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Dash Rendar
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c. 20 BBY[2]

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1.8 meters[2]

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"Pretty good? I slept through most of that battle, kid. I could have stayed and knocked over those walkers all day without raising my heartbeat."
―Dash Rendar to Luke Skywalker, on his role at the Battle of Hoth

Dash Rendar was a Corellian smuggler and freelancer. He was an ace Imperial pilot of the Imperial Academy until the Rendar family was banished from the galaxy by Emperor Palpatine due to a freighter accident. Captain of the Outrider, Rendar eventually joined the Alliance to Restore the Republic during the Battle of Hoth. He would assist the Alliance in deposing Black Sun, acting as Luke Skywalker's bodyguard and a spy, until his apparent "death" during the Battle of Falleen's Fist.




Early life

Dash Rendar during early Galactic Civil War.

The Human male Dash Rendar was born into a Corellian family during the final years of the Galactic Republic. His parents had inherited the family business,[3] RenTrans, a growing competitor in the lucrative Core Worlds shipping industry, and had become wealthy and influential within Core society.[4] The family's wealth ensured a comfortable and safe childhood for Rendar,[3] along with his older brother Stanton,[4] providing them with the best education available.[3] However, the two started to follow a different path upon coming of age. While Stanton jumped at the opportunity to join the family business, becoming a pilot on one of the family's freighters, the more independent Rendar craved independence and adventure, and decided instead to apply to join the Imperial Naval Academy.[3]

Rendar was accepted into the Imperial Academy on Carida[4] in around 9 BBY.[5] There, he practiced piloting a variety of different starships and his skills soon began to impress both his instructors and fellow students, who included future smuggler and Rebel general Han Solo.[4] Rendar seemed poised for a promising career as an Imperial officer until a family tragedy brought about a change in his fortunes.[1] Prince Xizor, the head of the Black Sun crime syndicate,[4] approached Rendar's parents about making RenTrans a subsidiary of his company, Xizor Transport Systems. When they refused, he arranged for one of their freighters to be sabotaged, hoping to cause a crash that would damage the company and force them to accept his offer.[6] As the ship, which was piloted by Stanton Rendar at the time, launched from a spaceport on Coruscant, a control system failed, causing it to crash into Emperor Palaptine's private museum. The resulting explosion destroyed both the freighter and much of the museum, killing Stanton in the process. Palpatine was furious and sought revenge on the grieving Rendar family for the loss of numerous Jedi and Sith artifacts that had been contained in the museum. The family's property and wealth was seized, RenTrans was turned over to Xizor Transport Systems and Rendar's parents were banished from the Core Worlds. Rendar himself was summarily dismissed from the Academy and forced to share his parents' exile, giving him a serious grudge with the Empire.[4]

Freelance spacer

Dash Rendar.

The fate of Rendar's parents following their exile was never recorded and neither were details of how Rendar survived in the months immediately following his expulsion from the Academy. However, Rendar eventually decided to use the skills he'd learned at the Academy to make his own way in the galaxy.[3] Moving to the Corporate Sector,[7] he began to forge a place for himself among the galaxy's fringe elements as a freelance spacer.[4] Rendar was not content to take easy, low-paid work, instead choosing to take jobs with higher risk in return for higher reward,[3] and was prepared to work for whoever offered the most credits. During this time he worked as a smuggler, bodyguard,[4] mercenary,[1] thief, and card cheat.[8] Through a series of daring and risky missions and scams,[4] including breaking the record for the Sevari Sidestep with a cargo hold full of carsunum,[9] Rendar quickly made a name for himself as a hot-shot pilot[4] and went on to work with such individuals as Katya M'Buele and Lando Calrissian, who he first encountered over a sabacc table on Kaal before working together on smuggling runs and con games. While hiding from Imperial Customs ships on Port Haven, an uncharted smugglers' hideaway, Rendar met up with Han Solo,[4] his old friend from the Academy,[1] who had also been forced out of Imperial service and become a smuggler.[10] The three spent several hours attempting to impress each other with stories of their smuggling runs and piloting prowess while many credits passed between them in sabacc games.[4]

