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Jedi Civil War[1] [2]


Sith Civil War[2], First Jedi Purge[3], Kanz Disorders[1]


Kanz Disorders[1]

Dark Wars

3,955 BBY[2]


3,951 BBY[2]


Korriban, Katarr, Peragus II, Dantooine, Nar Shaddaa, Onderon, Telos IV, Malachor V[3], throughout the Sith Empire and the galaxy[2]

Major battles

Battle of Korriban, Expedition to Korriban, Conclave on Katarr, Devastation of Katarr, Skirmish at Peragus II, First Battle of Dantooine, Skirmish on Nar Shaddaa, Onderon Civil War, First Battle of Onderon, Second Battle of Onderon, Battle of Telos IV, Destruction of Malachor V[3]


Sith Lords[2]

Sith Triumvirate[3][2]


The Dark Wars describes a historical time period ranging from 3,955 to 3,951 BBY. It encompassed a number of conflicts which stemmed from the defeat of Darth Malak during the Jedi Civil War. The First Jedi Purge and much of the Sith Civil War occurred during this turbulent period.


  • Unseen, Unheard
  • Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords (First appearance)


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50-year Darkness War

Dark Wars
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301 ABY


476 ABY, 501 ABY




Second Sith Order destroyed, True Republic destroyed

  • Various Executors
  • Izisk Ixaran
  • Uzem Axaran
  • Anazhu Olosus
  • Various Supreme Chancellors
  • Enkarus Imvar
  • Atton Vrayu
  • Wedge Azkom
  • Various Supreme Chancellors
  • Osvinus
  • Veikoru
  • Erzhu Evaali
"The Dark Wars. If you are looking for one of the most costly wars in the history of the galaxy, no, universe, than you have found the right war."
Exlusite Historian

The Dark Wars was a massive, violent destructive war fought in the Dark Age. It resulted in much devastation throughout the Galaxy. It was believed to have been one of the most costly wars of ever fought, in terms of both lives and damage. Such destruction would not be seen again for centuries.

It all began in 301 ABY when expansionistic Executor Karavai Karixus declared war on the True Republic and the Third Republic, shattering the recent peace. His troops rapidly advanced into their territory. The True Republic attempted to ally with the Third Republic, but unfortunately, the one who was sent to make the alliance was corrupt, and was bribed by the Second Sith Order to rewrite the alliance into a declaration of war. With the three galactic powers now at war, the Galaxy was set for several centuries of destructive conflict.



Before the war

"Before this horrible war, we had very little peace"
—Exlusite historian

Before the war, there was by no means peace. The galaxy had just got done undoing Vasilyus Imburiav's conquests and the Zao tenj War. The galaxy was in a state of repair.

Sometime around 260 ABY, Darth Fjorlag, a Sith Lord of a group known as the Second Sith Order, devised a plan to use the Exlus Republic to re-establish a Sith empire that would rule the Galaxy. The first step in this plan was to find the right family. He found the Karixus family, a family that had been exiled to the planet Valtameriju. Seeing their Force sensitivity, he brought them to the Second Sith Order academy on Veröld. He trained one of them, named Vaethir Karixus, in the ways of the Dark Side. After several years, he sent him and his family back to Exlus, and had Vaethir train his son, Karavai Karixus, in the ways of the Dark Side. After his training (around 290 ABY), Karavai used his Dark Side skills to win his way into a very high position: the governer of the most populated territory on Exlus. Darth Fjorlag secretly chose an advisor to be appointed to Karavai, so he would do exactly what the Sith told him. This included the assassination of the current Executor, Savalis of P'sior, which occured in 298 ABY. When Raethos Kalisan, leader of the Staxmal Council, picked a group of successors for the council to elect (of which Karavai was one of), Akios, a Sith of the Second Sith Order, killed all of them besides Karavai. With Karavai now holding the title of Executor, the Second Sith Order could now begin the Dark Wars.

