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The Dark King
"Welcome to the power of darkness!"
—The Dark King

The Dark King (ダークキング, Dāku Kingu) is the primary antagonist of Final Fantasy Mystic Quest. A green-skinned monarch in regal robes, he watches over the world from his throne in Doom Castle, situated above the Focus Tower.


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The Dark King is the secret master of the Vile Four, and the one who ordered them to drain the Crystals of their power and weaken the land. The Crystal of Light is found near the end of the game shining at the Dark King's throne when he is killed. The significance of this is not explained, though it may be meant to imply the Dark King was draining its power as the Vile Four were draining their respective Crystals.

Centuries ago, the Dark King started a rumor that would become known as the Prophecy. The "Prophecy" foretold of a Knight who would arise to defeat the Vile Four and kill the Dark King. Though it is not explained why the Dark King started this rumor, the Crystal of Light believed the Prophecy to be true, and eventually believes Benjamin is the Knight it predicts will defeat the Dark King. With the Crystal of Light's guidance, Benjamin saves the Crystals and climbs both the Focus Tower and Doom Castle to confront the Dark King. With Phoebe's help, he ultimately defeats him and saves the world.

In regards to the Dark King's backstory, very little is known about him. It is generally assumed that he desires the conquer the world, which is why he has the Vile Four drain the Crystals of their power to plague the world with disasters and misfortunes. He also tells Benjamin that the Prophecy was a rumor he himself started centuries in the past. At first there seems to be no reason for the Dark King to have done so, other than general mischief. However, there is evidence to show an untold side of the Dark King's past.

The Crystal of Light tells Benjamin the Focus Tower was once the center of the world, until the Vile Four sealed its doors. At the summit of Doom Castle, in the antechamber before the Dark King's throne, a statue of Benjamin is shown on display holding a sword aloft. And as mentioned, when the Dark King is killed, the Crystal of Light appears hovering near his throne. All this may imply that the Focus Tower was not always used by the Dark King as a fortress, and that he conquered it and seized the Crystal of Light at a point in the past. The statue of Benjamin placed in Doom Castle implies the Prophecy may have been true, and so when the Dark King told Benjamin he himself started the Prophecy, it is possible he was simply lying to discourage him.


Main article: Dark King (Boss)

The Dark King is fought at Doom Castle's summit as the final boss of the game.


  • In his second form, the Dark King takes on the appearance of a six-armed man wielding six weapons. In this form he bears a slight resemblance to the character Gilgamesh.

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Star Wars Fanon

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The Dark King
Biographical information



before 35,000 BBY



Physical description

Human (possibly)





Hair color


Eye color


Chronological and political information

Pre-Republic Era



The Dark King was a legendary ruler of the planet Uthel prior to the foundation of the city-states Ledjin and Naijil, as well as long before the arrival of the Galactic Republic circa 5,000 BBY.



It is believed that the Ruler with No Name (as he was sometimes called) was the creator of the Civilization on the planet and was responsible for establishing the first government. He also brought an end to the wars (for some time) between many tribes and existing city-states via the founding of the Negotiations Center in the small town of Ledjin.

The legend says that the Dark King was a powerful wielder of the Force and that he used it in order to bring peace and order to the peoples, as well as using it in the most cruel ways in order to punish delinquents that broke his laws.

Having these powers, he was able to create the so-called source of Eternal Life, that although being called like that, still would not make any person's life completely everlasting, but it could prolong the life expectancy of living beings at least twice.

Name speculations

For years, there were many disputes concerning the true origins of this person and his name. The main problem arose after the arrival of the Old Republic, when historians learned that at least four different people of different historical eras could fall under the term "Dark King". Still they seemed different except for two things: they all did not have a name, and they all possessed Force powers. Besides the Dark King from Uthel, these include:

  • The Man of Sands from Tuak'Khan
According to the legend, he was the first Emperor of the Tuakka Empire, which received a powerful gift from him – the oracle, which was later destroyed by the barbarians.
A person that really never existed, but was mentiond in various prophecies as the one who would become the last monarch of the Shiib Empire, which ruled the world for thousands of years.

There is also a diary of one of the colonists of Vur'Lua, that mentioned the signs on one of the ruins found on the planet, that were built circa 25,000 BBY. One of the signs clearly revealed the legend of a Living God, that spared the local peoples from some sort of a hurricane. But something happened as the locals were chastised by the Living God for the "greatest crime they dared to commit against him". This could simply be another legend, but the colonists from Uthel found simply ruins without any trace of survivors on the islands, where a colony was later built.

Facts and myths

The majority of historians and scientists doubt the very existence of any of these people (if there were many, not one), saying that nobody could have powers like that, especially at the times so remote. According to their opinion, the technologies were less advanced at that period and the ideology was much more primitive.

But there were others, that believed that the Dark King existed, and it was he who visited different planets in attempt to learn the principal mystery of the Galaxy. Moreover, they always said that the King was still alive and was sleeping, waiting for the proper day to return to the known space to become the last ruler…

The citizens of Baash'Baan feared the Last King greatly, since they believed themselves to be cursed by him in the past due to the destruction of the Shiib Empire by their ancestors. The city of Fiderkha was located in the territories, where the Dark King would come back one day.

According to the myth of the ancient Shiibians, all kings of the Galaxy would travel to the land of Lortum, which was believed to be a concocted paradise world. The Last King could have gone there.

Behind the scenes

  • The appearance of the Dark King was inspired by the legends of Ancient Egypt and the culture of Meroë.

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From Yu-Gi-Oh!

Dark King
 English: Dark King
Faction: DARK
Move Cost/Pattern/Range: 1/Image:movepatternAsterix.png/1
Card Description(s):
Capsule Monsters Sets:
Other Card Information:
TCG/OCG Statuses
Card/Deck/Starchip/DP Costs
Video Game Numbers
Video Game Statuses
Facts about Dark KingRDF feed
Action Points 5/7  +
Attribute DARK  +
Card Category Monster Cards  +
Card Image DarkKingSet1-CM-EN.png  +
Class 1 CM  +
English Name Dark King  +
Lore At the start of your turn, if you have any monsters on your opponent's side of the Coliseum, put one Damage Marker on your opponent's King.
Monster Points 10/19  +
Movement Cost 1  +
Movement Pattern Asterix  +
Movement Range 1  +

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