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Darsha Assant
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58 BBY


32 BBY, Coruscant

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Rise of the Empire era

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Anoon Bondara

"I have always taught you to be honest in your feelings, for they are the surest conduit to knowledge, both of the self and of the force."
Jedi Master Anoon Bondara to Darsha

Darsha Assant was a Human female Jedi Padawan prior to the Battle of Naboo. The apprentice of Master Anoon Bondara, she wielded a yellow lightsaber.

During a mission that likely would have earned her Knighthood, had it been successfully completed, she instead became one of the first Jedi victims of Darth Maul.



"Obi-Wan Kenobi says she died bravely, battling an unknown foe."
Barriss Offee to I-5YQ

Found by Bondara as an orphan on Alderaan, Assant was raised and trained at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, where she eventually became Bondara's Padawan. She had also received education from Qui-Gon Jinn. She was strong in the Force and had once defeated Qui-Gon's Padawan, Obi-Wan Kenobi, who considered her attractive, in a mock lightsaber duel.

Years later, shortly before the Invasion of Naboo, Assant was given the task of recovering the Fondorian informant Oolth from Coruscant's undercity as the trial for her Knighthood. She ran afoul of one of Coruscant's gangs, however, and she lost Oolth. In the hopes of salvaging something of the mission, Master Bondara returned with her in the hopes of finding Oolth, but they discovered that he had been killed.

Assant and her Master were returning to the Jedi Temple when they witnessed the Sith Lord Darth Maul hunting Lorn Pavan and I-5YQ. Bondara sacrificed his life to delay Maul, allowing Assant, Pavan, and I-Five to escape into Coruscant's depths.

Maul hunted them through the various perils of the undercity, battling through Cthons and a taozin, until finally cornering them in a warehouse. Assant managed to save Pavan and I-Five by freezing them in carbonite, before confronting the Sith Lord. During the battle, Assant found a connection to the Force unlike anything she had previously experienced, managing to hold her own against Maul's superior skill. She then caused a massive explosion that claimed her life, never knowing that Maul himself managed to escape the inferno.


After death

Obi-Wan Kenobi was sent to investigate her disappearance, but upon his return was told by his Master to prepare immediately for another mission—to negotiate with the Trade Federation, which had just begun the blockade of Naboo. Thus her disappearance and death at the hands of the newly re-emerged Sith was never fully investigated, allowing Darth Maul and his Master to remain safely hidden.

On Naboo, Kenobi would unknowingly avenge Assant as well as the recently fallen Qui-Gon Jinn by killing Darth Maul.


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