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Darth Persia
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4,024 BBY

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1.74 meters

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Dark Grey

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Darth Imperious

Darth Persia was one out of many former Jedi Knights, born before the Jedi Civil War under an unknown name. After many years as a Jedi, Persia turned to the dark side and left the Order, meandering about known space for some time until he eventually found a place within the Sith Empire, led by the Sith Lord Darth Revan. After Revan returned to the light side and his successor Malak was killed, the Sith Empire predictably split apart and Persia became one of numerous minor Sith Lords battling for control on Korriban. Despite his attempts to seize power, Persia was killed by other Sith under orders from Darth Traya, and his spirit was trapped in a tomb on Korriban. Four millennia later, Persia finally managed to escape by forcing his way into the body of an unsuspecting Jedi. After being discovered by Darth Vader, Persia was recruited into the ranks of the Inquisitorius, a secret division of Imperial Intelligence in the Galactic Empire. He served the Empire for years until its fragmentation following the Battle of Endor.

As the Imperial warlords fought among themselves, Persia declared himself to be the "last" of the Sith and traveled back to Korriban to regain the power he wielded in the days of the Jedi Civil War. After a decade of meditation and self-training, Persia seized an opportunity for power by infiltrating the Dark Order of Korr, a faction of the Imperial Remnant. Serving under Dark Jedi Jaden Korr, Persia plotted with his apprentice, Darth Imperious, to eventually overthrow Korr and use his military forces to conquer the New Republic.





Born 65 years before the Jedi Civil War, Persia was found by the Jedi to be sensitive to the force, and he was taken for training for several years at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. However, through unknown means, he turned to the dark side of the force during his training and fled the academy, renouncing his original name and changed it to "Persia" so the Jedi could not track him. Afterward, he wandered the galaxy aimlessly for decades, until he joined and was trained by the Sith in the Jedi Civil War.

Persia rose to power as the war went on, becoming a minor Sith Lord by the Battle of Rakata Prime. After the death of Darth Malak at the hands of the redeemed Jedi Revan, Persia attempted to gain power over the other Sith at the academy on Korriban. Unfortunately for him, however, other plans overlapped his. When the first Sith Triumvirate was formed, the leader, known as Darth Traya, decided that before the Triumvirate could move against the Jedi, any Sith that could threaten their power needed to be eliminated. Do accomplish this, Traya's Sith invaded Korriban to assassinate the most powerful remaining Sith, creating a power vacuum that would allow the remaining acolytes to merely hunt each other into extinction. Laying a trap for Persia, an apprentice of Traya's named Darth Sion ambushed and killed the aspiring Sith in an impressive battle. Although an enemy, Persia was given a traditional Sith funeral and a small tomb near the Valley of the Dark Lords. Using an obscure and insidious power, Sion bound Persia's spirit to an obscure artifact in his tomb, forcing Persia to exist inside without peace or rest, a similar fate to that of the ancient Sith Ajunta Pall.


About 4,000 years later, a former Jedi explorer broke into his tomb, searching for artifacts and knowledge of the force. Luckily for Persia, the explorer was highly force sensitive. Having discovered more than a few dark abilities during his imprisonment, it was no trouble for Persia to force his way into the explorer and transfer his essence into the body, completely erasing the man into the netherworld of the force, whoever he had been. Persia then wandered the galaxy for several years, attempting to gain knowledge on all that had happened to the galaxy since his first death. Eventually, he came into the service of Emperor Palpatine, who gave him limited force training and a position as one of the Inquisitors. Shortly after the Battle of Endor and Palpatine's death, Persia proclaimed himself to be the "last" Dark Lord of the Sith and returned to Korriban to train himself to his full potential.

