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Dargo Ktor (Earth-8710)
Real Name
Current Alias

Once and Future Thor



Thor Corps; Avengers; formerly Cult of the Hammer

Salla (wife, presumed deceased)



6' 0" (6'6" as Thor)

165 lbs (75 kg) (640 lbs as Thor)



Freedom fighter, former Corp employee

First appearance

Thor #384
(October, 1987)



Dargo Ktor grew up on a future Earth dominated by the oppressive Corp; after the discovery of Thor's hammer Mjolnir embedded in some rock, some of the populace, the Cult of the Hammer, drew hope from the belief that one of them might prove worthy to lift it, and thus gain Thor's power. Though Dargo was skeptical, feeling the people should depend on themselves and not an old legend to gain their freedom, he and his girlfriend Salla still attended a secret ceremony on September 4th 2587AD where cultists tried to pick up Mjolnir. Having noticed the cult, and wishing to prevent them from restoring his extradimensionally exiled step-brother, Loki allied himself with the Corp and sent minions to attack the meeting; during the assault Dargo grabbed Mjolnir and, judged worthy, was transformed into an avatar of Thor. When even his rock troll Tyrus the Terrible proved unable to defeat Dargo, an angry Loki destroyed Corp Central out of pique, ending their rule. Sensing Mjolnir being pulled towards the true Thor, Dargo sent it to him through a dimensional portal.

Some time later, for reason unknown to Dargo, Mjolnir returned to him, and he resumed being Thor, battling the likes of Demonstaff and briefly being used as a pawn against Earth-616's Fantastic Four by Zarrko the Tomorrow Man. Dargo and Salla had married by April 2591, when Dargo encountered Earth-691's time-traveling Guardians of the Galaxy and helped them defeat the Korvac-empowered Varley. (ref) A few months later, in September of that same year, he was duped by Zarrko into traveling back in time to Earth-616 to attack Eric Masterson, then Thor's modern-day avatar, whom Zarrko claimed had stolen Thor's hammer and thus been responsible for it being lost until Dargo's era; Dargo fought both Eric and Stellaris before Beta Ray Bill, another "Thor" intervened, and convinced Dargo of Zarrko's deception. Zarrko intended to siphon the combined energy from Eric and Dargo's hammers to power his Radical Time Stabilizer and collapse the multiverse into a single timeline, but together the Thors overcame Zarrko and his time-displaced allies, the Cobra, Demonstaff, the Executioner, Grey Gargoyle, Loki, Mercurio, Shatterfist, Tyros and Uroc, before Dargo returned to his own time.

Powers and Abilities



Dargo possesses all the powers of Thor.

Weather Control: Control over the base elements of a storm, ie. rain, wind, thunder and lightning. He can create raging electrical storms complete with thunder, lightning, hurricane-force winds, tornadoes and torrential rains. He can also create any of these phenomena individually. Another aspect of this power allows him to stop any of these weather conditions as well. The powers are shown as being channeled through Mjolnir.

  • Electrical Immunity: He is presumed to have the same immunity to the effects of lightning and electricity.

Superhuman Speed: The superhuman ability to move at speeds up to 115 miles per hour. Via Mjolnir, he can fly at lightspeed.

Superhuman Stamina: A highly efficient musculature produces almost no fatigue toxins, granting him almost limitless stamina in all physical activities.

Superhuman Durability: His body is able to withstand extreme temperatures and pressures, and virtually all toxins, corrosives, punctures, and concussions without sustaining injury. His flesh and bones are several times denser than a human's.

  • Disease Immunity: immune to all terrestrial diseases due to his god-like physical constitution.
  • Longevity: He is extremely long-lived (though not completely immune to aging)

Thor also has access to other powers provided by Mjolnir.

Power Grid [2]
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills
* Teleporter

Strength level

He possesses vast superhuman strength enabling him to lift well in excess of 100 tons. The upper limits of his strength are unknown.



He can use Mjolnir to fly and open trans-dimensional portals.


He wields Mjolnir, the hammer of Thor.

Recommended Readings

  • First Appearance: Thor #384 (1987)
  • Origin: Thor #384
  • Significant Issues: Thor #384, Thor #438-441, Thor Annual 16, Thor Corps limited series #1-4


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  2. Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z hardcover Vol. 12

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