War begins

In 301 ABY, war was unsuprisingly declared on the True Republic and Third Republic by the Exlus Republic. An attempt by the True Republic for an alliance with the Third Republic failed, for the one who was sent to make the alliance was extremely corrupt, and was bribed by the Sith to turn the alliance into a declaration of war.

First battles

The first battle of the war was at Bestine IV. Exlusite forces met with Third Republic troops in the Battle of Bestine IV. It resulted in a defeat for the Republic. After that came several minor, unimportant skirmishes, and the battle of the Bilbringi Shipyards. This was the Republic's first victory in the war.

After Bilbringi, the Republic was much more wary. Battles turned into long, drawn out blockades and sieges.

The Superweapon

"Karavai had a winning device on his hands"
—Exlusite historian

In his buildup, Executor Karavai Karixus had built up considerable forces. One of these was a massive, 50 kilometer long starship known as Stjarna Farbjoethr, meaning "Star Destroyer" in an ancient, unknown Sith language (which, being a Sith, Karavai spoke). Karavai, commanding the ship himself, used it to devastating effect in the Battle of Aleen.

The Republic, of course, was terrified. They tried many ways to destroy it, but its massive shields and starfighter defenses defeated their every attempt.


The first sieges were rather short. Several sieges across the Expansion Region lasted around a year. But these sieges grew longer and longer. A siege at Talaru IV, an Inner Rim world, had started around the start of the war, and lasted for two years. The world had been reduced to ruins, as Exlusite and Republic forces battled it out. But Executor Karixus's new superweapon threatened to stop all sieges, and push on to the Galactic Core.

At Talaru V, the superweapon arrived. It met a massive Republic fleet, and they battled. However, a solar flare from Talaru, the star in the system, knocked out shielding to Stjarna Farbjoethr, as well as disabling all weapons. With no power whatsoever, the ship became easy prey for the Republic battlecruisers, and was destroyed, killing the Executor in the process.

More sieges

Of course, the death of the Executor was not enough to end the war. Executor Karixus' son, Kiovai Karixus, decided to continue the war. This new leader would do whatever it took to conquer the other governments, including sacrificing trillions of his own people.

On the True Republic front

Karixus turned his attention to the True Republic, a government shrouded in mystery. He had around 75% of his force moved to the border of the True Republic. Before then, the True Republic was largely ignored, as they had primarily been building up forces. Karixus, commanding the forces himself, made a suprise move. He invaded the True Republic, and conquered thousands of planets without a fight in under a year.

Few battles of note occured, but the major battle occured at Endor. This battle, the Battle of Endor, resulted in the deaths of over a billion beings, most of them the native population of Endor, which the Exlusites loathed.

After Endor, the Exlusites proceeded to conquer several dozen more True Republic planets.

Battles with the Third Republic

"The Executor took most of my troops away. So basically, I'm stuck with a slugthrower, facing a battleship."
—Veyr Kalisan speaking with an aide on the motives of his retreat

During the reign of Kiovai Karixus, the Exlusites turned attention to the True Republic primarily, and, for the most part, ignored the Third Republic. The Third Republic took advantage of this, and took back most of what the Exlusites gained in the first few years of the war.

However, the Exlusites, under their leader Veyr Kalisan, retreated back to pre-war Exlusite borders (near Malastare), due to lack of troops. On the planets he abandoned, he poisoned all water supplies, as well as bombed them, before leaving. At least a trillion sentients died because of this.

The Third Republic immediately sought Veyr Kalisan's capture. In the mission to Malastare, a team of Jedi was sent to infiltrate Veyr Kalisan's starship, and kill him if possible.

This mission ended in a lightsaber duel by a Dark Jedi bodyguard (The Exlusites trained Dark Jedi to guard their most important starships against any possible Jedi assaults.) and the Jedi. The Jedi succeeded in killing the Dark Jedi. Kalisan fired a few shots from his blaster at the Jedi, but he was eventually killed.

A twist

The True Republic, crumbling under Exlusite attacks, sought a way to take the pressure off of them. In 311 ABY, they proceeded to send a team of elite spies to bomb the Executor's starship. This worked, and Kiovai Karixus was killed immediately. This event touched off a civil war in the Exlus Republic on who would be the new leader.

