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Also known as: The Inquisitor
Race: Gallifreyan (Time Lady)
Home Planet: Gallifrey
Home Era: Rassilon Era
Actor: Lynda Bellingham

Inquisitor Darkel served on the High Council of Gallifrey.





Darkel presided over the Doctor's trial on the Time Lord Space Station Zenobia, with the Valeyard acting as prosecutor. (DW: The Mysterious Planet, DW: Mindwarp) The Doctor himself would at a later stage act as his own defense lawyer. (DW: Terror of the Vervoids) (The Valeyard himself, apparently an independent Time Lord represented a dark side of the Doctor's personality.)

An honest woman, Darkel presided over a show trial designed to draw attention away from the corrupt High Council. With political unrest demanding a new Lord President and the Doctor unwilling to take on the job himself, he gave a symbolic vote of confidence to Darkel himself before departing in his TARDIS. (DW: The Ultimate Foe)

Behind the Scenes

On-screen Darkel had no name given to her, other than "the Inquisitor". The name Darkel was given to her in the Big Finish Doctor Who audio spin-off sereis Gallifrey.

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Darkel was scheduled to be a character in Grand Theft Auto III, but he was removed during its development. Darkel was to be a revolutionary urchin who would vow to bring down the city's economy. One known mission for Darkel involved stealing an ice cream van, using it to attract pedestrians and then blowing it up[1] (this mission was given to El Burro as I Scream, You Scream). Darkel was originally expected to give out Rampage-esque missions and terrorist-like missions. Rockstar never revealed why Darkel was removed, although it is suspected that Darkel was removed due to the September 11, 2001 attacks, since Darkel wanted to take the economy of Liberty City down. Despite this, Darkel remains listed in the GTA III manual credits and the character texture remains in the games data files.

He was meant to live underneath the Callahan Bridge. His missions would be received here also.

Darkel was voiced by Bill Fiore.


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