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David Tiki was a Starfleet Marine Corps officer from the 24th century. In his years of service he fought in numerous conflicts from the Federation-Cardassian War to the Federation-Vendoth Conflict and rose to commad the 83rd Marine Company. In 2373, his company was assigned to the USS Swiftfire (NCC-76125-A). (Star Trek: Swiftfire)


Early Years

David Tiki was born in 2334 in Suva, Fiji on Earth. He spent his childhood in the country and attended school there.

As he grew up he got a taste for contact sports and Martial arts. One of the sports he played was rugby union. At one point he represented Fiji as part of a schoolboys side. ("The Only Thing Necessary")

However he was not just all muscle; he also performed well in the classroom. He would graduate among the top of his class before going to join the Starfleet Marine Corps.

While in high school he started dating a girl named Aashi who would later become his wife. ("No Rest for the Wicked")

Marine Corps Academy

Once joining the Marine corps Tiki went through the officers training at the Starfleet Marine Corps Academy. His initial tests scores in both physical and mental activities were high and he was considered a very promising recruit. He lived up to this by graduating first in his class.

In his fourth year Tiki cheated on Aashi with a first year recruit. After Aashi found out they broke up. Two years later they would repair their relationship and conceive a child and get married. ("No Rest for the Wicked")

While celebrating his upcoming graduation with over members from his class Tiki and the group got into a fight with cadets from Starfleet Security. The fight was broken up by Pavlo Celcho, who posed as the adjutant to the Academy Commandant. ("The Front")

Starfleet Marine Corps

When Tiki graduated he joined the Starfleet 4th Marine Division. In 2350s the 4th was stationed close to the Federation-Cardassian border and Tiki soon found himself in combat. On a dozen worlds, outposts and starbases he fought against the Cardassians.

Tiki was accepted into the Special Assault Service and fought with them during the Federation-Tzenkethi War. Two of his (unclassified) missions were defending Starbase 621, which included a hostage rescue of an admiral, and the sabotage of the Felliux VII shipyards. He eventually left the SAS after been injured and losing both his legs. Going back to the ordinary Marine Corp he took command of the 83rd Marine Company. ("The Only Thing Necessary")

Tiki saw little action until 2372 when the Klingons broke the Khitomer Accords and declared war on the Federation.

Now a Lieutenant Colonel, Tiki saw action against the Klingons in the territories they captured off the Cardassian Union earlier that year. In one of his mission he led a small group of Marines and infiltrated a Klingon Vor'cha-class warship, capturing it intact. This provided the Federation with an intelligence bonanza and in response Tiki was promoted to [[colonel.

Onboard the USS Swiftfire-A

In 2373, Tiki's company, the 83rd was transferred to the USS Swiftfire-A as security to decrease the risk of capture by the Dominion's Jem'Hadar soldiers as well as to broaden the ship's tactical and operational options. ("Deployment")

During the retreat from Sector 432 Tiki assisted in the evacuation of personnel from the starbase and Sector 432 repair yards. After discovering that Chief Engineer Pavlo Celcho was still somewhere on the repair yards he took one of the Marine's Normandy-class dropships to search for Celcho. They found Celcho trapped in an isolated section and freed him from it, returning him safely to the Swiftfire. ("The Front")

Colonel Tiki and the Marine contingent on the Swiftfire had a quiet first few months of the war. Their only major action was the Raid on Sector 432. The Marines boarded a Dominion shipyard to bring down its shields. They succeeded in their mission and the facility was destroyed. ("Pressure Points")

Tiki was one of the first off the ship when it returned to Earth for repairs in mid-2374. He immediately went home to Suva to be with his family. He and his wife then helped Captain Masters arrange a crew get together in Fiji prior to the ship leaving Earth. ("No Rest for the Wicked")

Following the Swiftfire's repairs at Sol the ship was transferred to Task Force 59. During the transit Colonel Tiki and his Marines captured a prototype cloaked Jem'Hadar strike cruiser. Jem'Hadar forces managed to board the Swiftfire before their ship's capture and Colonel Tiki and his Marines finally got to do what they were put on the ship to do, protect it from the Jem'Hadar. ("Q, Time and Again")

Once part of Task Force 59 the Marines were involved in the capture of a pirate facility. Tiki led his squad in capturing the operations centre of the base. ("A Rough Time")

Their next action was in the Badlands where the Marines fought off a Vendoth invasion force on a secret Maquis base. Tiki led the ground forces in their defence of the base. Despite been heavily outnumbered they managed to win the battle through superior tactics and some luck. ("The True")

Tiki that took command of three quarters of his company that were then transferred off the Swiftfire for the invasion of Chin'toka. The Marines were part of the ground forces that landed on the planets. In the campaign Colonel Tiki and his company were isolated by Jem'Hadar forces. The Marines managed to find a long abandoned facility hidden in a mountain that contained a ancient warship. The Marines then used the warship to escape their dire situation. They were then debriefed by Starfleet Intelligence before been returned to the Swiftfire-A. ("Semper Fidelis")

During the Chin'toka campaign the Marines saw their greatest number of causalities for the war so far. This included the Colonel's second in command, Major Stevens. Once he returned to the Swiftfire Tiki reorganised his company due to the losses suffered. He also promoted Rachel Daley to be his new second-in-command. ("Section 214C")

When the Vendoth attacked Earth in 2376 Tiki was still serving on the Swiftfire-A. During the battle Tiki led a group of seventy Marines onto the Spacedock orbiting Earth after it was boarded by the Vendoth. All but seventeen of the Marines, including Tiki, were killed during the battle secure the orbiting station. ("United We Stand")


Tiki had a close relationship with his second-in-command, Major Rachel Stevens. This was due to the years of service together. During the invasion of Chin'toka when Stevens was severely injured Tiki carried her as the marines retreated and initially refused to leave her behind when she asked him to. She did eventually make Tiki see reason and Tiki reluctantly left Stevens to her fate. After the battle Tiki joined the team that retrieved Stevens body and he shed tears over her body as it was transported off the surface. ("Semper Fidelis")

Tiki suspected that his wife was not fond of Stevens. He put this down to Stevens been a attractive woman that he spent more time with then his wife coupled with his past infidelity. His wife had never stated that she had any problem with Stevens and Tiki had not asked, which at times made him wonder if his wife had any concerns or if he was passing his own insecurities onto her. ("No Rest for the Wicked")



Tiki started a relationship with his wife, Aashi, while they were both in high school. While in his fourth year at the academy he cheated on her with another cadet at the academy. Aashi found out and left him. He eventually managed to win her back and two years after he graduated they conceived their first child, Pranav. Several months later they married. Even years later he noted that while his wife had forgiven him she would likely never forget his indiscretion. ("No Rest for the Wicked")

By 2374, Tiki had three children with Aashi, Pranav, Christina and Samantha. While on leave in the middle of that year he returned home. His wife asked him to have words with their son over his poor grades in the previous term. She also told him that Chrissy wanted him to go and see a school production she was part of. Their youngest, Sam, whom he considered to be his little princess was excited by his return and the possibility of him been there for her birthday. He told her he would not be but promised instead that they could celebrate it early. ("No Rest for the Wicked")

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