Civil war, and other concurrent events

The Exlusite Civil War

Main article: Exlusite Civil War (311 ABY)

Because Kiovai only had one son, who was very young at the time, the Exlusite military sought a new leader. The military supported Ezvoli Vtarsu, a field-marshal in the Exlusite Army, to lead the Republic. However, Vtarsu had enemies. Part of the Exlusite Armed Navy supported a distant relative of the two Executors of the Karixus dynasty, Eprobos Karixus, to lead the Republic.

The two forces fought across the Exlus Republic. Finally, a major battle, the Battle of Exlus occcured. This ended in the leveling of a major city where Karixus was hiding. Karixus was killed, along with most of his forces. Vtarsu became the new Executor.

Battles between the Republics

While the Exlusites were fighting among themselves, the True Republic took on both enemies at the same time. The Exlusites had only left small forces defending each of the planets they had taken from the True Republic, and the True Republic took back almost all of what they had lost. While doing that, the True Republic clashed with the Third Republic. Several battles were fought, such as the Battle of Yag'Dhul, and the Battle of Eriadu, where most of the planetary city was destroyed, despite a Third Republic victory.

Of the new Executor

Executor Vtarsu was considered by galactic historians to be an inefficient leader. He was mostly concerned with consolidating his gains. He did not fight much, despite the fact that he was a field-marshal in the Exlusite Army.

However, he did launch one major campaign; the True Republic Campaign of 315-340 ABY. During this campaign, an estimated one thousand battles were fought. Despite this, only about ten of them were major battles. Vtarsu's battleforce, despite it being small (most of the Exlusite Army and Navy were off defending the Exlusite's gains) smashed into the heart of the True Republic. There, they encountered heavy resistance. Despite the resistance, by 339 ABY, the Exlusites succeeded in accomplishing the mission of the campaign; to split the True Republic in half.

However, the True Republic fought back. They succeeded in taking back parts of what had been taken from them. In 340 ABY, in one of these battles, the Battle of Bespin, Ezvoli Vtarsu was killed defending the planet from True Republic attacks. Though the True Republic had killed the Executor, they had failed to retake Bespin.

Major Campaigns

After Vtarsu's death, the future of the Exlus Republic was uncertain. However, a man named Kasaros Karixus, an officer in the Exlusite Grand Fleet, came forward and stated that he was Kiovai Karixus's son. The Staxmal Council had no choice but to allow this man to become Executor.

Kasaros Karixus, however, had not made his declarations from Exlus. He was present at the Battle of Bespin. The True Republic had managed to take over the only hyper-route out of the region where the new Executor was. Karixus and a good portion of the Exlusite fleet were trapped.

In a move that was considered by many to be shocking, Karixus invaded the Anoat system and other worlds, in the Anoat Sector Campaign. In these battles, despite being outnumbered nearly 3 to 1, Karixus defeated the True Republic continually. In 341 ABY, at the end of the campaign, Karixus ruled the entire sector. He then proceeded to launch the True Republic Campaign of 341 ABY, where he finished his breakout. The campaign ended in the Battle of Mustafar, where Karixus defeated a force nearly 10 times larger then his. However, in doing so, he lost almost all of his forces, and the few surviving starships were heavily damaged. Karixus had lost his flagship in the campaigns. However, they accomplished their goal in breaking the Executor out of the trap.

The new Executor, however, was not recieved well on Exlus. The people were angry at how he lost nearly 10% of the Exlusite fleet, and a similar portion of the army. However, they accepted him as Executor.

In order to replace the losses, the Executor ordered a massive mining program, using prisoners. These minerals built new starships. The drafting the Exlusites had used was expanded to allow younger beings into the military.

However, this angered some Exlusites, mostly the ones who didn't want to fight. These beings stole starships, and defected to the Third Republic (though some went to the True Republic). Some, such as Ucal Irillut, an Exlusite admiral, were high ranking. Defections such as these hurt the war effort.

