Ruby Harvests with bare hands, a player can receive up to 70-90k Hunter experience and 11-15k Agility experience per hour depending on the player's hunter level.

Impling Netting

Level 17+

Impling netting is quite similar to butterfly netting. However, players are hunting implings and therefore require a jar treated with impling repellent. The repellent is made by crushing 8 cooked anchovies with a pestle and mortar, pouring them into a vial through a sieve, mixing it with flowers such as Rosemary or Marigold, then refining it at the Rimmington lamp oil distillery.

See Impetuous Impulses.

Deadfall Trapping

A set-up Deadfall trap in the Woodlands.
Level 23+

Some Kebbits need to be trapped using a deadfall trap. You will need a knife and a log in your inventory, and you will need to set up a trap in the appropriate, specified locations  (click around the boulders). These seem to be excellent experience, and taking a hatchet with you to the locations is recommended.

Level Image Creature Location Exp Bait Drops (bones plus) Drop use
23 File:Wild kebbit.PNG Wild Kebbit W Woodland 128 Raw meat Kebbit claws Spiky vambraces
33 File:Barbtailed kebbit.PNG Barb-tailed Kebbit Jungle 168 Raw rainbow fish Barb-tail harpoon Equipable harpoon
37 File:Prickly kebbit.PNG Prickly Kebbit NW Woodland 204 Barley Kebbit spike Hunter's crossbow bolts
44 File:Diseased kebbit.png Diseased kebbit Oo'glog 200 Fever grass Diseased kebbit fur Davy kebbit hat
51 File:Sabretooth kebbit.PNG Sabre-toothed Kebbit SW Snow 200 Raw meat Kebbit teeth Hunting potion
51 File:Penguinhunt.png Penguin Snow 210 Penguin nothing Turn in to PBJ agent, in order to get extra Hunter experience

Baiting a deadfall trap does increase the chances of catching prey drastically. The bait is not returned to the inventory after catching an animal. Other ways to increase success rate are wearing the appropriate hunting attire and smoking the deadfall trap with a Torch (requires a Hunter level of 39).

Box Trapping

Level 53+ (27+ after completing Eagles' Peak quest or with 10+ Summoning )

Similar to bird snaring, box-trapping involves laying a box trap on the ground and waiting for your prey to come. After a certain period of time, the box trap will collapse, requiring the player to pick it back up or lay it again. Experience is only gained after the player retrieves the trapped animal or monster.

Box traps can be baited or smoked, both of which increases the rates of success for catching chinchompas (although most players report the rate is not significant). Normal chinchompas like spicy chopped tomatoes, while red chinchompas prefer spicy minced meat. The bait for Ferrets is raw meat. The bait disappears after a successful trap. When using four box traps, a Hunter has just enough time to set all the traps.

Level Image Creature Location Experience Reward
27 File:Ferret.PNG Ferret Woodland 115 Ferret
27 File:Gecko.gif Gecko North-west of the Shipyard 100 Gecko
27 File:Raccoon.jpg Raccoon Barbarian Village 100 Raccoon
27 File:Monkey.gif Monkey Shilo Village 100 Monkey
48 File:Platypus.png Platypus Beach south of Oo'glog Platypus
53 File:Chinchompa.PNG Chinchompa Woodland 198 Chinchompa
56 File:Penguinhunt.png Penguin Snow 150 Penguin
63 File:Red chinchompa.PNG Carnivorous Chinchompa Jungle 265 Red Chinchompa
66 File:Pawya icon.png Pawya Isafdar 400 Raw pawya meat
77 File:Grenwall icon.png Grenwall Isafdar 1100 Grenwall spikes

The trapped ferrets appear in your inventory. They can be used during Rabbit Snaring. Left clicking the ferret in the inventory will release the trapped animal. Trapped Chinchompas are stackable and can be used as a multi-target ranged weapon.

