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David Platt
Occupation Hairdresser
Born 25th December 1990
Birthplace Weatherfield
Residence 8 Coronation Street
Father Martin Platt
Joe McIntyre (Step Father)
Mother Gail Platt
Sibling(s) Nick Tilsley (half brother)
Sarah Louise Grimshaw (half sister)
Tina McIntyre (Step sister]
Children 1 (Aborted)
First appearance 26th December 1990
Duration 1990 to present
Played by Thomas Ormson
Jack P. Shepherd

David Platt is a villainous character portrayed by Jack P. Shepherd, who took over the role in 2000 from Thomas Ormson.




Early Years and Richard Hillman

David is the son of Martin and Gail Platt, born on Christmas Day 1990. His first major storyline occurred when his parents split up and his mother remarried Richard Hillman. Hillman turned out to be deeply in debt and his attempts to get out of trouble ended in a killing spree. David, his mother, sister, and niece were kidnapped, bound, and gagged by Hillman, who attempted to drown the entire family by driving their car into a canal. All survived, except Richard, who drowned.

Problems for Gail

Richard Hillman cards

When Martin moved away to Liverpool with new girlfriend Robyn in 2005, David's unhappiness increased. David refused to visit his father after he revealed he and Robyn were having a baby together. He was jealous when his mother found a new boyfriend, Phil Nail, and during 2006 carried out an anonymous greeting card campaign that resulted in Phil and Gail splitting up, as Gail suspected Phil of sending the cards, which were signed "Richard". After Phil had left, Gail managed to trick David into proving that he had been sending the cards.

Fued with Charlie Stubbs

In 2006, David began playing truant from school whilst using fake tan, and falsely claiming that he was the victim of school bullying, which resulted in him being tutored at home. In October of that year, David discovered that Maria Sutherland, to whom he was attracted, was having an affair with builder Charlie Stubbs. David sought to interfere in their affair, threatening to expose their liaisons to the rest of Weatherfield. He started a hate campaign against Charlie Stubbs, vandalising his property and slashing his tires. Charlie attempted to put a stop to David's activities by intimidating him. He lured David to his apartment, dragged him into the bathroom and almost drowned him in the bathtub in a controversial torture scene.

Ivy's ghost

In December 2006, David came into possession of a diary belonging to his late grandmother, Ivy Brennan. He discovered that his mother had wanted him aborted, but his father, Martin, had stopped her. He produced the diary during Christmas Day dinner and told everyone how his mum had wanted a termination. After wrecking Gail's Christmas, he then embarrassed his grandmother, Audrey Roberts, by revealing her affair with Bill Webster to Bill's unsuspecting wife Maureen.

Lying for Tracy Barlow

When Charlie was brutally murdered by his lover, Tracy Barlow, David decided to punish Maria by helping Tracy. David told Gail about how Charlie had tried to kill him, and falsely claimed that he had witnessed Tracy killing Charlie in self-defence. He also began to blackmail Tracy, demanding that she be nice to him or else he would not testify in her defence. When David took the stand at Tracy's murder trial, his testimony went disastrously wrong. The prosecution highlighted the flaws in his evidence, and the Judge rebuked him for his attitude. David was outraged when Tracy was convicted and jailed for life to which he responded by branding the judge and jury 'mad'.

David went on to set fire to one of his test papers after an exam. He was expelled from school, but managed to gain an A* in one of his GCSEs. David was then given a job at the builder's yard, from where he was twice fired for misconduct, before being given a job in the hairdressing salon run by his grandmother, Audrey. On one occasion, Gail caught David shaving the head of one of Bethany’s dolls with a pair of electric clippers. He informed her that he was merely practising for his grandmother’s salon.

More problems for Gail

Nearly killing Bethany Platt

In September 2007, David hid some Ecstasy tablets in one of Bethany's dolls. David was left to babysit Beth, and failed to notice as she consumed one of the pills. Beth was taken to intensive care, and David was almost arrested for possession of a Class-A Drug. Bethany went on to make a full recovery, and David was let off with a warning.

Attemping to ruin Sarah's wedding

Gail then kicked David out of the house, and he was taken in by his grandmother, Audrey. When Sarah refused to invite him to her and Jason's wedding, David vowed that there would be no wedding. The day before the event, David then left Gail a note threatening to commit suicide, but Sarah found it first and destroyed it. On the morning of the wedding, David drove his car to the canal, and left a phone message for his mother, blaming her for killing himself. Then, at the exact point where Richard Hillman had previously tried to kill the Platt family, he drove the car at full speed into the canal, witnessed by a passerby. Later, David turned up at the house, having escaped from the car. He made it clear to Sarah that he had not intended to kill himself, merely to ruin the wedding.