To compensate, the Exlusite Enforcement Department began starting hunts for possible defectors. Those who even made jokes about defecting were captured and placed into EED prison camps, and tortured severely.

Meanwhile, the Third Republic began to launch a massive campaign. In 350 ABY, under the command of the defected Exlusite admiral Ucal Irillut, the Third Republic smashed into Exlusite space, starting a new wave a sieges. These battles became known as the Exlusite Campaign of 350-372 ABY. The Exlusites were constantly losing land.

Finally, Kasaros Karixus had had enough. He started to drink at the local bars around Exlus, and ignored the fact that he had to run an empire in the midst of a massive conflict. The Exlusite people noticed their Executor becoming less and less sane. He refused to go to the frontlines (all Executors usually went to the frontlines during a war). Exlusite territory shrank. He managed to get his one of his sons and his daughter sent to an EED prison camp. Finally, in 402 ABY, he went to the frontlines, in the First Battle of Utapau. There, he ordered a charge into the Republic lines, where, of course, he was shot and killed.

Final Stages

With the death of Kasaros Karixus, his only remaining child, Evruri Karixus, became Executor. Evruri Karixus, was a high-ranking military leader and was generally considered skilled by his people, though he was rather unstable at times.

However, the Exlusites had lost most of their territory through the campaigns. Even the beaten down True Republic was gaining back worlds the Exlusites had taken from them. Karixus was forced to defend Exlus in the first week of his reign.

The Battle of Exlus began in 402 ABY. The Third Republic had cut a path into the Exlus Republic, and their goal was to capture Exlus, thus severely damaging the Exlusites, and hopefully bringing them to peace. The battle, however, did not go well for the Third Republic. Karixus, though being outnumbered nearly 2 to 1, destroyed the Third Republic flagship early in the battle. When the Republic sent troop transports, Karixus also went to the planet's surface. There, he had planetary turbolasers fire on and destroy the Third Republic transports. The surviving Third Republic soldiers were all captured and sent to EED prison camps.

Karixus then proceeded to launch Operation: Sirit Karum. During this, the Exlusites sent their soldiers to recapture all planets taken by the Third Republic. This operation was a success. It ended in the Battle of Devaron, where the Exlusites had even more territory then before the disastrous reign of Kasaros Karixus.

However, Karixus soon turned his attention to the True Republic. Taking about 40% of the fleet, Karixus attacked the True Republic. Many thousands of worlds fell each day, without resistance. The True Republic was truly exhausted, as they could not mount a good resistance against the Exlusites.

In 419 ABY, the True Republic finally put together enough soldiers to stop the Exlusite advance. They sent their finest commander, Supreme Commander Veikoru, to the asteroids known as Polis Massa, to hold the area against the Exlusites. The Exlusites arrived there, and began a massive battle, known as the Battle of Polis Massa. The battle lasted for nearly a week. During it, the Exlusite fleet destroyed nearly all of the main asteroid. True Republic starship wreckage further destroyed the asteroid. During the battle, a True Republic warship crashed into Executor Karixus's flagship, killing the Executor. The battle was a success, though. The Exlusites stopped the attacks.

Reign of the Last Executor

"The final years of the Dark Wars were the most deadly...perhaps because of the final Executor during the war..."

The final Dark Wars Executor was a man named Kavreinos Karixus, son of Evruri Karixus. This Karixus started out peaceful. In fact, during the first year of this new Executor's reign, the True Republic and Third Republic gained back many planets. However, this all changed in 420 ABY. Karixus became more violent and bloodthirsty for unknown reasons. He started the True Republic Campaign of 420-451 ABY. His first attack during his long reign was on Kallidah. This attack started the Battle of Kallidah. During this battle, the Executor started what would soon be his trademark; leveling cities and proceeding to go into them and killing all survivors.

At the end of the Battle of Kallidah, almost 90% of the native population, as well as all True Republic soldiers had been killed.

Battles like Kallidah would happen again and again as the Executor conquered the True Republic's planets. The True Republic was quickly losing ground.

Around this time, the True Republic attempted to conquer planets in the Third Republic. However, they did not get very far, and were stopped at the Battle of Thyferra.