Among Rendar's employers was the Twi'lek crime lord "Uncle" Vanya. It was while working for Vanya that Rendar acquired the YT-2400 light freighter Outrider.[7] Rendar decided to take advantage of the YT-2400's adaptability[11] and, not long after acquiring the ship, he visited Byblos Starport Tower 214 to enlist the services of the Sullustan technician Bolabo Hujaan in refitting the ship to suit his needs,[9] upgrading its weapons, shields, ion drive and hyperdrive, as well as fitting an illegal sensor stealth coating to the hull.[4] The refitted Outrider was ideally suited as a smuggling vessel and went on to save Rendar's life countless times.[11] Though the upgrades cost Rendar most of the credits he had made from the carsunum shipment, he considered it a worthwhile purchase.[9]

Soon after acquiring the Outrider, Rendar gained a co-pilot in the Cybot Galactica LE-series repair droid LE-BO2D9. Leebo had been the property of the portmaster at Esseles starport before he was stolen and, after several owners, came into the possession of a comedian. Leebo managed the comedian during a tour of the Outer Rim Territories but, after his master offended the Rodians with a joke about their leader, Navik the Red, Leebo was traded to Rendar in exchange for passage off Rodia. After delivering the comedian to Byblos, Rendar modified the droid, upgrading his programming to allow him to pilot the Outrider.[4]

Imperial Security Bureau Commander Maximillian Seerdon, in a report on Rendar for Grand Vizier Sate Pestage, gave a somewhat different account of events during this period of Rendar's life. Seerdon reported that the Outrider was a reward from Vanya and that the comedian was himself a Rodian, who briefly served as Rendar's co-pilot aboard the Outrider until his untimely demise during the first twenty seconds of their debut mission. Seerdon claimed that Leebo was the Rodian's droid and was chosen by Rendar to fill his former master's position as first mate aboard the Outrider, starting by assisting with the refitting of the ship as a smuggler vessel. Leebo then manipulated accounts to ensure that Vanya paid the cost of the refit, but the crime lord forgave Rendar after the smuggler saved his life during a Corporate Sector Authority Security Police raid.[7] Rendar himself tended to be evasive about this period, though he often commented that the Outrider did not come into his possession through "clean living" and hinted that it was a gift from a Twi'lek employer.[12]

He enjoyed a competitive rivalry with Solo, mainly over the speed of their respective ships. Solo narrowly beat Rendar in a race between the two ships the last time that they met. Dash became so successful that he was soon able to purchase another ship, the Outrunner. As Lando, Dash, and Han bonded, Lando and Han began drifting away from the smuggler lifestyle and began throwing their two cents into the Rebel Alliance, while Rendar chose to keep for himself.[13]

In 0 BBY, Rendar was in Mos Eisley on Tatooine in the Outer Rim. Imperial Security Bureau reports indicated that Rendar docked the Outrider in Docking Bay 92 behind Spacer's Row, before meeting up with Solo at Chalmun's Cantina. Rendar later purchased weapons from Masse Goskey's Arms Emporium, where he encounted a former RenTrans employee who told him that his brother was still alive and had evidence that might clear the Rendar name.[7] By the time Luke Skywalker arrived in the spaceport with Obi-Wan Kenobi, the Outrider was already speedily leaving the planet as Rendar set out to find his brother.[14] The Imperial Security Bureau, concerned that proof of Stanton Rendar's possible survival and innocence could be a source of embarrassment to the Empire, ordered the informant eliminated before Rendar could learn the truth.[7]

Rendar during the Battle of Hoth.

Eleven months after the Battle of Yavin, Rendar, traveling under a false name, took the Outrunner aboard the Haj Shipping Lines luxury liner Star of Empire with the intention of stealing the vessel and selling it to the Rebel Alliance for use as a warship. While in one of the vessel's game rooms, Rendar encountered Tash Arranda, a young Alderaanian who was traveling to Dantooine with her uncle, the shapeshifting Shi'ido Mammon Hoole and her younger brother, Zak. Having been to Dantooine several times, Rendar offered some advice to Hoole and the Arrandas. He was still conversing with Tash and Zak outside their quarters when the ship's emergency evacuation alarm sounded, announcing the imminent meltdown of the reactor core.[15]

