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The Dark symbol.

Dark, and its upgrades, Darkra and Darkga, are Arcane Magick spells from Final Fantasy XII. They each deal Dark-elemental damage in varying degrees to all targets in range. Enemies which have an alignment toward the Holy element are particularly susceptible to heavy damage from the spells. All Ninja Swords featured in the game deal Dark-elemental damage to enemies when used.

Dark is available on the License Arcane Magick 1 for 25 LP and will most likely be the first Arcane spell made available to the party. The spell can be purchased in Rabanastre and from various other merchants throughout Ivalice.

In the International Zodiac Job System, the Arcane Magick Licenses have been reduced to two. Dark and Darkra are both Arcane Magick 1 License which costs 40 LP.

Note that the Esper Zodiark uses Darkja as its ultimate attack in the battle against it in Henne Mines. It deals intense Dark-elemental damage and may inflict blind or instant death (Note that you can be hit with both, as the blind status does not disappear when the victim is knocked out.)

In Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift, these spells are part of the Dark Magick skillset used by undead enemies.


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