Darth Persia lived on Korriban for ten years until one day in the year 14 ABY, when Imperial Remnant forces under the command of Tavion Axmis, leader of the Disciples of Ragnos, landed on the planet and proceeded to spread throughout the Valley of the Dark Lords, followed by her many Dark Jedi followers. The Sith Lord's interest was caught by this activity. Presently, an army Jedi Knights landed, and the Battle of Korriban began. Persia's curiosity grew as he placed himself in a force cloak, making him invisible to both sides of the conflict. The Sith then climbed to the top of one of the Valley's tombs to observe the battle from afar, awed by the battle which reminded him of his days in the Jedi Civil War. After some time of observing the engagement, he spotted a Z-95 Headhunter landing a short distance away. He assumed at first that its pilot was a Jedi, but inside the vessel, he sensed a man who was emanating dark side energy rather than light. The Headhunter belonged to Jaden Korr, a former Jedi who had turned to the dark side and came to Korriban to steal the Scepter of Ragnos from Tavion.

Darth Persia used Force Farseeing to follow Jaden as he fought his way through the Jedi and Cultists to the Tomb of Marka Ragnos. Jaden's blind rage prevented him from noticing as Persia tapped into his mind, searching through his memories and learning of his turn to the dark side and the Cult's plan to resurrect Marka Ragnos. After that, Persia turned his attention back to the battle, which was good entertainment in his opinion. Pleased with the subtelty in which he had learned of Jaden's intentions and his potential, the Sith Lord kept a watchful eye on the unsuspecting Dark Jedi as he dueled Tavion and Kyle Katarn inside Ragnos' tomb. Persia, predicting the outcome of the battle, leaped down from his perch and proceeded to a nearby Lambda-class shuttle, where he was stopped and questioned by an Imperial stormtrooper. Persia said that he was one of Tavion's Dark Jedi followers and that he had been requested to dock with the Star Destroyer above the planet. He was given access and presently arrived on the Dark Hand where he waited for Jaden to arrive, knowing that after Tavion was dead, the young Dark Jedi would attempt to take control of the Cult.

Jaden did as Persia had predicted. Once he had escaped his former master, Korr went to the Dark Hand, killed the captain, and ordered the ship to leave the system. When Jaden found Persia on his ship, the Sith falsely proclaimed allegiance to him. Jaden, not knowing of the man's identity as a Sith or of his title, accepted him into his soon-to-be-founded Dark Order as a trainer for his other dark side adepts. Having successfully infiltrated the Imperial Remnant, Persia would wait and prepare for Jaden's forces to grow large enough for him to take over for himself.

The Discovery of an Apprentice

Jorus Kuun, Persia's future apprentice.

Jaden Korr gathered a group of force-sensitives who would be sent to Thule for survival training. Those who survived would be allowed to serve in his Order as dark side wielders. Among the future students was Jorus Kuun, a former Jedi apprentice. Darth Persia sensed the great potential in Jorus when the students and hopefuls were placed in the underground caverns for survival training. Unknown to Jaden or any of the students, Persia had sneaked into the caverns, again concealing his presence. He then silently observed the students over the course of a few days, studying them to see if any others matched Jorus' potential. Eventually concluding that Jorus was stronger than any of the other students, Persia searched for and found the Kel Dor, apparently starving to death after being ambushed and his food stolen by another hopeful. Persia hurried to Jorus' location and used the force to sustain him, returning lost energy and lessening his hunger somewhat. Darth Persia then told Jorus about his identity as a Sith Lord, and that he planned to eventually take control of Jaden's order, which would devastate the galaxy and eventually collapse if left unchecked. He then told Jorus to join the Sith and their mission of conquest.

Kuun agreed to become Persia's apprentice, but Darth Persia suspected that he had done so only to ensure his own survival. As the Sith Lord pondered this, he detected the hopeful who had stolen Jorus' food nearby. Fully aware of the intruder, Persia grabbed him with the force and held him in place, helplessly hovering before Jorus. Hoping to confirm Kuun's enthusiasm in joining the Sith, Darth Persia told the Kel Dor to take his lightsaber and strike the thief down in his hate. To the Sith's delight, Jorus did so. Applauding Kuun's actions, Persia told him to go out into the caverns and kill five other students and bring their lightsabers back as proof of the kills.

