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Dark Angel

Dark Angel (Earth-33)
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Wonder Woman #131 (Vol. 2, March 1998)



The bringer of doom known as Dark Angel has long bedeviled humans foolish enough to summon her. During World War II, Baroness Paula Von Gunther, (pre-Crisis, a brilliant Nazi saboteur who eventually became one of Wonder Woman's staunchest allies, who became a post-Crisis Nazi occult mistress), called forth this wandering evil spirit, who then took over Von Gunther's body and attacked Wonder Woman and the Justice Society with her mythical might.

Hippolyta battled Dark Angel on many occasions, and eventually Dark Angel appeared on Themyscira. She intended to kidnap Princess Diana, but instead kidnapped her magical double. She forced the double (whom she thought was Diana) to live thousands of lifetimes, each one ending in tragedy. She hoped the cumulative effect would drive Hippolyta insane. Instead, the double was able to grow stronger, and finally became an independent entity now known as Donna Troy.

Donna Troy was able to defeat Dark Angel, and at some point Dark Angel separated herself from von Gunther. The Baroness was last seen living among the Amazons.

Return of Donna Troy

Main article: Donna Troy

Following after the Infinite Crisis, it is later revealed by Donna Troy that Dark Angel was in fact her counterpart from Earth-Seven and was saved from the burning apartment by the Anti-Monitor, who raised her to serve him much as the Monitor had saved and raised Harbinger. When the Multiverse was reconfigured in one single Universe, Dark Angel, who had somehow escaped the compression of every Donna Troy into one single person in the new Earth, sought to kill Donna and make her relive the lives of the other alternate Donnas as a way to avoid the merging and remain the last one standing. When Dark Angel was defeated, Donna became the real sum of every Donna Troy that existed on every Earth, a living key to the lost Multiverse.

One Year Later

A year after the events of Infinite Crisis, Dark Angel appeared as the servant of the Monitors. She tested Supergirl to see if she was indeed the proper persona to exist in the current DC Universe. After the test Dark Angel told Supergirl that it was her job to prod and provoke questionable entities or anomalies, in order to ensure their veracity in the world. Believing Supergirl to be out of place in the timestream Dark Angel was about to erase Supergirl's existence but was stopped by one of the 52 Monitors before she could do so and was re-assigned to another unknown task. This task is later revealed to be the destruction of the entirety of Earth-48, the Forerunner home planet.[1] She later pursues Donna Troy, Kyle Rayner and Jason Todd through the Multiverse (possibly at the Monitors' behest), inquiring to the denizens of the Wildstorm Universe (Earth-50) as to whether her lookalike had passed through.[2] Dark Angel later disguised as an Oracle on Earth-33, turning the conjurers against Forerunner when she arrives.[3] Dark Angel then sheds her disguise and attacks Forerunner, killing the Earth-33 version of Starman before she is defeated. She escapes before Forerunner can finish her.[4]

Powers and Abilities


Mind control, size alteration, teleportation and altering the time stream

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  • Dark Angel at Wikipedia
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Birth Name: Unknown - Prefers to be called Darkness or Angel Birth Date: January 15 1980 Home Town: Detroit, MI Height: 6'2" Weight: 230 lbs Eyes: Gray Hair: Black

Ring Attire: Dark Angel wears Black tights with the symbol of evil on both legs and he also wears black motorcycle gloves. He has his face painted white with black paint on his lips, around his eyes and streaking down his cheeks.

Street Clothing: He is very rarely seen outside and when he is he is wearing all black with his face paint on.



He never knew his parents and bounced around from foster family to foster family. His last home was with a family who tried to bully him and beat him so he finally had enough and left his foster home and never returned as he lived on the streets of Detroit fending for himself. Was often involved with petty thefts and a few break ins.

One day he broke into a business and it ended up changing his life forever. He broke into a business called Bauer Industries witch was owned by his future best friend and future partner Wonderful One. He was arrested and went to court but to his surprise Wonderful showed up and suddenly the charges were dropped and Wonderful took him in.

