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Series: Deep Space Nine/The Lost Era
Miniseries: Terok Nor
Author(s): S.D. Perry & Britta Dennison
Publication information
Published: Paperback - June 2008
Pages: 320
ISBN: ISBN 0-7434-8252-2
Date: 2360-2369

The third book in a series of novels that will follow the Occupation of Bajor, this novel covers 2360-2369.


Publisher's description

As violence all across Bajor continues to escalate, Cardassian forces tighten their grip on the captive planet, driving back the resistance at every turn; but on Terok Nor and elsewhere, the winds of change are stirring-the beginnings of a hurricane that will alter the landscape of the Occupation. And while secret dealings, shifting alliances, and personal demons buoy the wings of revolution, a mysterious shape-shifting life form begins a journey that will decide the fate of worlds.


Despite Mora Pol's attempts to delay the project, Kalisi Reyar's Cardassian detection grid finally comes online, virtually ending resistance activities. When Odo chooses to leave the institute, Mora asks him to take a message to his cousin, providing details for resistance aircraft to avoid detection. Dukat learns of Odo's whereabouts and makes plan to lure him to Terok Nor.

At the same time, Dukat lures Kira to Terok Nor by feeding her information about Bajoran collaborator Vaatrik Drasa, aiming to bring her under his influence. When Kira kills Vaatrik, Dukat turns a blind eye but takes the opportunity to make Odo his chief of security. He tries to have Kira brought to him but Odo and Cardassian dissident Gaten Russol arrange to have her smuggled off the station.

Meanwhile, Kalisi is appointed Crell Moset's assistance and becomes his lover but is disturbed by many of his activities, including a plan to use a supposed vaccination to render the Bajorans sterile. She sabotages the plan and then, having realised that Miras Vara is Astraea, tries to make a deal with Obsidian Order agent Dost Abor to have Moset killed. When the Oralians evade the Order, an angry Abor kills Kalisi.

The Shakaar resistance cell receives information on how to shut down the detection grid from Terok Nor and Kira persuades Odo to run interference for them. With the grid down and resistance activities on the rise, Dukat chooses to make an example of the Kendra Valley resistance. Kai Opaka reluctantly betrays the cell to save the lives of everyone else in Kendra, even though her son is among those killed. However, the incident only serves to stir the Bajorans up further, leading almost the entire population to rebel.

Kell and Dukat make attempts to restore order by offering to reset up a new, supposedly elected, government and making false promises to withdraw. However, the Bajorans refuse the offer, partly because of the actions of Federation intelligence agent Elias Vaughn, and begin receiving weapons thanks to arms dealer Hagath and former Bajoran Minister Jas Holza. Meanwhile, the Cardassian dissidents effectively gain a majority in the Detapa council by assassinating a pro-colonial minister and vote for a withdrawal.

With the Cardassians gone, the Bajorans choose to call on the Federation for assistance. Both Kira and Odo join the newly-formed militia.




Bareil AntosBasso Tromac • Bek • Chavin • Darrah Bajin • Darrah Cheren • Furel • Gantt • Gran Tolo • Jaro Essa • Jas Holza • Kalem Apren • Kalem Raina • Keeve Falor • Kira MeruKira Nerys • Kohn Biran • Kohn Weir • Kubus Oak • Latha Mabrin • Li Nalas • Lupaza • Ma Jouvirna • Marin • Mart • Mobara • Mora Pol • Opaka Fasil • Opaka Sulan • Preta • Riszen Ketauna • Ro LarenShakaar Edon • Sharet Ras • Sito Jaxa • Sito Keral • Sorash Tem • Stassen • Tahna LosVerWinn Adami


Dost Abor/Ran Lotor • Astraea/Miras VaraBoheeka • Cul • Dalak • Corat DamarSkrain Dukat • Kutel Esad • Tekeny Ghemor • Tera Glees • Kaer • Danig KellNatima LangCrell MosetKotan Pa'Dar • Kalisi Reyar • Yannik Reyar • Gaten Russol • Thrax Sa'kat • Yoriv Skyl • Trakad • Seia Trant • Tuken • Sree Yopal


Gaila • Gart • IshkaMornAlynna NechayevNogOdoQuarkRomElias Vaughn


Baj • Bestram • Maran BryDarhe'el • Daul Mirosha • Dava • Athra Dukat • Darrah Karys • Darrah Mace • Ficen Dobat • FroolElim Garak • Gera • Hagath • Iloja • Kedat • Kan Nion • Letra • Mirel • Orta • Orthew • Revel Panh • Jean-Luc Picard • Rike'la • Shev • Somah Trac • Tel • Enabran Tain • Trentin Fala • Vaatrik Drasa • Zarale



AshallaBajorB'hava'elCardassiaCardassia City • Dakeen Monastery • Ikreimi • Iwara • Kendra Shrine • Kendra Valley • Lakarian City • Mekisar • Serpent's Ridge • Shikina MonasteryStarbase 621Terok Nor • Tozhat • Valo II • Valo III • Valo VI • Vekobet
Referenced only 
Cuellar • Culat • Derna • Elemspur • Gerhami Province • Hetrith • Huvara Province • IlviaJalandaJeraddo • Jo'kala • Korto • Musilla Province • Petrita • Qui'al • Relliketh • Renday • Rihjer • Sadera • Tilar

Starships and vehicles


Referenced only 
Jibetian • ProphetsTarulian

States and Organizations

Bank of BoliasCardassian UnionCardassian Central CommandCardassian Information ServiceCardassian Science MinistryObsidian OrderOralian WayStarfleetUnited Federation of Planets • University of Culat • University of Prekiv


Bajoran religionbell • cadge lupus • copal • daldalindeka tea • detection grid • duraniumduranjaEmissary of the ProphetsFederation-Cardassian War • Fostossa virus • fish juicegarreshgilglinnGratitude FestivalGuide for the Oralian Waygulhasperat • isolinear rod • kaikanarkatterpod • kava root • kelbonitekotralegatelek • linnipate • makapa • nyawood • orbOrb of Prophecy and ChangeOraliuspagh • polytrinic acid • porli • Prime Directiveprylarranjenrenewal scrollriding hound • rubberwood • Samarian sunset • sensor tower • sinoraptor • "spoonhead" • synthalesub-nagustritanium • tyrfox • uridiumVault of Eternal Destitutionvedek


  • In the acknowledgements, Britta Dennison thanks all Star Trek wiki contributors for their work.

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