Hunting Red Chinchompas yield 20K Experience per hour at 63. At 80 Hunting Red Chinchompas give about 50k-70k Experience per hour. At 95 Hunting Red Chinchompas will give constant 80k-100k Experience per hour as well as making a fair amount of money. At 95 Hunter accompanied by the Arctic Bear (71 Summoning; invisible +7 Hunter level boost) some players have been able to catch upwards of 450 Red Chinchompas per hour consistently which is 120k+ xp per hour. Red chinchompas sell for quite a bit (currently 613 coins each) as well as being stackable, so you won't have to go to and from to the bank, which is a great time saver.

Rabbit Snaring

Level 27+
Woodland rabbit holes

As a reward from the Eagles' Peak quest, hunters can use a Rabbit snare to catch Rabbits. Also bring box traps to capture ferrets to chase rabbits from their burrows.

Rabbits can be found in the far south part of the Woodland hunter area. Six rabbit holes are arranged in a circle pattern. Ferrets are just south of the rabbit holes.

To be able to catch Rabbits, a hunter needs as many Rabbit snares as the Hunter level permits. Perhaps a little more as Rabbit snares disappear quite rapidly. Bring about 3 or 4 box traps for the ferrets to capture 3 or 4 ferrets.

Rabbit foot

Place a Rabbit snare in front of the rabbit holes. Then left click a Rabbit hole (Flush Rabbit hole) and a ferret will chase the Rabbits out another rabbit hole which can then be caught in a Rabbit snare.

Messages: You place a ferret down the rabbit hole. A second later, a rabbit runs out from the other side of the warren. A ferret can be used several times until it runs away. There is no sign of your ferret. It seems to have run away. No ferret: I'm too big to get in there to scare the rabbits out myself. When trapped: You've caught a white rabbit.

From the snare a hunter obtains bones, Raw rabbit meat and a Rabbit foot. A campfire is available to cook the raw rabbit.

Stringing a Rabbit foot gives 4 Crafting experience. The Strung Rabbit foot provides a small increase in probability to get a Bird's nest drop if it is worn during Woodcutting.

Level Image Creature Location Exp
27 File:White Rabbit.PNG White Rabbit Woodland 144

Net Trapping

Level 29+

Net trapping is used to trap lizards, salamanders, and squirrels . With a rope and small fishing net in the inventory, clicking on a young tree will set the trap. When the lizard or salamander passes, it may be caught. Bait may increase the catch rate for lizards and salamanders and is made by using the herb with 15 swamp tar and a pestle and mortar. If you do not use bait for a trapping squirrels, they will only trip the trap and you will not catch one. If your Summoning level is 60, you can drop the squirrel and it will remain as a pet.

A player setting up a net trap to catch a Red Salamander.
Level Image Creature Location Bait Exp
29 File:Swamp lizard.PNG Swamp Lizard Swamp Guam Tar 152
29 File:Baby pet squirrel inv.png Squirrel East of Taverley and Varrock, several places north, north-east of Falador, east of Sorcerer's Tower Nuts 152
47 File:Orange Salamander.PNG Orange Salamander Desert Marrentill Tar 224
50 File:Penguinhunt.png Penguin Snow Cod 250
59 File:Red Salamander.PNG Red Salamander Lava - Near Ourania Cave Tarromin Tar 272
67 File:Black Salamander.PNG Black Salamander Lava - Wilderness Harralander Tar 304

Creature ranged weapon reward

The caught creature can be turned into a 2-handed ranged weapon which is loaded with 15 lots of herb tar.

Creature as weapon Magic, Range and Attack Level Slash / Range / Strength Combat Bonuses Herb
Swamp lizard (weapon) 30 +10 / +20 / +22 Guam leaf
Orange salamander (weapon) 50 +19 / +29 / +31 Marrentill
Red salamander (weapon) 60 +37 / +47 / +49 Tarromin
Black salamander (weapon) 70 +59 / +69 / +71 Harralander

Attack style will increase selected skill experience.