He felt indebted to Wonderful so he started to work for him and would do anything that was asked of him. His temper would get the better of him at times but Wonderful saw something in him so he kept him around and he even moved to Malibu, CA when Wonderful moved there to train to be a wrestler.

He also began to train to be a wrestler and eventually joined Wonderful in the SWA.


Wild Child made a immediate impact when he helped Wonderful One and Noah Skape win the Arizona Tag Team Championship and then went on to win the Rising Star Championship before getting involved in a feud with Madison Chase. Wild Child would continue to insist that Ms. Chase and himself were in a relationship even going as far as to forcible kiss her on a couple of occasions.

After losing the title to Madison he started a team with Johnny Danger known as Wild & Dangerous. They would go on to win the Tag Titles on four occasions and the Arizona Tag Titles once. They continued to dominate the tag scene until they both left to go to WAM.

Team No Escape Wild Child was a member along with Wonderful One, Noah Skape and later on Johnny Danger. Was a up and coming stable until Wild Child, Wonderful One and Johnny Danger out grew the group and turned on Skape and started a new group.

Danger Xpress! After Team No Escape imploded the Danger Xpress was formed out of the remaining three members. Eventually Todd Idol and Maverick Duncan joined as well. Wonderful One had a falling out with manager Mr. Sparks and left for WAM but the three reunited later on in WAM. Eventually the team broke up.


Wild Child joined WAM with Johnny Danger and reunited with Wonderful One. Wild Child restarted his feud with Madison Chase by jumping her in the ring and forcibly kissing her again. The feud did not last long as they eventually pissed off WAM official Jaiden Andruws and were unceremoniously fired.


Wild Child and Wonderful One went to VSW and formed Pure Perfection and went on to win the Tag Titles and hold them for a month straight. There first order of business was to kidnap Vanilla Skyy on the orders of Tyler Page. After that Wild Child set a plan in motion to break up the friendship of Skyy and Vera Kozlov and he succeeded as Skyy joined Wonderful One , Wild Child and Titus Von Bolden.

Everything seemed to be working until Honey returned to VSW and Wild Child burned Felix Michael Preston alive in a coffin. Vanilla became distant and eventually turned on the group. After the burning of Preston compiled with Vanilla Skyy turning on them and then being eliminated in a battle royal by enemy Johnny Danger he began to change.


Wild Child Morphed into Dark Angel and started to talk about a master that he calls the Lord of Darkness. He claims that he is in the SWA to cleanse the souls of all the evil non believers. After the change Pure Perfection became Dark Perfection and then he went out of his way to break up Vanilla Skyy and Wonderful One who were dating on the sly.

He told Wonderful that Vanilla was cheating on him with Fitzgerald witch caused Wonderful to turn on Vanilla during a match. It was soon discovered by Jordyne Jade that Dark Angel had filled Wonderful's head with lies and Wonderful eventually turned on Dark Angel in order to save Vanilla. After this Dark Angel formed a team with TVB called First Power and they have been on a tear of destruction ever since. Only time will tell exactly how dangerous Dark Angel truly is.

Badboyz Inc. This was a group started by TVB, Wonderful One and Wild Child. They were responsible for getting Vanilla Skyy to turn on Vera Kozlov, Burning Preston in a coffin, Paying thugs to attack Honey in a street ally. Wonderful One eventually turned on the group and left and now Dark Angel and TVB are the only two left.



Not much is known about the Dark Priestess as dark Angel claims that she was a gift to him from the Lord of Darkness in order to make it easier to cleanse the souls of the wicked wrestlers in the SWA. She seems to hold a strange power over Dark Angel as he will do whatever she asks of him. It has even been suggested that she is the real reason that Wild Child morphed into Dark Angel. While she is at ring side she will viciously attack any wrestler or fan that gets close to her and she is not afraid of anyone. She seems to be magical since she can conjure up smoke and fireballs at will.

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