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Dark beasts are level 182 monsters found on the path to the Temple of Light and inside Kuradal's Dungeon. They require level 90 Slayer to kill. They are the only creatures to drop Dark bows and the only one besides Dragon implings to drop Death talismans. A dark beast can attack using magic or melee, but it only uses magic if the player initiates combat against the beast. If the beast initiates combat, it only uses melee. Since dark beasts are always aggressive regardless of how long the player has been present, players can avoid the magic attacks simply by having auto-retaliate activated and allowing the dark beasts to initiate combat. This allows players to safely kill dark beasts through use of the Protect from Melee prayer or the Deflect Melee.

For Slayer tasks, dark beasts are only topped in potential risk by Mithril dragons.



Mourner tunnels

The dark beasts are in the tunnels between the Mourner headquarters in West Ardougne and the entrance to the Temple of Light.

When entering from the headquarters, the player must wear Mourner gear and have the New Key to enter the tunnels from the Mourner headquarters basement. Mourner gear can be obtained during and after the Mourning's Ends Part I quest, but the player must have started the Mourning's Ends Part II quest to obtain the new key and enter the tunnels.

The new key is easily obtain in the Mourner headquarters and can be readily discarded once in the tunnels to free up an inventory slot. Mourner gear is not well suited for fighting dark beasts, so players prefer to switch to prayer or melee gear once in the tunnels. Mourner gear takes up six inventory slots which could otherwise be used more efficiently. The gear and is sufficiently time consuming to obtain, however, so many players prefer not to discard it once in the tunnels. This leads players to seek other routes to the dark beasts.

After Mourning's Ends Part II, players can go to the Death altar via the Abyss and then reach the tunnels via the Temple of Light. This method requires the Crystal trinket from the quest to be in inventory to reset the light beam in the temple. This route is somewhat long and dangerous, however, as both the Abyss and the temple have aggressive monsters.

After the Within The Light quest, players can have Eluned help them add a Temple-of-Light teleport to their Teleport crystals. This teleport is a very fast and safe way to reach an area near the dark beasts and avoids cluttering inventory with Mourner gear, keys, or trinkets.

Kuradal's Dungeon

The dark beasts are deep in Kuradal's Dungeon, in the chamber before the final one containing the iron and steel dragons.

The entrance to the dungeon is in the Ancient Cavern. There are three ways to reach the entrance, two of which are dangerous, as discussed in the Kuradal's Dungeon article.

Strategy and Tactics


Players should turn on auto-retaliate, as this allows players to avoid the dark beasts' magic attacks. A dark beast can attack using magic or melee, but it only uses magic if the player initiates combat against it. If the beast initiates combat, it only uses melee. Dark beasts are always aggressive, so players using auto-retaliate can simply allow the beasts to initiate combat.

The melee attack of dark beasts is accurate and moderately high hitting, which means even well-armoured players will frequently take damage. Many players believe this makes it impractical to take food, use self-healing items like Guthan's set, or use most Summoning familiars like Bunyips. Instead, protection Prayers are recommended: either the Protect from Melee prayer or the Deflect Melee curse. Deflect Melee has an advantage in that some of the damage the dark beast would have inflicted is deflected back on the beast itself.

A weapon with a good slash bonus is recommended, as well prayer equipment with high prayer bonuses. Dark beasts can be slain using melee, ranged, or magic. If a Dwarf Cannon is used, then prayer equipment with higher magic defence is recommended, such as Monk's robes instead of Proselyte armour, as the cannon will occasionally cause dark beasts to use their magic attack.

Recommended equipment

Melee using high stab defence

Players with high Summoning may wish to use the Unicorn stallion for its scroll effect and wear armour with high defence against stab attacks. This method is riskier than the general strategy but is slightly cheaper. Super defence potions are necessary to avoid taking hits too often and an Abyssal whip is recommended over a Godsword to maximise defence.

Recommended equipment


Wealthier players with more time may choose Ranged over Melee. Advantages include the ability to use a Cannon without being 'half-blasted' and less risk during connection losses as well as the convenience of easy places to Range from. Disadvantages include a greater Prayer drain and the cost of ammunition. A crossbow is recommended over a Crystal or Dark bow to utilize the shield slot for a prayer bonus.

Recommended equipment

Other notes

Recommended inventory:

  • Many Prayer potions if using a protection prayer strategy.
  • Food or other healing abilities and Super defence potions if not using protection prayers.
  • Super attack and Super strength potions if attacking the beasts with melee.
  • A teleport ability that is worn or takes up no more than one inventory slot, for fast banking. If the player's strategy risks taking damaging, this teleport should also be single-click for use in emergencies.

Players who have done Within the Light and wish to use protection prayers without having to use expensive prayer potions can do the following:

  • Wear an Ardougne cloak 3.
  • Have in inventory one Teleport crystal that is attuned to the Temple of Light.
  • When prayer runs low, use the cloak to teleport to the Kandarin Monastery, recharge prayer, and use the crystal to return to the tunnels.
  • For a banking run (such as to deposit loot or swap a discharged crytal for a charged one), also teleport to the Kandarin Monastery, pray, and then run north-east to the east bank in East Ardougne.

Tiny elf crystals are a fairly frequent drop by Elf warriors, so players can readily obtain them and have Eluned charge quite cheaply (only 150 coins on the 5th and subsequent charging). Even a single dark beast drop is often worth more than this, making this method extremely economical.

Note that the Kandarin Monastery teleport of the Ardougne cloak 3 is 1-click, making it an emergency teleport as well as for fast praying and banking.

Dark beasts are quite large and cannot fit into several places along the edges of the tunnels, making these places Safe spots for players using ranged, magic, or long melee weapons like Halberds.


100% drop


  • 64, 95, 152, 220, or 3000


Please add your charm drop rates to the next template:

Charm drop percentages
No Charm


9 - 11%

3 - 4%

7 - 9%

26 - 29%

Represents 90% confidence range, based on a sample of 2,600 kills.
1 charm is dropped at once.

Please add to the log (only if fifty or more creatures killed)







  • Dark beasts had an unmentioned graphic update that came out with the Dark bow.
  • Most players find it more profitable to kill Abyssal demons than dark beasts. Even though the dark bow drop rate from the beasts is the same or better than the Abyssal whip drop rate from the demons, the whip sells for more and abyssal demons only require 85 slayer, as opposed to 90 slayer for dark beasts. Also, abyssal demons can be killed significantly faster than dark beasts because the demons have fewer hitpoints (unless a cannon is used, in which case the kill rates are still only about the same).
  • Dark beasts were involved in the God Wars, as evidenced by the Revenant dark beasts that roam the Wilderness. It was likely they served Zamorak as it is known that he preferred to use creatures from other planes.
  • Living dark beasts have a significantly higher combat level and hitpoints than their Revenant counterparts but are much less dangerous.
  • There are two dark beast statues at the entrance of Iban's Temple.

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