The Kel Dor agreed and did as Persia told, tracking down and killing five other apprentices with little difficulty and in the process learned to cast force drain by feeding off of the last student to keep himself alive. He had gained the power through instinct alone with no training whatsoever. This astonished Darth Persia, who in all his years at the Korriban Academy four millennia earlier had never seen anyone learn such a powerful technique so quickly. The Sith then accepted Jorus as his apprentice. Keeping with the tradition of the Sith Lords, Persia endowed Kuun with the title of Darth Imperious.

Serving Korr

Darth Persia's forces during the Battle of Krant.

As with the other more powerful Dark Jedi in the Dark Order, Persia was somewhat irrationally promoted to a high military rank by Jaden, who made the decision simply based on Persia's status as a force-user. Throughout the Dark Order War, Persia served as a competent and highly effective commander, winning impressive victories for the Order. Between campaigns, he trained some of the Dark Jedi in Jaden's ranks, Imperious usually among them. During the Shipyards of Kuat Campaign, Persia provided a tactical plan for the last battle at Kuat, which included the sabotage of the Orbital Shipyard Array to prevent it from being utilized by the New Republic. After the loss of the Kuat system, he also persuaded the Imperial Remnant forces controlling Eriadu and its surrounding sectors to join the Dark Order of Korr, winning for Jaden a crucial industrial center.

After he led a fleet into Bothan Space, capturing three planets and devastating the Republic forces there, Persia gained much support from the other commanders. Jaden, fearing that he could lose power in his organization, engineered Operation Dark Disease, which was designed to use Dark trooper to kill Republic morale. After the project was smashed by a Republic fleet near Byss, Korr lost even more favor in the Dark Order. Fortunately for the Sith, there was little Jaden could do about Darth Persia's influence, which quickly spread throughout the organization. In 15 ABY, Persia remarked to his apprentice that even though he was still alive, Jaden actually commanded little of his own military. However, Persia viewed Korr as a threat regardless of how much power the Dark Jedi actually held.

Changing Leadership

"I have you now, Jaden."
—Darth Persia
Persia's flagship over Bakura.

By the end of Operation Dark Disease, Jaden had gained a significantly large fleet under his command, despite his severe lack of leadership ability. Not long after the failure of the operation, Darth Persia was put in command of an Imperial fleet over Bakura, which had been assembled at Jaden's request to defend the planet from an impending Republic attack. Jaden was on the planet's surface, where defenses against a possible ground assault were being organized. During the fleet battle, Persia's tactical abilities kept most of the Republic fleet at bay. However, when he spotted a convoy of ground transports approaching the planet, he ordered his ships to let them pass and land on the surface.

When Darth Imperious questioned this apparent strategic error, Persia explained that the Republic troops would be an excellent weapon of distraction. Imperious at first did not understand where his master was going with this, but soon understood that the distraction was for Jaden. He was then ordered to the surface of the planet to kill the Dark Jedi and take his scepter, if possible. Darth Persia continued coordinating the fleet battle while his apprentice engaged in a duel with Jaden, as well as Jedi Master Kyle Katarn.

File:Bakura End.jpg
Persia's fleet routes the last Republic forces.

However, as the battle went on, Persia began to fear that Imperious may have failed. He could not sense him through the force and assumed him dead, although in reality the apprentice was merely unconscious. Determined to not let Jaden escape, Persia ordered the fleet to destroy the surface of the planet. The commanders, loyal to the distinguished general, complied. Only two ships had left the planet's atmosphere as Jaden died in the bombardment. One was the Raven's Claw, Kyle Katarn's ship, which escaped into hyperspace. The other was an Imperial shuttle, piloted by Darth Imperious who despite the loss of one of his arms had escaped the planet's destruction and recovered the scepter. Imperious was somewhat angered that he was nearly killed by his master, but still presented the powerful Sith artifact to the Dark Lord. Persia, who noted that the scepter "seemed to carry misfortune for its owners", decided to keep it in his personal quarters until he could conceive of a purpose for it.