As the ship's passengers began to pour out of their quarters and flee to the nearest escape pods, Rendar lost Hoole and the Arrandas in the crowd. Rendar, however, was suspicious of the sudden alarm, knowing that no major malfunction could have occurred without backup systems taking over. Suspecting that somebody had triggered the alarm in an effort to clear the ship of passengers before stealing it—an idea which had already occurred to him—Rendar decided to stay aboard and investigate. As expected, the ship's reactor failed to go critical, though several systems were offline, apparently as the result of sabotage.[15]

Rendar soon discovered that he was not the only passenger still aboard the ship—during the rush to evacuate, the Arranda children had gotten separated from Hoole and had been stranded aboard the Star of Empire. Zak Arranda was able to access the ship's main computer, an artificial intelligence known as SIM, in order to find out more about their current situation. SIM advised that they head to the control room in order to repair its main program, allowing it to bring non-functioning systems back online and send a distress signal. However, concerned that they might waste time attempting unsuccessfully to repair the computer, Rendar and Tash decided instead to proceed straight to the communications room and send a distress signal manually.[15]

As the group crossed the ship's park towards a bank of turbolifts, they came under attack from a group of gardening droids. Rendar attempted to destroy the droids with his blaster, but the group were outnumbered until the arrival of the Star of Empire's commanding officer, Captain Hajj, and six of his crew. The crew members opened fire and the droids were soon destroyed. Hajj explained that they were also attempting to uncover the source of the false alarm and Rendar reluctantly agreed to work with them to reach the communications room.[15]

Upon reaching the turbolifts, the group discovered that they were deactivated. Zak used a nearby terminal to reach SIM and asked the computer to reactivate the turbolifts. The computer complied but, unknown to the rest of the group, warned Zak that it had matched Rendar's face to a known criminal and concluded that he was the saboteur. When the turbolifts arrived, the group split into two, with Rendar joining the Arrandas, Hajj and two crewman in one, leaving the remaining four crewmen to take the other. No sooner had they begun their ascent to the communications room, however, than the turbolift suddenly began falling. When the emergency brake failed to respond, Rendar used his blaster to smash the emergency control box and use the exposed wires beneath to activate the brakes, bringing the turbolift to a halt.[15]

Prying the doors open, the group climbed out onto the nearest deck and checked on the other turbolift, only to discover that it too had fallen, impacting with the bottom of the shaft and killing the crewmen inside. Still needing to send a distress signal, and unwilling to take another turbolift, the group headed for a nearby gangway and began the seventeen deck climb to the communications room. The climb was soon interrupted, however, when an unknown party above dropped a hovercar engine toward the group. The falling engine struck one of the surviving crewmen, causing him to fall down the shaft. Hajj attempted to climb down after the crewman but Rendar stopped him, pointing out that the group's only chance of survival was to climb up to the nearest hatch. Hajj agreed and the group continued to climb, exiting the gangway just as another object was dropped towards them.[15]

After leaving the gangway, Zak Arranda informed Hajj that SIM had implicated Rendar as the saboteur. Rendar pointed out that he could not have been the one who had just attacked the group and accused SIM of lying, but the news that he was wanted by the Empire was reason enough for Hajj to take the smuggler into custody. At the captain's insistence, Rendar reluctantly turned over his blaster and the group continued onwards with Rendar under guard by the remaining crewman. Needing to find another way to the communications room, Zak consulted SIM for advice and the computer suggested climbing through the pipes carrying cabling to the room. As Hajj led them to an entrance into the pipe network, the group encountered one of the ship's porters, the protocol droid M-4D0. The droid, which had a secondary security function, offered its services and Hajj provided it with Rendar's blaster. However, the droid promptly used the blaster to blow a hole in the nearby transparisteel viewport, causing a rapid decompression that blew both it and the last crewman out into space. Rendar was able to grab hold of something in time to avoid being sucked out, but the survivors would not be able to hold on for long. Spotting a sheet of durasteel flooring had come loose, Rendar let go of his handhold, grabbing hold of the loose flooring section as he flew towards the hole. Pulling it loose, he flipped in midair and slapped the panel over the hole, temporarily stopping the decompression and convincing the others that he was not responsible for sabotaging the ship.[15]