David's uncle, Stephen Reid, came to visit while on business in Europe, and offered David a job and an apartment abroad, in Milan. David's plans were sabotaged by his sister Sarah, who obtained Ecstasy tablets and planted them in David's drawer at the salon, arranging for Audrey to find them. Gail was furious, and Stephen withdrew his offer to David. Nobody believed David's version of events. The subsequent news that Sarah would be going to Italy instead of him left David furious.

Dating Tina McIntyre

David and Tina.

In January 2008, David met and began dating Tina McIntyre, eventually losing his virginity to her. Tina discovered she was pregnant, and Gail helped her obtain an abortion without telling David. During an argument with Gail following this, David pushed his mother down the stairs. After convincing Tina not to tell the police, she dumped him. A furious David proceeded to smash up various vehicles and windows on the street, trying to attack Ken Barlow and elbowing a policewoman. On 18th April he was sentenced to four months in a Young Offenders Institution. He was released on 6th June, after serving less than two months in the institute. Now, fully matured, he hopes to start a new decent life with Gail and Tina. David was dealt a blow when Audrey told him that she wouldn't be taking him back at the salon. However, he managed to find employment in Peter and Paul's salon.

David then begun to get suspicions on Tina when she seems to hide her emails from him, when Tina went out, he and Darryl hacked into her account and found out that most of the emails were from her ex, Matt, when Tina discovered this she took revenge on David by getting him fired from his salon job. She decided to move out out of The Platt's and end the relationship. David went out with Amber Kalirai, who has always fancied David, on 22nd August 2008 in an attempt to make Tina jealous. They later got back together.

Fued with Windass Family

In November 2008, David began a feud with the Windass family, especially Gary Windass. He didnt like it when Gary was flirting with Tina, which led to a fight on Christmas. When Gary kept annoying David on January 2009, David hit him, which resulted in Gary vioelntly beating him up. David then got Tina to tell the police that Gary threw the first punch. When the court case began, Tina decided to tell the truth and couldnt see Gary go into prison, when he didnt start the fight. David was annoyed with Tina, but she told him the relationship is over, since she had to put up a lot from her.

David left to stay with his father Martin for a couple of weeks. He returned and said Martin had a new family and didn't care for David, but Tina pointed out people only want to get on with their lives and cant keep thinking of him all the time.

Desperate to get Tina back, he hid her dad's pills, and when she arrived back at the house, said he found them. however Tina's dad Joe was suspicious of David.

When David noticed Tina and Gary where getting closer together, he started making a plan to get Gary back into prison.

In May, he started pretending he was planning a robbery with Graham Proctor. When Gary gave up his kitchen fitting job (because Joe would pay him extra for bank holidays) he said that he would like to be part of the robbery. David said the robbery will be at his gran's house (he however didnt tell Gary this, as he was making it up all along). David went to Audrey's home where he hid pictures and anything that will give away it was her house.

On the 5th June, he got Graham to watch Gary. David remained at home so Joe would see him and give him an alibi, saying he had nothing to do with it. Gary decided to go ahead with the robbery, and when he broke into the house, David told Grahem to phone the police. However, everything went wrong and not according to plan. David's granddad Ted Page was back to look after the house. David told Graham to go ahead and call the police, and that Ted may be in danger. When Ted was in the house, he got a fright when Gary lept out of Audrey's room and nearly knocked him over. Recongising him, Ted chased Gary. David and Joe later got a call from Ted and headed over to the house. He was getting checked on by paramedics, and he was shaken up from the incident, so he returned to Coronation Street with Joe and David. He knew it was Gary who had done the robbery.

Later on at the end of the episode, Ted had a heart attack, due to the stress of the incident.


Fearing real-life imitation of the scene in which David was tortured by Charlie Stubbs, many formal complaints were filed by viewers with the Government’s Office of Communications. In the end, "Coronation Street … [was] cleared by TV watchdogs after 31 complaints about scenes of ‘bullying and torture’." Investigators eventually ruled that the torture scenes "were editorially justified by plot development, characters involved and the manner of editing.

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