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Dark Arts is the name of the Necromancer ability in Final Fantasy V. This skillset works a bit like Blue Magic, in that a character with the Necromancer Job class must defeat a certain enemy to learn a certain Dark Arts skill. The Dark Arts are divided into 5 levels with increasing MP cost. These abilities are among the most devastating in the game, since they deal respectable damage, often which an elemental affinity and an added status effect.

Ability Effect Location Level MP Cost Image
Drain Touch Absorbs HP, non-reflectable Mindflayer, The Damned 1 15
Dark Haze Non-elemental damage to all enemies, inflicts Old and Confuse Lemure, Exoray 1 18
Deep Freeze Ice damage to one enemy, inflicts Stop Assassin, Dark Elemental 2 38
Evil Mist Damages and inflicts Poison to all enemies with a deadly poison Zombie Dragon, Drakenvale 2 38
Meltdown Deals Fire damage and inflicts Sap on all enemies with a searing heat Liquid Flame, Claret Dragon 3 38
Hellwind Rends all enemies with cursed winds, dealing wind damage and inflicting Petrify Objet d'Art, Stingray 3 38
Chaos Drive Deals lightning damage and causes Paralysis to all enemies Mini Satana 4 38
Curse Causes various status ailments Ironclad 4 42
Dark Flare Damages all enemies with a burst of dark energy Exdeath's Soul, Tonberry 5 52
Doomsday Forbidden Dark Art, deals incredible damage to all enemies. Non-reflectable Hades 5 66


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