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Darth Monarchist was once an athlete by the name of Maxo Vista. He was corrupted to the Dark Side by Darth Infineus during the reign of the Galactic Empire.




Darth Monarchist was taken as an apprentice to Darth Infineus while Emperor Palpatine ruled the galaxy. The two Sith believed that they were above Sidious and Vader, and considered them Sith wannabes. Darth Infineus gave Monarchist the Midi-Chlorian Mix to give him Force sensitivity, and trained Monarchist in the ways of the Dark Side of the Force.


Preparation for the Second Clone War

Darth Monarchist was the executor of many of Darth Infineus’s primary tasks. Darth Monarchist was the one who though of reawakening the Clone Wars instead of the Galactic Civil War, and forged the alliance between the Sith, the Condorians, and the Hutts. He used Dark Foresight to predict raising stock prices, and invested in stocks that would bring him profit. By the time the New Alliance of Interdependent Hutts was formed, Darth Monarchist had unimaginable wealth.

All that wealth “disappeared” when Prophit Delphiki stole Darth Monarchist’s credit chip.

Consequently, Darth Monarchist’s trust for Delphiki dwindled, and a grudge was held between the two ever since Darth Monarchist led an entire fleet to capture Prophit Delphiki and recover the valuable credit chip.

Second Clone War

Darth Monarchist revealed his name and plans to Luke Skywalker and Mi-Gaul Jinn when they were dueling in a hangar on Athloopa. During the Battle of Athloopa, Darth Monarchist’s pride in the plan he concocted allowed him to spill the beans and reveal the Separatist plans to reawaken the Droid Army.

Darth Monarchist was the one who led the Hutt fleet to Mustafar to press the button to reactivate all the remaining battle droids in the Galaxy, and was the one who had the honor of pressing and destroying the control pad. He led the forces away from the planet and headed toward Geonosis to reactivate the factories, which already had a battle between the Condorians and the Jedi. In the factory, he dueled and nearly killed the Solo children, with strokes of luck saving each of their lives.

Throughout the Second Clone War, Monarchist participated in random battles, piloting his Sith Interceptor very frequently. Darth Monarchist was the leader of the attack on Malastare, and was responsible for many setbacks to the Jedi Order and New Republic.


Darth Monarchist, during the Battle of Thule, piloted his Sith Interceptor to assist orbiting forces in extinguishing the New Republic’s fleet. Darth Monarchist encountered Jaina Solo in her H-Wing Superiority Fighter and the two battled fiercely. When Darth Monarchist finally shot Jaina down onto the surface of Thule, the Force-ghosts of thousands of Jedi were conjured, and the ghost of Yoda appeared to Monarchist.


Yoda showed Darth Monarchist the pain he caused everyone with all his actions, sparing no details, and forcing Monarchist to feel the pain he caused toward everyone else. He hated the Dark Side, and finally felt suicidal for his actions. But Yoda forgave Monarchist and told him that if he chose to forget his actions of the past and reject the lifestyle of the Sith, he could yet be redeemed. Monarchist, crushed by emotion and heart gone suddenly soft, whose only hate was now directed towards Darth Infineus (and maybe Prophit Delphiki…) accepted to turn to the Light Side, and as his ship was shot down, he plummeted to the surface of Thule.

He crash landed near the concentration of Jedi, and emerged battered and bruised on the inside and the outside. Monarchist felt the warmth of many lightsabers igniting, and immediately disarmed himself and admitted repentance. The Jedi forgave him, and Monarchist accepted judicial punishment of an extended jail time.

Behind the Scenes

This article would be so much better, but I wanted to finish this series quickly. Modifications to make this article more detailed will be made later.

Darth Monarchist was named as a parody on Darth Tyrannus.

Darth Monarchist was created by C3PO the Dragon Slayer.

This article uses material from the "Darth Monarchist" article on the Star Wars Fanon wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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