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Darkmount is a location on Cybertron from the Generation One continuity family.
Decepticon doors aren't centered just to piss you off. They're that evil.

Darkmount is a fortress on Cybertron, the capital of Decepticon-controlled Polyhex. For a period of time during the Great War it was the seat of power for Lord Straxus, who fed dissenters to the smelting pool, a cauldron of magma which sat menacingly in Darkmount's shadow. [1] The smelting pool empties through ducts into a canyon which Darkmount overlooks. [2]




Marvel Comics continuity

Note: Events from the UK-only comic stories are in italics.

Wishing to prove himself to his Autobot comrades, Scrounge infiltrated Darkmount. He was able to intercept a transmission from Earth, but he was caught. Blaster tried to rescue him, but Scrounge met his end in the smelting pool.

Meanwhile, the Space Bridge was being constructed under Straxus's supervision in a massive chamber located nearby. The Smelting Pool!

To keep the Decepticons from using the new Space Bridge, Blaster's group of Autobot resistance, led by Perceptor, orchestrated a siege on Darkmount. The digging efforts of Borebit and Corkscrew loosened Darkmount's foundation, causing it to crumble, while Blaster defeated Lord Straxus on the Space Bridge. The Bridge to Nowhere!

The head of Lord Straxus survived, but with the destruction of Darkmount, he relocated to another stronghold in Polyhex. The Harder They Die!

Universe: Featuring the Wreckers

Darkmount was turned into a mostly rocky terrain after the Great Reformatting. A force of Predacons led by Galvatron began work on a fortress there, intending to make it the new Predacon capital.

The Quintesson In-Saba Nur tried to take Darkmount by crawling up through the canyon ducts. As he died horrifically in magma, he realized the canyon was unguarded for a reason. Wreckers: Finale Part II


  • Mercy is not dispensed there.
  • Death is the only thing dispensed there, fool.


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