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Darts is game where a person aims at a dartboard and attempts to hit a specific section of it. It is a good test of hand-eye-coordination.


In 1947, Quark cited darts, along with baseball, root beer and atomic bombs, as an example of what the Ferengi had learned "watching" Humanity. (DS9 episode: "Little Green Men")

In 2371, Miles O'Brien and Julian Bashir began playing darts in a cargo bay on Deep Space 9. O'Brien later pursuaded Quark to allow him to play darts in Quark's. (DS9 episodes: "Prophet Motive", "Visionary")

Later that year, O'Brien was challenged to a game by the Vulcan Lieutenant Commander Syvar. O'Brien did quite well in the game, until he suffered a shoulder injury. (DS9 episode: "Shakaar")

The crew of the USS LaSalle had a dartboard aboard in the 2370s. Esteban Lopez challenged O'Brien to a game in 2372. Although Lopez played a good game, O'Brien defeated him. O'Brien did not ask for latinum, as he felt the challenge was payment enough. (DS9 novel: Saratoga)

Bashir and O'Brien introduced Worf to the game when he came aboard the station to investigate the Klingon fleet. Worf threw the dart, which imbedded itself deeply into the board. (DS9 episode: "The Way of the Warrior")

After their friendship was strained by the events that took place of Bopak III, O'Brien and Bashir did not play darts for some time. (DS9 episode: "Hippocratic Oath", DS9 short story: "Broken Oaths")

Later that year, Jadzia Dax played against Bashir in a game. (DS9 episode: "Starship Down")

O'Brien would attempt to teach Molly O'Brien how to play darts and Bashir attempted to teach Morn. (DS9 episode: "Accession")

O'Brien would later forget aspects of the game after he subjected to "twenty years" of an Argrathi mental imprisonment. (DS9 episode: "Hard Time")

Julian Bashir was extremely adept at the game thanks to his genetically enhanced nature. After his secret was revealed, he began to play more normally. (DS9 episodes: "Doctor Bashir, I Presume?", "Change of Heart")

In late 2375, Bashir cited darts as one of several common interests between himself and O'Brien. (DS9 episode: "Extreme Measures")

Several weeks later, while Bashir was treating an injury O'Brien had sustained during the Battle of Cardassia, O'Brien told him he would miss their games when he left DS9 for Earth. (DS9 episode: "What You Leave Behind")


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From Grand Theft Wiki

Full view of a dart board in the Steinway Beer Garden, in a pre-release GTA IV screenshot.
Aiming during a game of darts in GTA IV.

Darts can be played in Grand Theft Auto IV and its episodes at the Steinway Beer Garden in Dukes or at Lucky Winkles in Algonquin. These places serve as both drinking and darts venues. This venue is available on dates, and while socialising with friends. To win, the player must be the first to reach 0 points, as described below, from an original score of 301. The highest amount you can score in a round is 180.


When playing darts for the first time, the game will display information on how to play the game (instructions slightly edited for better explanation):

  • Score points by throwing darts within the 20 numbered sections numbered 1 to 20.
  • This is the number shown on the outer rim. [Referring to the numbers near the edge of the dart board, which are base points.]
  • Hitting one of the large portions of a black or white] section scores you single points.
  • Hitting within the outer red and green band scores you double points for that dart.
  • The middle band the inner red and green band] scores you triple points.
  • The bullseye is the circle in the center of the board. The outer ring scores 25, the inner circle scores 50.
  • The object of the game is to reduce your score to exactly zero, before your opponent does.
  • But remember, the winning dart must hit a double by targeting an outer band that will cancel out the remaining score! Not "doubling out" results in your score being reset to the previous score, and your turn ending also known simply as a "bust"! Another unspoken rule is that if the player manages to reduce their score to a prime number, they will evidently be incapable of closing their game with a double, also leading to a "bust".

During aiming, the player's crosshair will tremble violently, making aiming slightly difficult. By pressing a specific command, the player can momentarily improve accuracy for a second, indicated by a steadier and more focused crosshair.

When playing darts, a general rule of thumb is to initially aim for a large reduction of the player's score during the first run, focusing on reducing the score by a maximum of 180 by aiming for the inner band of the "20" section, giving the player a 60 point reduction for each shot. If the player has a score low enough to be canceled out with less than three darts but is odd, the player must attain an odd score from one dart shot, then aim for a double, as double scores are invariably even. Put it simply, basic math must also be applied when playing the game.

Scoring a 180 with three darts is a requisite for the "One Hundred And Eighty" achievement for GTA IV.


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From Lostpedia



First Introduced
Last Seen
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A dart is a simple projectile commonly used to puncture the skin of a person (or other target) that it is launched at.

Pub dart

While Kate and Sawyer were returning to the beach, Sawyer stepped on a dart, and Kate pulled it out "without counting to three". The dart may be from the dart board in the Swan station which ended up in the jungle following the discharge, as several other objects have. ("Tricia Tanaka Is Dead")

Stun dart

Main article: Stun dart

Tranquilizer dart

Main article: Tranquilizer dart

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From the RuneScape Wiki, the wiki for all things RuneScape

File:Bronze darts.PNGFile:Iron darts.PNGFile:Steel darts.PNGFile:Black Dart.PNGFile:Mithril darts.PNGFile:Adamant darts.PNGFile:Rune darts.PNGFile:Dragondart.PNG
Members only? Yes
Primary attack type Rapid
Secondary attack type Accurate
Speed File:Speed3.gif
An Adamant dart.
A Dragon dart.

Darts are a type of members-only Ranged projectile. With the exception of black, darts can be created by members with the Smithing and Fletching skills once the player has completed the Tourist Trap quest. They are made by combining dart tips with feathers. They can be poisoned and wielded with shields and God books for protection. 1 bar creates 10 dart tips.

Darts and knives are the fastest weapons in the game, and can consistently strike as fast as the special attack of a dragon dagger. This means that those who train with attack style set to rapid will often see two damage splats on the enemy at once, making darts a popular weapon to train Ranged with, however, they tend to be very expensive due to the high demand.

Special Darts

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