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Dark Force Temple
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Dromund Kaas


The Dark Force Temple was a Sith temple established on Dromund Kaas, one of the many colony worlds of the original Sith Empire. Its highest tower was a dark side nexus.


The Dark Force Temple at night.

The Temple was located in a bog that and was guarded with Watcher statuettes; long after the downfall of the original Sith Empire, it served as a battlefield during the Light and Darkness War.

The Temple was reinhabited by Darth Millennial, an apostate Sith apprentice who rejected Darth Bane's Rule of Two and founded the Dark Force religion on Dromund Kaas. The Temple served as the headquarters of the clergymen of this religion, whom held the title Prophets of the Dark Side. The Prophets eventually were integrated into the New Order as the Secret Order of the Empire.

In the Temple, Prophets such as Lord Cronal created horrific Sithspawn such as Gorc, Pic, and mutated Noghri. The Temple served as an elementary training ground for many of the Emperor's dark side servants including Grand Admiral Nial Declann, and was the childhood home of Cronal's oft-abused daughter, Sariss.

Following the rift between the Supreme Prophet Kadann and Emperor Palpatine, the Prophets abandoned Dromund Kaas and fled into hiding on Bosthirda. The Temple remained a place of the dark side, however, and it was within its walls that Kyle Katarn fell to the dark side. Mara Jade fought her way past Sithspawned Noghri and Vornskrs to redeem her Master.


  • Jedi Knight: Mysteries of the Sith



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