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"Where are those information tapes?"
―Darth Vader

A data tape, also information tape, was a recording device that could be read by a holoprojector, such as the one standard in R2 units, or a computer terminal.


Significant datatapes in the history

The Jedi training ship Chu'unthor had many datatapes about the Jedi training. When it crashed in 340 BBY, Jedi Master Yoda lead a rescue team to the wreck. He left the datatapes and reader discs about the Jedi, and prophesied a Jedi to defeat the Nightsisters. In 8 ABY, Luke Skywalker fullfilled the prophecy and took the records. In 40 ABY, these were the majority in the collection of Jedi datatapes of the New Jedi Order.[1]

The plans for the first Death Star were recorded on data tapes, which were stolen by Princess Leia Organa and uploaded into R2-D2. Later, the tapes came into the possession of the Rebellion, and helped in the Battle of Yavin.

Behind the scenes

The use of the word "tapes", in A New Hope was in 1977. In the 1970s, tapes were a modern way of recording audio, video, and computer data.



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Notes and references

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