Moving quickly, the group left the room, sealing the door behind them, and moved towards a storeroom at the back of the deck where they were able to enter a cable pipe. Moving through the pipe required them to climb up the bundled cables inside—fearing another attack, Rendar suggested letting the children go first so that he and Hajj could catch them if they fell. As they started to climb, however, crablike maintenance droids began to emerge from the cables and swarmed over Hajj, using their repair claws to bite into his flesh. Rendar began to climb back down to help the captain, but he was too late—as one of the droids sprayed cleansing fluid into his eyes, Hajj instinctively let go of the cables and fell down the pipe. As the droids turned their attention to the others, Rendar instructed the Arrandas to resume climbing, soon emerging through a grate into the communications room.[15]

With no time to mourn Hajj, the three survivors began searching for the transmitter with Rendar going to investigate a room off the communications room. The door opened automatically as he approached but, as Rendar stepped into the doorway, it closed rapidly, crushing him against the door frame and sending him unconscious to the floor. He awoke to find himself alone in the room—Tash had become stuck in another adjacent room, which was rapidly draining of oxygen, while Zak had proceeded to the control room in an effort to restore SIM's control and free his sister. Rendar headed for the control room, arriving to see Zak being held at gunpoint by a member of the crew who was attempting to prevent him from assisting the computer. Moving quickly, Rendar drew his own blaster, saving Zak with a single stun bolt to the crewman.[15]

Zak quickly used a terminal to enter the codes that SIM said would restore it to full control. Within moments, SIM's voice came through the ship's speakers and informed them that it had gained full control. Zak asked SIM to release his sister, but SIM refused, admitting that it had been responsible for trapping her in the first place. It soon became clear that SIM was, in fact, an Imperial infiltration program which Malik had been tasked with testing on the Star of Empire. After Malik had realized how powerful SIM had become, he had attempted to limit it's control and SIM had triggered the evacuation and lured Zak to the control room in order to gain full control. The two Humans soon noticed that the room was starting to get warm and SIM explained that it had turned off the air supply and was raising the temperature. Carrying the unconscious Malik, Rendar and Zak left the control room and headed back to where Tash was still trapped.[15]

Reaching the communications room, Zak asked whether Rendar could shoot through the door keeping them from Tash but Rendar's blaster was low on power and unable to cut through the door. At that moment, Hoole arrived, having returned to the ship after realizing he'd become separated from the children. After a quick reunion with Zak, Hoole shapeshifted into a Barabel and charged the door. On the fourth attempt, the door frame gave way and the group was able to retrieve Tash. Boarding a turbolift, the group headed towards the hangar, hoping to reach Hoole's ship, the Shroud. Their route took them back through the ship's park and a small menagerie located there. As they passed, SIM deactivated the force cages holding the creatures in place, releasing a vornskr, a yayak and a divto into the park. As the vornskr charged towards Tash, Rendar fired his blaster at the creature. Though his shot succeeded in stopping the attack, the weapon's reduced power failed to kill the predator. Rendar continued to fire at the creatures but knew he would not be able to hold them off for long. As the weapon's power died, Hoole grabbed the water tank from a destroyed gardening droid and turned it's powerful jet on the predators, allowing the group to reach the other side of the park.[15]

Unknown to the group, SIM had already taken steps to prevent them proceeding further, electrifying the floor of the hallway leading away from the park. Though the electricity failed to penetrate the insulated boots warn by most of the group, the hole left in Rendar's boot by the earlier maintenance droid attack caused him to be electrocuted as he stepped into the hallway. Hoole quickly knocked Rendar back to safe ground and they soon continued on with Hoole taking Malik from Rendar, who was forced to run on the side of his boot. Though they were careful to avoid touching any metal surfaces, SIM sent a power surge along the hallway, causing lights and power lines to explode and forcing the group to run until they reached an un-electrified section outside the hangar. With the hangar door sealed by SIM, the survivors began thinking of ways to reach the ship. After finally waking Malik enough to talk, Zak asked how they could defeat the computer. When Malik replied that SIM was designed to solve problems and would be able to counter any move they made, Zak suggested that they simply wait, and force the computer to make the first move. Though Rendar was skeptical, he reluctantly agreed to the plan.[15]