The campaign against the True Republic continued. In 428 ABY, Executor Karixus faced the True Republic's forces at Kinyen, at the Battle of Kinyen. Like most battles fought against the True Republic, the True Republic lost. Kinyen was, of course, destroyed. Almost half of the population died.

The Executor continued destroying all planets he came in contact with. It is estimated that half of all the deaths in the Dark Wars came during the last 50 years of the war. Cerea, a major world in the True Republic, was attacked in 429 ABY. The True Republic was losing greatly.

In 432 ABY, no longer able to hold up against two opponents, the True Republic signed peace with the Third Republic. This helped them little, as the Third Republic was barely making any attacks on the True Republic.

However, the Third Republic wished for the True Republic to survive longer, for it kept the Exlus Republic, for the most part, distracted. They attacked the Exlusites. With most of the Exlusite forces away, this campaign worked very well. It possibly helped prolong the True Republic's lifespan.

Also of note during this time was another side entering the war. The Aworians of the planet Aworia had entered the war in 332 ABY, as an opponent to the Exlusites. Most independent planets had stayed neutral, but the Aworians wished for territory. The Aworians, however, had not thought of the consequences for their actions. The Executor of the Exlus Republic attacked the planet, and leveled every city during the Battle of Aworia. Almost everyone on the planet died. In fact, only about 10,000 Aworians (mostly on Coruscant) were still alive after 432 ABY. The survivors of Aworia set up a new government, and re-entered the war, this time on the side of the Exlusites. Aworian soldiers would play a minor war in the battles against the True Republic.

The Exlusites became locked into this new series of battles with the Third Republic. However, this only kept them distracted for a while, for Kavreinos Karixus continued with the attacks in 439 ABY.

The True Republic was doomed. Thousands of planets fell each day. In fact, on one day in 447 ABY, referred to as the "Day of Loss", almost 20,000 planets fell to the Exlus Republic, most without much of a fight. Finally, in 450 ABY, the True Republic had lost. The Exlusites had besieged Outer Coruscant, the capital of the True Republic. Outer Coruscant would fall around a year later, in the bloody Battle of Outer Coruscant. An estimated 600 million citizens of Outer Coruscant were captured and placed into EED prison camps. Several billion beings died that day, most innocent civilians.

There were about 14 planets which were uncaptured by the Exlusites. These planets, which were mostly very small, formed their own government, the True Republic Remnants. They almost immediately allied with the Exlusites, for they did not wish to suffer the same fate as Outer Coruscant.

With the True Republic defeated, there were only two powers left in the Dark Wars: the Exlus Republic and the Third Republic.

For the next nine years, very few battles were fought. Both sides seemed more interested in building up their forces. The Exlusites built the powerful Shadowlord-class star dreadnought, a huge battleship that was nearly 16 kilometer long. The Third Republic's response was the Coruscant-class star battleship, which was one of the longest warships ever built.

One major battle was fought during this time period: the Battle of Ord Aretus. In this battle, the Keferiqans of Ord Aretus saw their world invaded, and conquered. The occupation that resulted was extremely damaging to their planet.

Also, the Exlusites felt that they couldn't defeat the Third Republic with their population, which was smaller than the Third Republic, as the Third Republic had more worlds, as well as more high population worlds. The Exlusites built a massive droid factory, known as Droid Factory I on Exlus. These droids would be used to crew Exlusite starships, and towards the end of the war, fight on the surface of planets.

But, with these new starships, the two sides invaded each other. Both sides won an even amount of battles. However, the Exlusites began to push forward, though very slowly. The Third Republic could not stop this advance. They sent their Coruscant-class star battleships into battle, but even these failed. The Exlusites were too powerful to defeat.

Eventually, the Exlusites reached the Core Worlds themselves. This phase of the war was called by the Exlusites the Core Worlds Campaign. Duro was first to fall. The Exlusites were rapidly gaining ground.

