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Dave can refer to:

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From Grand Theft Wiki

Dave Bosoy in his only physical appearance in GTA IV, being whipped by a dominatrix during the first cutscene of "The Cousins Bellic".

Dave Bosoy, or Dave the Mate in the credits, was a crew member that Niko Bellic knew on the Platypus in Grand Theft Auto IV. He is seen in the very first cutscene tied to his bunkbead, wearing erotic leather clothing being whipped by an unknown asian woman also in sexual leather clothing, while Niko stands outside the door trying to get him ready for docking.

According to Weazel News, Dave was found dead in Algonquin, floating in the Humboldt River trussed up in a straight jacket and diaper, covered in whip lashings. His murderer is unknown, although the first cutscene and his manner of death suggests it was a sexual accident.

Mission apperance

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From the eWrestling Encyclopedia.

[[Image:{{{image}}}|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of Dave]]
Real name {{{realname}}}
Ring Names "Corporate Hero" David Vincent, Dave, Dave Vincent, Dagenham Dave
Height 6'10"
Weight 300 lbs.
Date of birth May 16, 1981
Place of birth Dagenham, Essex, United Kingdom
Date of death {{{death_date}}}
Place of death {{{death_place}}}
Resides Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Billed from Dagenham, Essex, United Kingdom
Trainer Robert Vincent Sr. ("Cool Dude" Bob Vincent), Daniel Valentine ("Spitfire" Danny Valentine)
Handled by {{{handler}}}
Win/Loss Record {{{winloss_record}}}
Debut 2005 (CWO)
Retired September 2007

David Vincent (born May 16, 1981) is a professional wrestling manager and former professional wrestler born in Dagenham, Essex, in England. He is currently employed by THW (True Honor Wrestling).



Dave Vincent was raised in a wrestling family. His grandfather, Daniel Valentine, aka "Spitfire" Danny Valentine, was a boxer in his RAF unit during World War II, and followed this with a brief professional wrestling career on the UK's rapidly growing wrestling scene. His father, Robert Vincent, aka "Cool Dude" Bob Vincent, was also a professional wrestler, and a regular on the British touring circuit. It was at one of these shows, he was paired with a new valet, Sally Valentine, daughter of Daniel. The couple would soon be wed. David, and his elder brother Robert Junior, grew up touring the country with his parents. Never in one place long enough to settle, he and his brother lived and breathed the sport, and were home educated.

Both boys left school at 16, and went straight into the family trade. Robert used the year's advantage he had on his brother to tour the world, where he observed several different styles of wrestling. On his return, David had too come of age, and both men started training with a passion.

After two solid years of training, both boys, now men, started in the British touring circuit, wrestling for various promoters around the country as "The Fantastic Vincent Brothers". Their family name and reputation was good to get the a start in the business, and from there their popularity soared. "Bouncing" Bob, and "Dangerous" Dave, as they had come to name themselves, proved to be quite the popular force.

For two years this continued, until Robert finally became tired of the British touring scene. Wishing to expand his horizons, he left to tour Asia and South America, in the many touring federations. Dave stayed behind, wishing to build his skills, and get his name well known.

It was soon after this, in 2002, when Dave started frequently wrestling shows with a talented new wrestler, the young Wulf Erikssen, then in his identity as Fenrir the Destroyer. Impressed with each others style and determination, the two men became fast friends in their real life, whilst in the ring they had one of the most magnificent rivalries of the era. Around the country, the local promoters fought over themselves to book "Dangerous" Dave Vincent vs Fenrir the Destoyer shows. Over the course of the next year and a half, their popularity grew, until finally "it" happened. America had been watching the UK touring scene, and it liked what it was seeing. In October 2004, Wulf was offered a CWO Hard Knox developmental contract. Dave decided to pack up his ring boots, and follow him to the states. He was determined to break the states, just like Wulf.

CWO Career

In July 2005, he did just that, debuting in the CWO as Dagenham Dave, Wulf's "old tag team partner" from the United Kingdom. Dave was instantly thrown into a rivalry with Gold Kard, who Wulf was currently feuding with. One of his first acts in the fed was to sabotage Gold Kard's "wedding" to Jennifer Falconi, with him and Wulf invading the arena with a sewage truck, which they proceeded to spray the guests with. This event also triggered a long term rivalry between the South Street Riot and The Falconis. This new rivalry led to the boys earning their first CWO gold, the World Tag Team Titles, in the August of the same year, defeating the Falconis for the belts.