Afterward, Persia and Imperious led a fleet to Eriadu in order to capture the planet's many industrial facilities and dispose of the last of the Imperial Forces that were still loyal to Jaden. After a short battle, Eriadu was captured and the Loyalist leaders killed. Once the battle was over, Persia officially reformed Jaden's forces into the Greater Sith Empire. Rumors of a battle between two Imperial Warlords at Eriadu did not reach the New Republic for some time, causing them to think that the Dark Order War had ended at Bakura with Jaden's death. As a result, the Sith were able to take full advantage of the numerous factories and shipyards on Eriadu without interference. Eventually, however, the New Republic was informed of a battle on Eriadu between two Imperial warlords. Suspecting that a successor to Jaden could have been involved, they dispatched a fleet to quell any possible shift of power. After the task force's destruction by the Sith fleet, Darth Persia openly declared war on the New Republic and set out to conquer the galaxy.

Personality and traits

"Courage alone never wins a battle."
—Darth Persia, speaking of the First Battle of Eriadu

Although a handsome man in his first life, Persia found that seizing the body of another Jedi didn't come without a price. Due to the incredible channeling of dark side energy he summoned when he transferred his essence, the left arm of his new body was badly corrupted by the dark side, giving it the appearance of dead flesh. It frequently pained him and wasn't quite as strong as his other arm. As such, although he eventually became a master of two handed fighting, his left side was always his weakness, though one would need a trained eye to notice such a deficiency.

With the kind of arrogance that being a fallen Jedi brought, Persia considered himself superior to most other Sith due to the fact he was privy to Jedi teachings and techniques that other Sith were not, as his experience allowed him to in his opinion understand the Jedi better then others. Coming from a wealthy upbringing, he cultivated an intense interest in socialization and public speaking, which he used to great effect throughout his life. Becoming rather eccentric as a result of his 4,000 year imprisonment, he was nevertheless an effective speaker and leader. Persia was also a calculating master of tactics, coordination, and strategy, winning many battles in the Dark Order War. He typically did not take prisoners unless he immediately saw a reason to let them live. When enemy forces surrendered, he often pretended to go along with their cease-fire before simply ordering his forces to destroy them anyway once they either had lowered their defenses or simply were not expecting it. Almost contrary to this habit, he typically allowed defeated Imperial Remnant forces to join the new Sith Empire.

Interested in artifacts from his era of birth, Persia acquired a great deal of Jedi artifacts relating to the Jedi Civil War, even going so far to partially write a history of the period. Obsessed with the Mandalorians from a young age, he spoke fluent Mando'a and did his best to teach his apprentice this same skill. Much to his chagrin, it did not work.

Powers and abilities

"Two weapons are simply better than one."
—Darth Persia

Darth Persia was a master of lightsaber combat, utilizing the Makashi and Jar'Kai styles with two curve-hilted lightsabers, disliking the use of a single blade in combat. To counter the weaknesses of these two forms, Persia drew heavily on the dark side to increase his speed, physical strength, and dexterity. This powerful balance of finesse and brute force made him a deadly opponent, even when outnumbered. His training on Korriban gave Persia a strong command of the dark side, allowing him to easily destroy his enemies with Force Drain, Force Lightning, and in some cases, creative use of telekinesis. He also trained himself in Form III: Soresu to the point that he could competently block laser fire, although he usually didn't need to. Similar to his apprentice, Persia enjoyed tormenting his victims in battle. However, rather than using force powers such as force blinding, Persia made use of Dun Möch to distract, dishearten, and erode the will of his enemies.

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