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RuneScape uses the British convention for floor numbering: Ground floor, first floor (immediately above the ground floor), second floor, etc.
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Bandit Camp
Trollheim Dark Warriors' Fortress Stealing Creation
Black Knights' Fortress
Dark Warriors' Fortress.

The Dark Warriors' Fortress, formerly called the Dark Knight Fortress, not to be confused with the Black Knights' Fortress, is a castle in level 14, 15 and 16 multi-combat Wilderness. North of Falador, it is populated with level 8 Dark warriors. Although this place can be good for training melee and magic; it is populated by revenants and note- revenant imps are only level 7 but they can hit up to 9 hitpoints off you. Despite their level they are very strong so look out for them if you are a low level.


Ground floor

The elemental rune respawn room.

This floor has several rooms, and is crowded with Dark Warriors. The northernmost room contains respawns of 5 Earth, Water, Air and Fire runes. The room directly west of this contains 5 Chaos, Mind and Body runes. Players should be wary when approaching this area: Although this a good place for a rune spawn, revenants have a patrol route in this castle, and will attack and very possibly kill players who are within their combat level. In the centre of this floor is a courtyard containing, amongst other things, a crate which is sometimes led to in Treasure Trails. One room's ladder is broken, making it impossible to climb up it. This is inconvienent if a revenant attacks, because you will have to run to the other room (probably opening a few doors) and climb up that ladder.



To avoid Revenants log out or climb up a ladder if you see a yellow dot approaching the fortress entrance. Revenant Icefiends (level 45), Imps (level 7), Werewolves (level 75), and Goblins(level 15/22/30/37) often enter the ground floor, although a Revenant lesser demon, a Revenant Ork,along with(not at the same time) a revenant Knight has been spotted as well. Players have also reported a Revenant Cyclops in the area and entering the castle too. Revenant Orks and Knights can climb the ladder if you go up there, making it almost impossible for you to live. The best way to get out of the place is climb up and down the ladder until the hitpoints bars doesn't show anymore. Log out after 10 seconds.

You can achieve tolerance with the dark warriors after about 20 minutes whether you fight with them or not.

First floor

This floor is the top level of the castle walls. It contains nothing of interest beyond more dark warriors. Players looking to collect rune spawns on the ground floor can climb up the ladder in the south-western room and climb down the broken ladder in the north-western room in order to save a little bit of time coming in, since there's a wall blocking access to the Chaos runes from the entrance that would otherwise require walking all the way around the castle. The broken ladder does not allow access from the chaos rune spawn room to the upper floor. It is only a one way ladder and may only be climbed from above.

Second floor

This floor is the inside of the towers. There is really nothing of interest in any of the towers, except that revenants often spawn here, making the top two floors great for revenant hunting for all levels.

Third floor

Anyone down there?

Allows a spectacular view. Also, this is another Revenant respawn spot.


  • The Dark Warriors' Fortress can be a very good way to gain earned potential. If a player stands in the courtyard of the fortress, he or she would be able to see a potential pker for a long time before the pker could reach the player, seeing as a spiral path with many doors is the only entrance to the courtyard. In a worst-case scenario, the player gaining earned potential could teleport away, due to the fact that it is in level 14-15 wilderness, making it a very safe place to be.

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