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33 BBY

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Rise of the Empire era


Black Sun

"The Sith do not exist! They are a story used to frighten children! Do I look like a child to you?"
― Darnada to Hath Monchar

Darnada was a Dug Black Sun vigo who served under Black Sun head Alexi Garyn around 33 BBY. He ran his operation from his private space station until his death and the station's destruction at the hands of the Sith Lord, Darth Maul. His murder was the first move of Maul's destruction of Black Sun's leadership, driving the other Vigos, along with Garyn, to meet at Garyn's castle on Ralltiir, where they could be slaughtered in a group.




As Black Sun Vigo

While a vigo in Black Sun, Darnada possessed a large space station as a base of operations where he held audience. Darnada employed many enforcers and had a sizable criminal force.

Meeting with Hath Monchar

"Peddle your delusions elsewhere!"
―Darnada to Hath Monchar

Around 33 BBY, vigo Darnada met with Neimoidian Hath Monchar. Monchar offered him information concerning an alleged return of the Sith. Darnada was skeptical and offended that the Neimoidian had approached him with what he, Darnada, considered ludicrous and impossible. He considered it likely that the Neimoidian was lying in hope of monetary gain and dismissed him.

Encounter with Darth Maul and Death

Darnada's death at the hands of Darth Maul.
"Why? Why are you doing this?"
"For my master.
―Darnada and Darth Maul

Immediately following his dismissal of Hath Monchar, Darnada was presented with a prospective Iridonian named "Maul". Suspicious of Maul, he dispatched his Twi'lek bodyguard Sinya to interview him before the assembly. Sinya attempted to intimidate him but the mysterious man introduced himself: "I came to kill you. ALL of you." Maul quickly slew nearly the entire room with his double-bladed lightsaber including Sinya. Alone, Darnada attempted to attack Maul who quickly disarmed him with the Force and approached him with lightsaber drawn. As Darnada frantically inquired the assassin's motivation, Maul murdered him.


Maul spared enforcer Asa Naga in order to track him to the leaders of Black Sun and to frighten the vigos, with the story of a lone invincible killer, into one location.

Personality and Traits

Darnada was aggressive and focused as vigo, constantly used to a cycle of visitors. He was skeptical and suspicious of potential threats, both economic (e.g. Hath Monchar) and physical (e.g. Darth Maul). He did not act cowardly for a Dug in perilous situations, but rather understood that his importance to Black Sun superseded the safety of his guards and any physical aggression he would display otherwise. Because of this, he withdrew when faced with danger. He did, however he did make a last ditch effort to kill his assassin when his guards failed. Darnada was also known to surround himself with beautiful alien women though whether this was due to personal lust or a desire to appear powerful was undetermined.


Darnada was known to sport a monocle. He smoked, using a long holder. The Dug wielded a blaster pistol at one point though if the weapon belonged to him was unknown.


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