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See also: Dark Knight (Job).

The Dark Knight is a dressphere in Final Fantasy X-2. In addition to Darkness and self-damaging skills, they use a number of status-inflicting spells like Bio and Death. Yuna wields Tidus' Caladbolg, Rikku wields Auron's Masamune, and Paine wields her own customized sword. The Dark Knight dons heavy black and spiked battle armor.

"As I bear this darkness into battle, my suffering becomes my strength."
"This armor isn't just for show, you know."
"Darkness is my ally. Those who cross me shall know its wrath."


Acquiring Dark Knight

In chapter 2, the dressphere is located in a chest before fighting Baralai in Bevelle.




NB! Abilities written in bold/italic are passive abilities. All other abilities are active

Name Description AP to learn MP to cast Required
Attack Attack one target n/a n/a Filler for IE
Darkness User sacrifices HP to inflict physical damage to target party (Added to 'Attack' menu) 0 0 Filler for IE
Drain User absorbs HP from one target 20 8 Filler for IE
Demi Inflicts gravity magic damage to reduce current HP of target party by 25% 20 10 Filler for IE
Confuse Causes Confusion effect on target 30 12 Demi
Break Causes Petrify effect on target 40 20 Confuse
Bio Causes Poison effect on target party 30 16 Filler for IE
Doom Causes Doom effect to target, target KO's when counter reaches 0 20 18 Bio
Death Attempts to KO one target 50 24 Doom
Black Sky Inflicts ten random hits of non-elemental magic damage to target party 100 80 Death
Charon User sacrifices self to inflict unblockable special type damage to one target; user becomes unusable for remainder of battle (Added to 'Attack' menu) 20 0 Filler for IE
Poisonproof User cannot be affected by Poison effect 30 0 Filler for IE
Stoneproof User cannot be affected by Stone effect 30 0 Poisonproof
Confuseproof User cannot be affected by Confuse effect 30 0 Filler for IE
Curseproof User cannot be affected by Curse effect 30 0 Filler for IE
Deathproof User cannot be affected by instant KO abilities 40 0 Curseproof


  • Yuna's helmet is very similar to the hat worn by Sages in Final Fantasy III.
  • From a design standpoint, Paine’s Dark Knight is Tsukamoto’s favorite of Paine's dresspheres. “I handled a lot of monster designs prior to working on the costumes for FFX-2,” he says. “It feels like the scales of the monsters apply to this design. That’s why I like it a lot.” He also reveals that each of the girls' head pieces reflect their personalities, with the sharp edges of Paine's head piece to reflect her prickly outlook.


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