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Cecil Harvey, the main character from Final Fantasy IV, starts out as a Dark Knight.
"'My anger, pain and sadness --- shall be your loss."
—-Dark Knight

Dark Knight (暗黒騎士 Ankoku Kishi lit. Dark Knight or ダークナイト Dāku Naito) is a special Job class that appears in several games in the series.



The Dark Knight is characterized by wearing black armor and wielding a sword powered by dark energy. Their physical stats, with exception of Defense, are usually high, but their other stats depend on the game they appear in. The typical Dark Knight ability is Souleater, also known as Darkness, which allows them to sacrifice their HP to perform stronger attacks. However, Souleater is not exclusive to the Dark Knight class. The Dark Knight is opposed by the Paladin, holy knights who protect allies and wield sacred powers. Unlike many classes, Dark Knights bear a signature weapon, the Deathbringer, which can kill enemies in a single blow.



Final Fantasy II

Leon marks the first appearance of the Dark Knight within the series. He serves as the Emperor's right-hand man until the Emperor's defeat and subsequent revival, at which point he joins the party.

Final Fantasy III

Main article: Dark Knight (Final Fantasy III)

The Dark Knight only appears in the DS version of Final Fantasy III. It replaces the Magic Knight from the previous version. The Job's special ability is Souleater.

Final Fantasy IV

Cecil Harvey is the primary protagonist of the game, and serves as a Dark Knight until he becomes a Paladin. Baron is also mentioned to have a battalion of Dark Knights in their army, but due to the intense training many Dark Knights fail to master the dark sword and lose their minds in the process. A reflection of Cecil's Dark Knight is fought as a boss.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

As in Final Fantasy IV, Cecil's dark side is fought as a boss.

Final Fantasy X-2

Main article: Dark Knight (Final Fantasy X-2)

The Dark Knight Dressphere can be obtained in Bevelle during Chapter 2. The class uses skills that cause status effects, grant status immunity, and cause high damage by sacrificing HP.

Final Fantasy XI

Main article: Dark Knight (Final Fantasy XI)

The Dark Knight job is awarded to the player by Zeid, himself a Dark Knight. Zeid gives the player the Chaosbringer sword, and once the player uses it to kill a hundred monsters, they are given the Dark Knight Job.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Main article: Fell Knight (Final Fantasy Tactics)
Main article: Deathknight

Goffard Gaffgarion is a Dark Knight but this class's name was later changed in the PSP remake.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Grissom, the leader of the Redwings, has a job named "Dark Knight", with a sprite and abilities as a Paladin.

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions

Main article: Dark Knight (Final Fantasy Tactics)

The Dark Knight is a high-level Job. Here, "Darkness" is not an actual skill, but a set of skills with various effects, here, Gaffgarion's Dark Knight job was changed to Fell Knight. Argath Thadalfus is fought as a Deathknight, a stronger variation of the Fell Knight.

Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon

Main article: Dark Knight (Chocobo's Dungeon)

The Dark Knight has several skills that sacrifice Chocobo's HP to damage enemies. It is unlocked by defeating Croma Shade and Croma on the thirtieth floor of Guardian of the Light.


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