Corellia was the site of the next battle. The Battle of Corellia was possibly one of the most important battles in the Dark Wars. There was fierce house-to-house fighting on Corellia. Finally, the Third Republic managed to force the Exlusites off Corellia. The Supreme Chancellor hoped that this would stop the Exlusites's advance.

The Exlusites looked for a way around Corellia. They finally found a hyper-route around Corellia, which they took.

More battles were fought. Rendili was next to fall. It fell with intense resistance during the Battle of Rendili.

Finally, the Third Republic organized a resistance against the Exlusites. The Exlusites were stopped for around 12 years, mostly because they wanted to assemble a fleet of doom for the final assault into the heart of the Third Republic. They figured that if Coruscant fell, the rest of the Third Republic would fall easily.

Finally, in the year 475 ABY, the day came for the Exlusites to invade. Brentaal IV fell fast, and without much of a fight in the Battle of Brentaal IV. Chandrila fell next. A siege at Corulag lasted for nearly a year. Anaxes and Perlemia both surrendered to the Exlusites, as all of their defending forces withdrew to Coruscant.

"Nothing seems possible to change the destiny of the war"
—Supreme Chancellor Evlik Valorum

The battle for Coruscant started in 476 ABY. This battle was one of the largest space battles to have ever taken place in the galaxy. Thousands of capital ships, and millions of starfighters battled in the skies of Coruscant. Commanding the Exlusites was Kavreinos Karixus himself, as well as two highly skilled admirals, and the Executor's two sons. This battle would decide the fate of the Galaxy.

The Third Republic's strategy was to send large teams of Jedi aboard, and kill the Executor and his sons, as well as the two other Exlusite commanders. Every single Republic starship in range would be sent to Coruscant as a diversion.

The Jedi managed to board the Exlusite flagships. On one of them, the Jedi knocked out the engines, and the ship crashed into many other Exlusite ships before exploding. That ship happened to contain Executor Karixus's son, Othrek Karixus. Another ship, commanded by Atharik Ixaran, had its engines knocked out by Third Republic fighter pilots. By luck, it just happened to hit the ship commanded by Aevst Karixus, one of the Executor's other sons. Both ships were destroyed.

Finally, a team of Jedi led by Segr Imburiav reached the bridge of Kavreinos Karixus's flagship, the Indel of Darkness. They quickly dispatched the bridge crew. Imburiav and Karixus made a deal; they would have a lightsaver duel between each other. The Duel on the Indel of Darkness had begun.

Meanwhile, a Jedi Master named Irsaht Orgard was dispatched to Exlus on a mission to sabotage Droid Factory I. There, he encountered the youngest son of Kavreinos Karixus, Varuk Karixus. The two faced off amidst the machinery in the Duel in Droid Factory I. This duel ended in Orgard's victory over Karixus, as well as Karixus's death. Orgard sabotaged Droid Factory I. He escaped just as it exploded.

Imburiav and Karixus's duel would last for nearly an hour. The bridge was mostly destroyed. But in the end, Segr Imburiav's lightsaber went through Karixus's lightsaber hand. Imburiav promptly cut Karixus's other hand off. Karixus was then knocked unconcious, and transported off his flagship. The Jedi also sabotaged Karixus's flagship, and it exploded moments after the Jedi left.


With the capture of the Executor, the Exlus Republic went through several bizarre events. The Sith behind the war, Darth Akios and Darth Fjorlag, were not expecting the events that had just happened over Coruscant. They were expecting a victory and a collapse of the Third Republic, not the loss of their key servant.

However, Kavreinos Karixus had one daughter, Aknava Karixus. Othrek Kalisan, leader of the Staxmal Council, declared her Executor. Aknava's first action was to sign a peace treaty between the Exlus Republic and the Third Republic. However, the Sith sought a being who had training in the ways of the dark side. They also wished to continue the war. They told Commander of the Exlusite Enforcement Department Norkas Oznoru that he would be the new Executor. Oznoru realized that Aknava Karixus was in his way of becoming Executor. He ordered the military to capture this new Karixus. Most of the military sided with the Oznoru. However, most of the people did not. A huge civil war erupted between these two factions.