However, soon after this, Dave recieved terrible news. His grandfather, Danny, was terminally ill. Torn between his love for his family, and his love for his job, he requested a leave of absence from the CWO, which was granted. Both he and Wulf left for Britain. Unfortunately, Danny passed away on Boxing Day, 2005.

February 2006, Wulf and Dave return in a shocking fashion when they controversially assist one of their old enemies, Brent Alles, from President Foley's lackeys. Joined later in the month by Surge, these four men form the "Enemies Of The State", a stable dedicated to disrupting President Foley's reign as CWO President. During this stint, the South Street Riot won the International Tag Team Titles.

In July '06, Dave was sensationally revealed as being the traitor with the "Enemies Of The State", and turned heel, joining President Foley's "The Future" stable as "Corporate Hero" David Vincent. The character proved unpopular, and in September of that year, David again asked for a leave of absence, this time to conduct a tour of Japan, and to give the fans time to forget the "Corporate Hero" persona. The company agreed, allowing Wulf the time off the accompany him.

May 2007, both men reappeared at the May-Hem PPV, revealing themselves as the true identities of the masked wrestlers "The Union Jacks". Both men quickly re-entered the Tag Team title race, strangely allying with their former rivals, and current champions, the Falconis to fight the more pressing threats from the Hell Risers and the Fighter Jets. At the "Inferno" PPV at the end of June 2007, South Street Riot beat the Falconi Brothers, the Fighter Jets and the Hell Risers to regain the World Tag Team Titles.

In the beginning of August 2007, the South Street Riot made a one-off appearance on an NIWF show. They provided an interesting foil for the warring teams of TVR and Ignition, but ultimately decided to cancel their probationary contracts after CWO countered with a better offer.

In September 2007, South Street Riot suffered two calamities, as first they lost their Tag Titles to Bad Weather, but also Dave was dealt a career ending knee injury. Dave's future has yet to be decided following this horrific accident. The CWO collapsed shortly after this incident, leaving both men unemployed.

THW Career

In April 2009, Wulf Erikssen debuted in the Canadian-based promotion True Honor Wrestling. After taking an extended sabbatical for a year and a half, Wulf felt it was time to re-enter the ring. Unfortunately Dave's injury at the hands of Bad Weather had proven career ending, but determined to include his long-time friend in his career, Wulf hired him as his manager. Wulf's fortunes in the company have been quite good to date, and he's certainly making an impact with his unorthodox style and balanced attitude.

In July 2009, at THW Honor Role, the South Street Riot returned. Dave, still battling with his career-ending injury, now managed the team, consisting of Wulf and a new partner, newcomer Maurice Pascal, who Wulf had previously been training at his Toronto based gym. They were successful in their debut, defeating the team of Jay Combs & Kylie Moore.


Finishing Moves

  • Dave-A-Stator (Back-to-Back Double Underhook Piledriver)

Signature Moves

  • Dave Airlines (Rounding Moonsault)
  • Welcome To Dagenham (Falling Gutwrench Powerbomb)

Theme Music

  • "Ain't Like You" by Blood For Blood


  • Dave is also an accomplished amateur boxer.
  • Dave's brother Robert currently wrestles in the UK as "Bailing" Bob Vincent.
  • Dave's favorite food is English.

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From Lostpedia

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Dave is Hurley's imaginary friend. Hurley created Dave while he was a patient at the Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute.



At the Institute

In the episode "Dave", Dave is Hurley's friend in the Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute. Hurley's doctor thinks Dave is a bad influence and doesn't want Hurley to change or lose weight.

Hurley's doctor, Dr. Brooks, takes a photo of Hurley with his arm around Dave. The doctor later shows the photo to Hurley. Dave is not in the picture and Hurley's arm is hanging over empty air.

Hurley refuses to escape the mental hospital with Dave and instead locks him out of the building. Hurley later reveals that this led to a breakthrough in his therapy which resulted in his eventual release.

Dave tries to convince Hurley that the person he locked out of the hospital was real and that he imagined the breakthrough, the release from the hospital, winning the lottery and crashing on the Island. Dave tells Hurley that he is still in the Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute and that everything is a hallucination. Dave says that even he is a figment of his imagination, but he did let out the real Dave at the hospital. He says that he is the part of Hurley that wants him to escape the dream. As proof, he points out that the Numbers he used to win the lottery and are used to reset the timer were learned from Leonard at the hospital. Then, as further proof, he points out that someone like Libby would never be romantically interested in him.