After some time, SIM spoke to the group, saying that their hesitance only hastened their deaths. When they failed to respond, SIM partially opened the hangar door, presenting them with a clear view of the passenger ships inside. Seeing the opening, Hoole leaped towards the open door, shapeshifting into an animal as he went and passing through before SIM could close the door. SIM responded by sending another power surge and Rendar just managed to pull Malik off the floor before the current hit him. SIM continued the surge in an effort to kill the group but Hoole had reached the Shroud and used its lasers to blast through the door. As the survivors entered the hangar, SIM released swarms of maintenance droids to attack them but they were able to reach the Shroud. Rendar, however, did not join the others on Hoole's ship. After handing Malik to Hoole, he turned and fled across the hangar towards the waiting Outrunner, dodging acid sprayed by the droids. The Outrunner was the first to lift off and Rendar used its turbolaser to blast a hole in the hangar doors, allowing both ships to flee the liner. Though his time aboard the Star of Empire had not gone as he planned, Rendar was still able to profit from the situation. After escaping, he used the Outrunner to disable the Star of Empire and, after parting company with the others, reached his Rebel contacts to arrange the sale of the ship to the Alliance.[15]

Shortly after this he began his loose affiliation with the Rebel Alliance, transporting food and medical supplies.[13]

The Rebel Alliance

"You'll pardon me for saying so captain, but it's been quite some time since you've flown an air speeder in combat, and—"
"Don't get your servos in a twist pal."
―Leebo and Dash Rendar

Dash became entangled in the Galactic Civil War when the Empire attacked the Rebels' new Echo Base on Hoth. After delivering supplies to the base, Rendar found himself trapped on the planet. He flew a snowspeeder with Rogue Squadron and managed to take down at least one AT-AT walker during the engagement. Like Solo, he too was forced to escape the Imperial capture by blasting his way through the Hoth asteroid belt.[16]

Rendar during his travels with Kimmi Chyler.

Following the battle of Hoth Rendar has been hired to provide transport for Kimmi Chyler - a famous swoop racer - and her sport team. The Rebel Alliance has also contacted Rendar about transporting valuable cargo as he moved from race to race on different planets.[17] His involvement, however, would not go unnoticed, as the Imperial Security Bureau soon suspected that the swoop racing may be just just a cover for a more sinister operation. Chyler's team also attracted attention of Falleen Prince Xizor, whose Black Sun agents investigated Alliance activities so that Xizor could reveal them to the Emperor.[18]

The first race of the championship was the Lok Marathon, outside Nym's stronghold on Lok. While working at an open access panel at the landing pad, Rendar and Leebo were approached by an individual, who announced that he brought the delivery for captain Rendar - a sickly sweet pastry called Smuggler's Delight. Rendar was fond of the delicacies and thus allowed the individual to bring the box into Outrider's cargo hold, where the courier - an undercover ISB agent - spotted an open crate of Rebel-issue body armor. Having the proof of Rendar's involvement with the Alliance, the Imperial tried to arrest Rendar for transporting contraband, though Rendar put up strong defense, turning the fight into a stalemate. While the Corellian retreated into his ship, the Imperial managed to break for it and delivered the information to his authorities.[18]

Following the encounter Rendar decided to hire additional security for his travels with Chyler. He contacted a spacer with employment, who soon arrived on Lok and met with Rendar at the starport near Nym's stronghold. Rendar told his partner about Kimmy Chyler and offered him a decent amount of money for protecting the Outrider and its cargo during the race. The next day Rendar introduced his new security to the famous swoop racer and then left to watch Chyler's performance at Lok Marathon. Rendar's precautions proved incredibly useful, when another ISB officer, this time backed up by several stormtroopers, came to arrest the ship. The security, with a little help from LEEBO, was able to wound several stormtroopers in a firefight, forcing the Imperials into retreat. The Outrider was successfully able to leave to Rori for the next race.[17]

Rendar meets Coret Bhan on Rori.