The Third Republic was unsure of what to do. A group of Jedi led by Segr Imburiav, along with Othrek Kalisan, were sent to stop the civil war. However, Oznoru, being a master in the ways of the dark side, defeated and captured all of them. He sent a message warning the Supreme Chancellor of the Third Republic that any Jedi or Third Republic interference would be punished with the death of Aknava Karixus and all captured Jedi in the most brutal of ways.

The war only got worse when Kavreinos Karixus, who had been captured by the Third Republic, announced that the Sith group known as the Second Sith Order had been behind the war from the beginning. From that time on, the civil war became a battle between the Exlusite public and the military and police forces.

Finally, the rebellion against Oznoru's rule devised a plan. They would have the Third Republic send two Jedi; one to kill Oznoru, and the other to free the prisoners. To distract Oznoru, they would send a large fleet. If the fleet was near defeat, a similarly large Third Republic fleet could arrive in moments.

The two Jedi, Tariv Apauk and Irsaht Orgard, managed to get aboard Oznoru's ship. This mission, the mission to the Iekajum, would become legendary.

The Exlusite fleet arrived moments after the Jedi went aboard Oznoru's flagship. The Exlusites provided a needed distraction for the Jedi to accomplish their mission.

Apauk went down to the prisoner cells, he freed several prisoners, and noticed something: Aknava Karixus wasn't there. He continued to free all of the prisoners, when a being dressed in black Sith robes came toward him. He told Apauk that his name was Darth Akios, and that he was ordered to kill any Jedi that came aboard. They began to duel.

Meanwhile, Orgard sneaked his way to the bridge section. When he went into a room next to the bridge, he found Norkas Oznoru torturing Karixus. He ordered Oznoru to stop. Oznoru refused. Orgard drew his lightsaber, and charged at his enemy. Oznoru drew his saber, and a duel started.

Akios and Apauk's duel had begun. They both attacked each other with the Force. In fact, their Force powers were so powerful, there was an explosion which threw both of them to opposite ends of the room. Akios's dueling skills drove Apauk back into a room known to prisoners as the "pit of acid". This room had a large tank of acid in it. Akios used Force push to launch Apauk into the tank of acid. Akios walked away, believing that he had won. However, Apauk managed to hold on. He got up, leaped over Akios, and launched him into the tank of acid. Apauk watched as Akios's skin was burnt off. Apauk left to find Orgard, and leave the ship.

Meanwhile, out in space, the Exlusite fleet was losing. They called the Third Republic fleet, and the battle continued.

Orgard and Oznoru's duel did not last long. While Orgard put up a good fight, he lost his lightsaber hand in the battle. He was then knocked out, and chained to the wall. When he awoke, Oznoru began to torture Karixus right in front of Orgard's eyes. He continued this for several minutes, when Apauk walked in, and started to duel Orgard. However, neither of the Jedi would kill Oznoru. Karixus, using what little Force power she had, managed to get a lightsaber, and stab Oznoru. Oznoru died immediately. The Jedi managed to somehow make it off the ship alive.

With Oznoru's death, the civil war among the Exlusites stopped almost immediately. However, the war was still not over.

The discovery

"So you have found a Sith? Well, we shall find the rest of the Sith!"
—Unknown Jedi Master

The Jedi were interested in Apauk's report of a Sith onboard the Exlusite ship. With Kavreinos Karixus's revelation that the Sith were behind the war, the Jedi immediately began searching for more Sith.

The Jedi persuaded the Third Republic and Exlus Republic to send out probe droids to the far reaches of the Galaxy to locate these Sith.

Finally, in 476 ABY, a probe found a massive temple on the distant planet Veröld. A group of four Jedi, led by war hero Irsaht Orgard, was dispatched to Veröld to investigate.

The Jedi discovered a massive tower in the center of the western continent. However, they could not go inside, for a group of Sith came out, and attacked them. The Jedi just barely escaped with their lives.

When they returned to Coruscant, they explained to the Council about the Sith. The Jedi Order persuaded the Third Republic to send an army to Veröld.

