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Series: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Author(s): Susan Wright
Publication information
Published: Paperback - January 1, 2001
Pages: Book 1 - (book 1) 256
Book 2 - (book 2) 224
Book 1 - ISBN 0671787853
Book 2 - ISBN 0671787861



From the back cover (Book One): Klingons and Cardassians rule the Alpha Quadrant in an uneasy alliance that hides a viper's nest of backstabbing plots and counterplots. Annika Hansen has become a trained operative for the Obsidian Order. Her latest target: Kira Nerys, the duplicitous Intendant of Bajor, whose ruthless ambition has brought her to a position of power second only to the Regent himself, the fierce Klingon warrior known as Worf. To get close to her prey, Annika must worm her way into the Intendant's notoriously fickle affections. Easy enough to accomplish, perhaps, but it remains to be seen who is truly manipulating whom....

From the back cover (Book Two): Intendant Kira, now Overseer for the entire Klingon-Cardassian Alliance, has entered into a dangerous liaison with Annika Hansen, unaware that Hansen is actually an agent of the Obsidian Order who has orders to kill Kira when the time is right. But her treacherous alliance is not the only danger the Intendant faces. Both Deanna Troi, the power-hungry consort of Regent Worf, and B'Elanna Torres, the half-human Intendant of the Sol System, are threatened by Kira's unquenchable ambition, and would be glad to see her deposed -- or worse.

As four powerful women scheme for control of the Alliance, who will survive? And who will claim the ultimate prize?


Aad • BaltrimB'ElannaB'Etor • Celoni Dei • ChakotayBeverly CrusherJadzia Dax • Dukat • DurasElim GarakGowron • Grelda • Annika Hansen (Agent Seven of Corps Nine) • IanKeiko IshikawaKathryn Janeway • Jerem • KeenaKira Nerys • Koloth • K'mpec • Natima Lang • LeetaLursaMarani • Menocc • MullibokMiles O'Brien • Paqu Denar • Paris • Ro Laren • Robin • Rugha • Selar • Serge • Benjamin SiskoJennifer SiskoEnabran Tain • Tora Ziyal • Torax • Tow'ga • Deanna TroiLwaxana Troi • Varinna • Winn Adami • Worf • Zek
Referenced only 
Ghemor • KahlessKira Meru • Ja'rod • KurnMartokMogh • Molar the Unforgettable • Sompek • Spock • Tidi Ilar • Tomas • Tora Naprem




Bajor • Jeraddo • Khitomer • Terok Nor • Utopia Planitia
Referenced only 
Earth • Jerom Beta • Tong Vey


Bajoran • Betazoid • Cardassian • Ferengi • Human • Klingon • Trill
Referenced only 
Iconian • Romulan


DenoriosGroumallSiren's Song

Starship classes


States and Organizations

Central Archives • Chamber of Ministers • Circle • Klingon-Cardassian AllianceObsidian OrderRuling Houses of Betazed
Referenced only 
Bajoran Cybernetic Institute • Bajoran Veteran League • Romulan Royal Guard • Terran Empire


BateretBreen High AdministratorCranial implantD'jarra • Fek'lhr • First Minister of BajorGratitude FestivalIntendant • Intendant of Bajor • Intendant of Betazed • Intendant of Sol • Lur'khaIconian gatewayIconian portal • Mow'ga feint • NaniteQumpIn • Regent of the Alliance • Renewal scroll • "Smiley" • Terran • Theta • Third Assistant • Third Minister of Bajor • Tholian Emperor


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