Attack style Skill exp
Scorch Strength
Flare Ranged
Blaze Magic

Ammunition for Salamander range weapons

The production of the various type of ammunition for the Salamander ranged weapons is done using the Herblore skill. The required herblore levels and associated experience are:

Herb Tar Herblore level Herblore Experience
Guam Tar 19 30
Marrentill Tar 31 42.5
Tarromin Tar 39 55
Harralander Tar 44 67.5

Pitfall Trapping

Level 31+

Pit-fall hunting involves building a pit, using logs and a knife in special spots in the Jungle, near Cairn Isle and Trollweiss Hunting Area. Build the pit-fall trap, then tease the relevant monster with a teasing stick. Now run back to the pit and jump over it. The creature will often jump over the pit and attack you. Unlike most other hunted creatures, pitfall trapping creatures will do damage, so food may be a good idea. Since creatures will not jump the same pit twice in a row, you must move to another nearby hot-spot to build another pit-fall and try again. The pit-fall trap will collapse after a certain amount of time. You collect furs when emptying the trap, which can be made into hunter gear in the Varrock fancy-dress shop. You can buy them from the Grand Exchange for a fine price, too. The furs may be tattered or "perfect"; tattered furs are only suitable for bodies or legs, but perfect furs are suitable for headpieces, bodies and legs. One receives perfect fur approximately one-fourth of the time. It takes 3 furs plus coins to make a set. Alternatively, you may sell the furs in Ardougne or on the Grand Exchange to other players who wish to use them to train Summoning.

Level Image Creature Location Exp Outfit Suitable for Top/leg cost Hat cost
31 File:Spined larupia.PNG Spined Larupia Jungle 180 Larupia hunter gear Jungle Woodland 1,041/1,013 3,255
41 File:Horned graahk.PNG Horned Graahk Cairn Island 240 Graahk hunter gear Desert 292/242 5,320
55 File:Sabretooth kyatt.PNG Sabre-toothed kyatt Snow 300 Kyatt hunter gear Snow 299/271 10,300


Level 43+
Hunter with Falcon

At the northern part of the Falconer area, hunters can borrow a Gyr Falcon and a Falconer's glove from the falcon expert Matthias for a fee of 500 coins. Random events can result in loss of the Falcon and Glove, so additional coins might be useful. Both hands must be free for falconry. With a falcon, players can hunt for Spotted kebbits, Dark kebbits and Dashing kebbits. During the flight of the falcon, the kebbit may move resulting in a miss after which the falcon will return to the glove of the hunter. During the falcon flight, hunters cannot move. When the falcon catches the kebbit, the hunter needs to retrieve both the falcon and the drops. A yellow arrow marks the location of the falcon with its catch. If the falcon is not retrieved within a short time, the player will get this message, "Your falcon has left its prey. You see it heading back toward the falconer." A player can talk with the falcon expert Matthias to get the falcon back without cost; however, no experience is given as the prey has gone and it takes extra time.

A Falcon catching a Dark kebbit.

The kebbits have a relatively fast respawn, which gives impressive training speed. However, competition from other falcon hunters can substantially reduce speed and adversely impact training. Although the success rate is supposedly not affected by proximity, running up to the target before catching it may improve success rate. This is because success is strongly affected by whether or not the target is moving. Falcons travel at a definitive speed, so if it is further away then it is harder to predict when the target will be moving or not. Another reason is that if it fails, it takes much less time to return to the hunter which can seriously affect training time. Of course, the success rate is also based on the player's Hunter level.

Level Image Creature Experience Fur
43 File:Spotted kebbit.PNG Spotted Kebbit 104 Spotted fur
57 File:Dark kebbit.PNG Dark Kebbit 132 Dark fur
69 File:Dashing kebbit.PNG Dashing Kebbit 156 Dashing kebbit fur

The hides from the kebbits can be converted into fancy clothing items in the Varrock fancy clothing store. Level 40 Hunter is able to make all 3 sets. However, a higher level is required for wearing some of the clothing. With the Boots of lightness coupled with the Spottier cape and Penance gloves players can reduce their weight by 10–13 kg.

Hide Level to wear Clothing item Cost: 2 furs + Effect
Spotted fur 40 Spotted cape 400 reduces weight of wearer by 2.5 kg.
Dark fur 54 Gloves of silence 600 increased success during thieving
Dashing kebbit fur 66 Spottier Cape 800 reduces weight of wearer by 4.5 kg

A level 60 hunter can expect to catch 20 Dark Kebbits in approximately 4 minutes, targeting a single respawn location. Using multiple respawns is possible but leaves almost no time to drop the bones and furs. The time to drop all items yields adds a further 20 seconds; hence, the average experience per hour is around 35,000.

