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In Final Fantasy X, Overdrive Modes are methods that are used to fill the Overdrive gauge. Overdrive modes are learned through actions performed by a character and through effects endured by a character. Each character must learn each mode separately. Once a mode is learned, the player can select it from a menu of modes. Each character is allowed only one mode at a time. Each character starts out with the Stoic mode.


Name Turns to learn Description
Tidus Yuna Wakka Lulu Kimahri Auron Rikku
Stoic Start By taking damage from an enemy
Warrior 150 200 160 300 120 100 140 By damaging an enemy (does not apply offensive items or Overdrive attack)
Healer 80 60 110 170 100 200 170 By healing an ally (does not apply if the character is healing herself/himself)
Comrade 300 240 100 100 100 220 100 When an ally (or both) takes damage by an enemy
Slayer 100 110 90 130 120 80 200 By the character killing an enemy
Victor 120 150 160 200 120 200 140 By winning a battle while being an active, front line fighter
Tactician 100 110 90 130 120 80 200 By inflicting the enemy with any negative status ailment
Hero 50 50 50 70 45 40 50 By defeating an enemy with high HP
Ally 600 500 350 480 300 450 320 By the character getting a turn
Daredevil 170 90 140 150 200 260 110 By a character getting a turn while in Critical status (HP being yellow)
Loner 60 180 110 45 90 35 170 By getting a turn while being the only one able to battle, ie two other allies are either Petrified, KOed, Escaped or Blown Away
Coward 600 900 400 980 700 1000 450 By running away (escaping) from battle
Dancer 250 200 200 300 130 200 200 By evading an enemy attack
Rook 120 110 120 120 120 120 120 By reducing or otherwise nullifying an enemies attack, ie through the use of NulBlaze, NulShock, NulTide, NulFrost, Reflect, Shell and Protect
Victim 100 80 100 110 130 120 90 By the enemy inflicting Silence, Sleep, Doom, Darkness, Slow, Poison, Zombie or Confuse on the character
Sufferer 120 100 110 130 100 160 125 By the character getting a turn while inflicted by Silence, Sleep, Doom, Darkness, Slow, Poison, Zombie or Confuse
Avenger 100 80 100 150 100 120 90 By an enemy KO'ing an ally

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The son of a prize fighter named Battlin' Jack, Matt grew up in the relative poverty of Hell's Kitchen with much reverence for his father, who constantly pressed him to study instead of playing with his friends. In turn, they taunted him with the nickname, 'Daredevil', since he always went back to studying, (or secretly training in his father's gym) instead of doing things with them.

As a boy, Matt witnessed a man about to be hit by a truck, and pushed him out of the way, just as the truck crashed and spilled it's cargo, extremely toxic chemicals, into his face.

He awoke in the hospital, now blind from the toxins, and learned that his other senses were amplified as a result of his loss of sight. He was able to see by a radar-like sense using natural sounds around him, giving him ultimate confidence in his surroundings.

He would later become a lawyer, opening a law firm with Foggy Nelson, and taking on the mantle of 'Daredevil' after his father's death, in order to protect the citizens of Hell's Kitchen and bring justice to the streets as well as the courtroom.


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