When this army arrived on Veröld, they found the Sith academy deserted. For the next 26 years, the Sith would fly about the Galaxy, and continue training young beings in the ways of the dark side.

The Third Republic and Exlus Republic tried in vain to trap this ship. They sent out interdictor cruisers across all major hyperroutes, but they never could ensnare it. Finally, in 501 ABY, a large interdictor fleet ensnared the Kjoll, beginning the Battle of Nebula S135N-3. Around a hundred Jedi, led by Segr Imburiav, which had been roaming the galaxy for several years, was sent for immediately.

The final battle

When the Jedi arrived, the Kjoll had destroyed most of the interdictor cruiser fleet. The Jedi landed on the Kjoll, and fought their way through battle droids and younger Sith. Early on, it was decided that Imburiav should seek out Darth Fjorlag and defeat him, while the other Jedi defeat the other Sith.

Darth Fjorlag was on the bridge. He was waiting for one of the Jedi to reach him. Finally, Segr Imburiav came, and began to duel him.

Fjorlag and Imburiav's duel was quick. Imburiav, being much younger and having dueled more during the Dark Wars, drove Fjorlag back. Fjorlag attempted to blast Imburiav with Force lightning, but Imburiav blocked all attempts. Finally, Imburiav drove Fjorlag into a room behind the bridge. Fjorlag used a command in the room to have the ship self-destruct in 5 minutes. Imburiav ran out of the room, and had all of the Jedi leave the Kjoll. In their haste to leave, the Sith killed many Jedi. Finally, the Jedi made it back to their ships, and escaped. The Kjoll exploded moments later.

The Dark Wars had finally ended.

Healing the galaxy

The galaxy was in ruins. Trillions were dead. Thousands of entire planets had been all but destroyed. The only government that had escaped the war was the Evtcisite Empire, whose policy of neutrality and their remoteness had kept them safe from the war.

The galaxy needed to be repaired. The Exlusites and Third Republic had lost most of their armies, and trillions of their citizens. They began the slow process of repairs.

But this time of reparations was not at all peaceful. A few hundred surviving Sith formed an organization to keep tensions going. This was very successful, and led to militias being formed. These militias went and attacked Third Republic (or Exlusite planets, for the Third Republic militias). Battles like this led to the deaths of a further million beings.

The Order of Force-Warriorss (a group of Force-users serving the Exlus Republic) were sent to destroy the surviving Sith. Several Force-Warriors found a Sith on Coruscant. They interrogated him, and found out the location of the Sith base was on the planet Utapau. The base was located in one of the smaller sinkholes.

The Force-Warriors managed to land on the planet easily enough. They went into the base, and discovered that it had been abandoned. The Force-Warriors reported this back to the Executor.

However, the Sith had known the Exlusites were coming. They had left the base in a stolen Exlusite capital ship, and took all of their stolen military vehicles (including EXPA-K mobile artillery) and millions of droids with them. They flew to Exlus, and attacked the capital Motvvä.

The Battle of Mottvä was meant as a form of mass-suicide for the Sith. The Sith wished for the Second Sith Order to go down in eternal infamy, as the Galactic Empire had. They attempted to do so by destroying as many Exlusites as possible.

The Sith attack plan was simple; shoot everyone in sight, and fire all EXPA-K units, and cause as much damage as possible. The battle ended up destroying most of the city of Motvvä, as well as killing millions. In the end, however, the Sith were completely destroyed by the Exlusite army.

With the Sith gone, the militias stopped as well. The galaxy (and especially the Exlusites) needed to rebuild. The two powers who had survived the Dark Wars asked the Evtcisite Empire for help. The Evtcisites gave them this help.

By 550 ABY, the Galaxy was, for the most part, rebuilt. However, it took millenia for the scars caused by the Dark Wars to go away.


The Dark Wars was known for being one of the most destructive wars in galactic history. An estimated 30 trillion beings died in the war. An estimated 75% of those deaths weren't even in any military.

The Dark Wars's main effect on galactic history was the advancement of military technology. Many new technologies were invented due to the Dark Wars.

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