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Brief overview: Pioneer responds to a distress call from the USS Christopher Pike, which has become trapped in a spatial anomaly. They arrive but are also pulled into the anomaly and emerge in the mirror universe.


Background information

  • The spatial rift has an energy reading of twelve power. When Kim sees this he is astonished, commander Tyson notes that it's been over 110 years since such an energy has been encountered, referencing Star Trek: The Motion Picture and the V'Ger entity.
  • A brief reference is also made to the Star Trek: Voyager episode Deadlock (see quote below).
  • There is a "deleted scene" of sorts where the Pioneer and Chris Pike enter the Janus Vortex and return home. In the final version, a captain's log documents the event.
  • This episode was made before the continuities of Star Trek: Pioneer and Star Trek: Unity II merged and so no reference is made to the war.
  • March 12th, 2387

Memorable quotes

"I think that’s the weirdest idea you’ve had since you wanted to make reading while intoxicated illegal"
"Yeah, but I was drunk when I said it.
Ria and Ian
"Funny thing is though something on your bridge has a different quantum signature, weird, maybe some space dust from this place got stuck in there hey?"
"Yes... that's what it is...
Captain Nesbit realizes part of Pioneer's bridge is slightly out of sync with normal matter. The actual reason is because Kim himself is from a parallel universe of sorts, something which he is reluctant to reveal to the crew.
"…We weren’t all that dissimilar, he and I. If I had gone through what he had, would I have ended up like that?"
"…Ian… the similarities were merely physical, you are universes apart and I doubt you could ever turn into someone like him.
Commander Tyson wonders if he could ever be like his counterpart

Log entries

  • "Captain’s log, stardate 64978.8, after assistance from the parallel universe Borg, we have returned home. I remain a little shook up about destroying a Defiant-class vessel filled with Humans, everything seems to have happened so quickly, I have a feeling what we have done may have repercussions throughout their reality. We will continue onto our rendezvous with the USS Tai Kamiya, slightly later than planned."
--- Captain Maxwell
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  • Episode 4 - "Dark Reflection" on the Website

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