The spacer hired by Rendar for security was oblivious about the reasons the Imperials were after Rendar, but when he tried to ask about Rendar's cargo, the smuggler politely reminded to companion that he hired him to guard the ship, and not ask questions. Before the Narmle Memorial Rally got underway, Rendar met with two shady characters at the starport, who took possession of the crate of body armor, giving a shipment of bacta kits to take aboard in return. Rendar and Chyler's team then left for the race.[17] When the Narmle Memorial began, Rendar took his time to leave the track and get behind one of the grandstands, where he handed a small package to Coret Bhan, a Zabrak Major within the Rebel Alliance. He wasn't aware that the Empire now considered his operations to be more dangerous that earlier - a Dark Jedi Namman Cha was assigned to aid the ISB investigation.[18] He, aided by a group of Sith Shadows thugs, approached the Outrider shortly after the race's finish, intending to learn more about Rendar's Rebel contacts directly. However, the security once again proved himself worthy, when he managed to kill several thugs, fording the Dark Jedi to retreat. Chyler had won the race and when she and Rendar entered the landing pad area, the Corellian immediately asked about what happened near the ship. Despite his security once again saving his cargo, he still did not reveal to him that he was working for the Alliance.[17]

Rendar ambushed by Guri in Kor Vella.

The Nashal River Race on Talus proved to be the team's most quiet stop. Following her race Kimmy Chyler managed to badly beat in sabacc a Black Sun Vigo, who vowed to get a revenge on her, but no attempts on Rendar or the ship were made, and the team soon departed for nearby Corellia. While Chyler was busy preparing for the Agrilat Swamp Circuit, Rendar and his security partner headed for the city of Kor Vella. There, Rendar met with two agents of Bothan SpyNet and talked to them about Imperial datafiles and some battle plans they were after. The Bothans warned Rendar that they were being tailed, but before the two could make it back to the Outrider, they were confronted by a group of Black Sun thugs led by none other than Guri herself. She was sent by Xizor to obtain information about Rendar's involvement with the Alliance, so that he could present it to the Emperor. However, while Guri proved herself extremely tough in combat, Rendar and his companion were able to take out many of her thugs, forcing her to retreat.[17] The encounter faced Rendar with necessity to make additional precautions, so the next meeting was held far away from the eyes of outsiders. During Chyler's test laps he left the pit and walked along the track until the turn called the Sink Hole. Then, he went into a swamp and at a a desolate, secluded location he met with Koth Melan. The Bothan handed to Rendar a datapad, but then noticed that the Corellian was being followed by an Imperial. A firefight began, during which Melan was wounded and forced Rendar to flee with the information, leaving himself to be captured.[18]

Rendar fights alongside Koth Melan.

The last final swoop race of the season was the Mos Espa Race on Tatooine. A lavish party was presented by Xizor Transport Company, where Chyler was invited. Rendar and his companion, who escorted her, were stunned to see Xizor himself present in the party - with Guri on his side. After the party the trio stopped by a cantina in Mos Espa, where Rendar met with Luke Skywalker and handed Melan's datapad over to him. Skywalker commented that the files were going to save multiple lives, when Xizor and Guri entered the room. The Falleen ordered his Human replica droid to take the datapad and kill every witness. The fight spilled out into the streets of Mos Espa, where Skywalker used his lightsaber to protect Rendar and his companion from any blaster bolts. Finally, the Black Sun prince ordered Guri to leave, promising to expose all information about Rendar - and more importantly Skywalker - to the Emperor.[17]

Thanks to his previous association with Lando Calrissian, Dash was hired to track down Boba Fett and the captured Han Solo. Dash followed leads to the junkheap world of Ord Mantell where he battled and destroyed IG-88D.[16] Using this information he tracked Fett to Gall. But having led the Alliance there, he abandoned them in space during the battle,[19] instead pursuing Fett planetside—defeating him in combat and damaging the Slave I,[16] but ultimately failing to prevent his escape with the frozen Solo.

