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Dathka Graush
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c. 7,000 BBY[1]

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Old Republic era


Sith Empire

"It is done. I am free."
―Dathka Graush

Dathka Graush was a Sith King who lived about seven millennia before the Battle of Yavin.



Dathka Graush was a pureblooded Sith, a conqueror whose forces won one of Korriban's cyclical civil wars before 7000 BBY.[1] Graush was assassinated and entombed on Korriban in the Valley of Golg roughly fifty years after, ending his dynasty of bloodshed.[1] Graush's reign was one of terror and cruelty even by Sith standards.[1] While he was alive he had his heart removed and using Sith Magic and the most advanced technology he could find, he replaced it with a Force-sensitive crystal capable of keeping him alive.[1] He also was in the possession of a helm which strengthened his command of the Force. Through Sith Alchemy, he created an army of servants out of dead bodies, Korriban zombies, that helped him establish his rule over two-thirds of the planet, which ended with his death.[1]

Like most Sith of the period, his spirit was imprisoned in his tomb on Korriban along with his Sith sword, a holocron, and a Sith amulet.[1] Exactly six months before the destruction of the first Death Star, pirate captain Naz Felyood crashed his ship, Jynni's Virtue, on Korriban.[1] His ship logs indicated that Dathka's spirit was still around.[1]

At some point, the former Emperor's Hand known as Lord Cronal found Graush's spirit, using knowledge from the Temple of Korman Lao to call upon it. From Graush, Cronal acquired knowledge that he used to construct the Shadow Crown.[2]

Behind the scenes

Dathka Graush may have been the Sith Lord to greet the Jen'jidai arrivals in 6,900 BBY.

There is some degree of ambiguity present in the Wizards of the Coast article. It states that Graush was a "pure blooded Dark Lord" and that his death was 7,000 BBY. This seems impossible, due to the Hundred Year Darkness having recently begun at this point, with the Sith Empire not even having yet been founded. However, it is already established that Ajunta Pall was possibly the first Dark Lord of the Sith.

His name was misspelled "Grausch" in Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 29: Exalted, Part 1.



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