Magical Imp Boxes

Level 71+

Place a magic box trap where imps are found:

  • Edgeville, south
  • Falador, south and west
  • Karamja
  • Lumbridge
  • Varrock
  • Yanille
  • On the path between Lumbridge and Draynor

In addition, beads from killing imps (Imp Catcher quest) may be used for bait. Beads may be taken by the imp without getting trapped requiring the trap to be reset.

Level Image Creature Location Bait Exp
71 File:Hunt Imp.PNG Imp Worldwide Magical bead 450

Boxed imps can take 1-2 items from the inventory to the bank in exchange for being released. Imps will not bank for you once you're past level 30 Wilderness. Players can have more than 1 boxed imp. An imp can also be found wandering around the exit at the Soul Wars Minigame.


Main article: Hunter creatures

Eagle transport system

After completing the Eagle's Peak quest, a player has access to use the eagle transport system from Eagles' Peak to the other 3 Hunter training areas - snow, jungle, and desert. After completing Back to my Roots you will have access to a new eagle.

Temporary Boosts

  • Hunter potions require level 53 Herblore to make using Avantoe and Kebbit teeth dust (from Sabre-tooth kebbit) for 120 Herblore experience; they temporarily raise the player's Hunter level by 3.
  • Yellow Spicy stews can alter your level by up to +6, but also to -6. There is only a 1/60 chance of receiving a +6 bonus, whilst a 1/20 chance of a +5 bonus.
  • Using the Mud Bath in Oo'glog after completing As a First Resort will give you a +7 temporary Hunter boost. At level 50, it will increase it by 8 levels. The Mud Bath also eliminates your scent, saving you from using a torch.

The following boosts do not affect what you can catch. They only affect the rate at which you catch.

Hunter items used in other skills

There are a number of items that only can be obtained by meaning of hunting:

Cape of Achievement

A player wearing a Hunter cape (t) and performing the Skillcape emote.
A player attains 99 hunter.
The message received after attaining 99 hunter

For players with level 99 Hunter, a Hunter cape can be bought from the Hunting expert in the Jungle Training Area. The cape will cost 99,000 coins, like all other Capes of Achievement.


  • The Hunter skillcape emote resembles the board game 'Mouse Trap'.
  • While doing Falconry, if you pick up your falcon or bury a bone, your glove will temporarily disappear.
  • On 1 April 2009 (April Fools' Day), "Seagulls have now been added to the Hunter skill and can be found along some coastlines. You'll need to wave your butterfly net in a gullible fashion to catch these birds", was added to the patch notes. This resulted in a team of players searching for gulls to catch, only to realise how gullible they had been.

Main Page Changes

On the day of the skill's release, the two rock pillars on each side of the RuneScape main page were replaced with totem poles, on which were drawings of imps, lizards, and razorbacked kebbits. A few pawprints were also scattered around the tiled background.

RuneScape main page

Login Screen Changes

RuneScape login screen

The login screen was changed as well. A piece of graahk fur was hung on each side of the screen, and a pair of orange salamanders clung onto the pillars. A box trap appeared below the login box, while a butterfly was placed on the top-left corner of the login box. A patch of grass grew on the bottom of the screen, parting at the middle. The burning rune symbols were replaced with pawprints, dinosaurs, kebbits, and butterflies. It has now been changed back to its normal screen. There was a supposed hidden monster.

In-game changes

An eagle's eyrie at the Trollheim hunter area.

A cave was placed in three of the hunting grounds, where those who have completed the Eagle's Peak quest may fly to and from the Eagle's Peak mountain.

Though unconfirmed, the rate at which random event occurs seems to increase while hunting (especially at the red chinchompa's located just south of Yanille.)


Most hunters who continue hunting to level 99 (who are not power training) end up with at least 25 million coins from selling over 47,000 Red chinchompas whilst progressing from level 63 to level 99. However, Hunter is still a very profitable skill and you can still get many coins from various other training methods.

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