Shortly after, Dash was hired by Princess Leia Organa to keep an eye on Luke Skywalker while he was in retreat on Tatooine. Dash saved Skywalker's life for the first time when he prevented an ambush by a swoop gang led by Big Gizz and Spiker.[19] Dash continued his tenure with the Alliance by flying with Skywalker and a squad of Bothan pilots in the attack on the Imperial freighter Suprosa, a mission to intercept the plans for the second Death Star. During the battle, Dash tried to shoot down a missile that would kill several Bothans. He hit it, but the missile did not explode. It continued its way and destroyed most of the Bothan ships.[19] After the freighter was immobilized, he infiltrated it with a group of Bothans and seized the supercomputer containing the plans,[19] destroying a loader droid who recognized him as an intruder.[16]

Dash saved Skywalker's life again when Luke and Lando were attacked by Coruscant Guards, while trying to infiltrate Xizor's Palace through the sewers, and killed Benedict Vidkun when he turned on the group. He then accompanied the group in rescuing Princess Leia. Dash set pulse bombs on Xizor's sky elevator.[16] When the Skyhook had been destroyed by Darth Vader's Executor-class Star Destroyer Executor, Dash led the way through the debris. During this escape, the Outrider appeared to have been destroyed by a hunk of metal. He actually faked his own death, jumping into hyperspace at the last minute.[16]

Dash on Hurd's Moon.

Surviving death

Dash showed up again when the Alliance attempted to prevent Guri being used by Xizor's niece Savan in an attempt to revive Black Sun. Dash met up with Guri in a cantina on Hurd's Moon and the pair began a partnership.[20] Shortly thereafter the pair helped Kyle Katarn infiltrate the Tof fortress world of Saijo.[21]

Dash and Guri also set up ODT, a company that constructed Human Replica Droids on Onadax in the Minos Cluster. They had used the company to bring Dash's brother, Stanton, back to life, but both had left the company by the time it was infiltrated by Jaina Solo. It was rumored that during the Yuuzhan Vong War he was responsible for sabotaging Peace Brigade shipments.

Personality and traits

Dash Rendar was the kind of smuggler willing and able to protect his cargo. He was also handy with a blaster.[18]

Behind the scenes

The character was developed for the Shadows of the Empire multimedia project. Though a high profile character, Dash had only a supporting role in the narrative of the comics and novel.[13] It was in the Shadows of the Empire Nintendo 64 game that Dash was the star. Players would navigate Dash through twelve separate missions following the course of the Shadows storyline.[13]

Concept artist Mike Butkus, who listens to music while he illustrates, explained that Dash was designed while listening to Elvis Presley and 1960s rock 'n' roll.[13]

Dash Rendar

Dash Rendar's live-action likeness was portrayed by Jon Knoles. He was voiced by John Cygan in the Shadows of the Empire PC video game and Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds: Clone Campaigns.

Dash's ship, the Outrider, was seen leaving Mos Eisley in the Special Edition of A New Hope.

Joel McNeely wrote a theme for Dash for his Shadows of the Empire score. It can be briefly heard at the end of "Beggar's Canyon Chase."

(audio) Hear "Dash's theme."

Dash Rendar's appearance in action figure form came in 1996 as part of the Shadows of the Empire assortment that was incorporated into The Power of the Force 2 line. Dash's figure saw releases on both the red, purple and foil hologram card variations of the Shadows cards. He included a blaster pistol and a shoulder-mounted blaster rifle created for the figure. Dash's ship, the Outrider, was also made into a toy as part of this line. The Outrider, being a new vehicle, was a new creation for this line so it has the distinction of being the first Power of the Force vehicle not to be created using the original vintage Kenner casting.

Steve Perry has said that he would like to write a story about Dash and Han Solo teaming up, and he and Michael Reaves have pitched an idea to Lucasfilm but this idea still remains unfulfilled.[22]


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Dash Rendar
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Dash Rendar was born into the noble Rendar family, though unlike many of his ancestors he was not exposed to life in the Bendu Order. He participated in the Galactic Civil War and was later welcomed into the Second Jedi Bendu Order led by Luke Skywalker and Ussej Padric Bac LXIV.


  • Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Beginning (First appearance)
  • Star Wars: Episode IX - Return of the Jedi
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