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Day of Judgment featured the Spectre going on a rampage and destroying New York City, after he was forcibly bonded to the fallen Angel Asmodel by Etrigan. Asmodel, with the Spectre's powers, froze hell over, unleashing Demons and formerly damned souls upon the Earth again, swearing to take his vengeance on the Presence itself. The newly formed Sentinels of Magic, along with the JLA, the JSA and others form three teams to deal with different set objectives. A team led by Batman is in charge of staying in Manhattan and responding to the Spectre's onslaught, while a team led by Wonder Woman journeys to Heaven to find Jim Corrigan, the Spectre's previous host, and a team led by Superman voyages into Hell itself to reignite the fires. A team including Captain Marvel, S.T.R.I.P.E. and Starfire were sent to retrieve the Spear of Destiny from outer space, the only weapon capable of injuring the Spectre.
Although Wonder Woman's team is unable to convince Jim Corrigan to rejoing the realm of the living, they are redirected to Purgatory, where they meet many deceased heroes whose souls lie in the balance. Sentinel recommends that they bring along Hal Jordan, perhaps the only other soul they would be able to find with willpower comparable to that of Corrigan.
Meanwhile, Superman's team successfully reignites the flames of Hell, although it requires an act of pure evil, and Faust is forced to murder the Enchantress.
Back on Earth, Captain Marvel finally returns with the Spear of Destiny, although it is revealed that Neron has been possessing Superman, and after the Spectre is injured, the three entities, Neron, Asmodel and Hal Jordan are forced to plea their separate cases to the Spectre on the soul plane. Hal Jordan is chosen as the Spectre, as punishment for his previous actions, even through his repentance, and while Asmodel is locked up in Heaven, in Hell Neron is demoted to a rhyming class Demon, suggested to have been Etrigan's plan all along. The Quintessence is left to wonder about the ramifications of Asmodel's imprisonment, as Hell can no longer be trusted to keep Heaven's prisoners.
In the aftermath, the Sentinels of Magic are entrusted with the Spear of Destiny by Hal Jordan, now the only weapon capable of injuring him. However, Hal and the Phantom Stranger are the only two who know he made this decision, including the Sentinels themselves.

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  • In the 30th Century, Day of Judgment has been made into a video game. At least Etrigan, Kyle Rayner, Enchantress, Neron and Asmodel are all playable characters.[15]

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Day of Judgment Crossover

This comic issue is a part of the "Day of Judgment" crossover event that took place in 1999. Day of Judgment involved the rogue Angel Asmodel being bonded to the Spectre Force, and using his powers to wreak havoc on the world, attempting to take vengeance against the Presence. Hell was frozen over, and both Demons and the Damned were released upon Earth. This template will automatically categorize articles that include it into the "Day of Judgment Crossover" category.

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