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Darth Phobos
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"When Sith have nightmares, I am the face they see."
―Darth Phobos taunts Galen Marek

Darth Phobos was a female Theelin Sith Lord, who lived eons before the outbreak of the galaxy-spanning Clone Wars.





Darth Phobos with her double-bladed lightsaber.

She was born on the ancestral Sith burial-world of Korriban. She developed incredible mental powers, using the Force to warp and control the minds of the weak. Her main powers revolved around shifting into the form of her opponents' friends in order to confuse them. She fought using a double-bladed red lightsaber. Phobos was considered manipulative and evil, murdering many of her rivals to achieve power. Eventually, her Sith brethren turned on her, almost killing her, but she survived and fled her home planet.

Over many decades, the deranged former Sith Lord assembled a fanatical group known as the Cult of Darth Phobos. She sent her acolytes across the galaxy to recruit others, and also to assassinate powerful Jedi Masters and Sith Lords. Both Jedi and Sith alike recognized her a major threat to the galaxy, and grudgingly joined forces to stop her. She was eventually killed in a battle against Jedi and Sith warriors, but her cult remained active for a long time, finally disappearing around the time of the "Fourth Great Schism", almost two thousand years before the Clone Wars.[1] The Sith called her "The Hidden Fear".[2]

Duel with Starkiller

Darth Phobos' lightsaber.

A hologram of Phobos was often used in the Jedi Trials to help Padawans overcome their fears. Phobos appeared as a Sith simulacrum and fought Darth Vader's secret apprentice, Starkiller, in the lower Archives level of the abandoned Jedi Temple as part of a metaphysical test.[1] During their duel, Phobos frequently duplicated and changed her appearance to one of the few people Starkiller cared for, Captain Juno Eclipse, hoping that would hold him back. However, the aspiring Sith was not fooled for a moment, and stabbed Phobos in the back as she transformed for the last time, ending the program.

Powers and abilities

Darth Phobos had powerful mental powers that she could use to manipulate the minds of the weak and force them to do her bidding. During her duel with Starkiller, she fooled him into seeing more than one of herself, giving the Theelin an advantage over him. She also clouded his vision and threw objects at him as well as having powerful Force Lightning.

Behind the scenes

Phobos is one of the Krome-exclusive bosses fought during a Jedi Temple level of The Force Unleashed, and is playable through Duel Mode and as an alternate costume unlocked via the "HIDDENFEAR" cheat code. When selected, however, cut scenes are deactivated.

This may be the "Darth Phobas" who voice actress Kari Wahlgren has claimed to be playing in the game.

She is presumably inspired by the Greek god Phobos (which means "fear"), who also gave his name to the first moon of the planet Mars.[3]


  • Star Wars: The Force Unleashed video game  (PSP, PS2 and Wii versions only) (First appearance) (Appears in hologram)


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