On the Island

The character Dave was first seen on the Island by Hurley as the survivors scrambled to gather food from the supply drop. ("Dave")

Dave lost a slipper when Hurley followed (chased) him away from the supply drop. Hurley found the slipper, but Libby later said she didn't recall seeing him carry it.

Dave appears to be able to physically interact with Hurley, by slapping him and hitting him with coconuts. This interaction occurs in the hospital and on the Island but since nobody else is present at the time this incident may just have happened in Hurley's head.

Dave leads Hurley to a cliff and tells him the only way he can escape the dream is by throwing himself off the cliff and challenging his mind to deny the hallucination. When he jumps Dave tells Hurley "see you in another life", a phrase Desmond said to Jack. Dave plunges off the cliff himself and Hurley nearly follows him before being talked out of it by Libby.


Despite the producers confirming that Dave may not be Libby's Dave, the theories persist. Particularly the fact that Dave appears in two places that Libby herself was at. Also, Dave attempting to kill Hurley could be seen as an angry spirit trying to protect his wife. The revelation that Hurley speaks to dead people, brings into question, was the Dave at the mental institution truly Imaginary? Could Hurley’s Dave, really be David trying to protect Libby from beyond the grave?

In the Official Lost Podcast/May 26, 2006, the producers said, "There's a good chance that you guys saw the Monster this year Season 2, but just didn't realize you were looking at the Monster." Gregg Nations later stated that the appearance of the Monster was after the episode "The 23rd Psalm" and likely in the second half of the season. It is possible that the Monster assumed the guise of "Dave" in the episode of that name in season two. If it could get Hurley to kill himself, it has eliminated a pivotal character able to speak to the dead. Making it his choice rather than a direct attack may relate to rules around 'choice'. Remember, Jacob told Hurley it was his choice to return to the island.


  • David is of Hebrew origin, and its meaning is "beloved".
  • Dave was intended as a reflection of Hurley's issues with his missing father, David. They both have rascally, happy-go-lucky personalities. Imaginary Dave keeps encouraging Hurley to over-eat; David's last act before leaving his son is giving him a bar of chocolate.

Producers' commentary

  • In an interview with, the executive writers and producers discuss the source of the name "Dave":

Damon Lindelof: We like certain biblical names and David is one of them. David happened to be my father’s name, maybe that’s sort of subconsciously rattling around in there.

Carlton Cuse: The connection between the imaginary Dave and Dave his father was completely intentional, I mean we wanted basically Hurley to imagine a friend and have that be wrapped up in his unresolved relationship with his Dad, so that’s why his imaginary friend is named Dave.

Damon Lindelof: As to Libby’s ex, that’s an entirely different David we may or may not meet in the future.

See also

  • Spiro Razatos - the stunt actor who performed the cliff-falling stunt.

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From the RuneScape Wiki, the wiki for all things RuneScape

There are a couple non-player characters named Dave.

  • Evil Dave, located in Edgeville in the basement of his mother's house.
  • Big Dave, located in Hemenster.

Names similar to Dave:

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From Traveller Wiki - Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far future

Dave refers to any hapless victim of a Vampire ship, use humorously. The reference is to an old Solomani motion picture that features a ship controlled by a mad computer that attempts to systematically kill its crew. The last surviving crewmember, named Dave, is forced to kill the computer. Copies were discovered by members of the Dawn League in the late 1190s, and became quite popular due to its thematic similarity to issues of the Virus and the Collapse.

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Path of Tears

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City of Heroes

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From City of Heroes Wiki



Dave is one of the natives of the strange dimension known as the Shadow Shard. Now Technician Naylor want some of them, apparently for research. They can be found on the Secure Longbow Base in an alternate dimension mission from Technician Naylor, and there are two of them (the other is Krissie).

During my mission (Villanous, solo), he had slightly less Hit Points than a Lieutenant of the same level. This probably means that he was a watered-down Boss-class Captive. He has a faction of Shadow Shard Native and no attacks at all.


How these people came to be in the Shadow Shard is a mystery, but contemplating it really isn't your job.


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