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Veronica Dare
Biographical information
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5'7 (170cm)


UNSC Say My Name

Hair color

Blonde (Natural Brunette)

Eye color


Chronological and political information

Human-Covenant War


Navy Captain/ODST



"Orders are orders."
—Veronica Dare

Veronica Dare[2][3] is a Captain in the UNSC Navy and an Intelligence Officer in Section One of the Office of Naval Intelligence.[4][5] During the Battle of Earth, she took command of a Shock Trooper squad led by Gunnery Sergeant Edward Buck.



Veronica Dare was a graduate of a Naval Academy, likely the Officer Candidate School on Luna, which led to her eventual posting with the Office of Naval Intelligence[6].

Some years prior to the Battle of Earth, she was in a romantic relationship with Edward Buck and was, for a time, assigned to the UNSC Say My Name as an Intelligence Officer.[7] It is also stated that she took part in the Battle of Reach, along with Buck.[8]

On October 20, 2552, during the Battle of Earth, a large ODST force was to be inserted onto the Prophet of Regret's Assault Carrier stationed over New Mombasa. Dare however, was under orders to perform a classified mission in the city and she needed a squad of ODSTs for it. Dare requested a particular ODST squad from an unnamed Admiral aboard the UNSC Say My Name to partake in her mission.[9] The admiral was hesitant at first, but was forced to fullfill her request, seeing she was actually an ONI Section One operative and therefore did not report to the Fleet.[10]

Moments before the ODSTs' drop, Dare, wearing an ONI's Recon variant of the ODST armor, took command of the squad led by GySgt Edward Buck, causing some confusion among the squad members,[11] and told him that attacking the Carrier was not their mission anymore.[12] During the drop, she ordered the squad to change their Drop Pods' course at the last moment so they could perform her mission, just as the ship entered Slipspace, damaging the city and releasing a large EMP wave which disabled the pods' electronic systems and scattered them around the city. Dare's pod landed in Tayari Plaza.[13] However, she was stuck in her pod, so she radioed Buck for help. But when he arrives at her location, her pod is empty; he presumes her dead when he sees her helmet in the grasp of an unknown contact. Thinking it would kill Buck, Romeo kills it and in the resulting explosion her Recon Helmet is launched through a window and into the TV Screen where the Rookie finds it later.

Six hours after drop, Dare was revealed to be alive, having made her way to sub-level 9 of the Superintendent's data center. Following her trail was the Rookie; Dare was surprised to see him. With him, she makes her way to the core, explaining to the Rookie that their original mission was to retrieve crucial information that the Superintendent has on a seismic anomaly prior to the Covenant invasion. The mission, however, would've been suicide to go alone, as Dare needed a team behind her. As there were only two ODSTs battling through Covenant forces, Dare was impressed with the Rookie, amazed he survived alone in the city.

When they got to the Data Center, she discovered an Engineer that she initially believed was trying to harm Vergil. Upon further investigation, she had realized the Engineer was actually trying to help the Superintendent by repairing it. Her investigation also led her to believe that the Engineer was assimilating the Superintendent's data in order to help the UNSC discover the Covenant's intentions for the city. With the data secure inside the Engineer, the Rookie and Dare began an attempt to evacuate it to the surface.

The trio rendezvoused with Buck, who had figured out where Dare was, just as the Brutes start swarming the core. Once they reached an elevator, Dare punches him in the face for "abandoning the mission". Buck complained that she was missing and his squad was scattered, only for Dare to spontaneously kiss him for coming back; they both became embarrassed with the Rookie and Vergil looking on. Upon getting back to the surface, already a Covenant armada comes out of Slipspace over New Mombasa. Dare was dismayed that Buck neglected to mention it; he snapped that he was too busy watching out for Vergil; they argue to the point where Dare confesses that she'd thought she'd never see him again. Vergil then grabs their attention by getting into an Oliphant, fixing it and honking its horn. They make their way across the coastal highway to Buck's stolen Phantom, allowing the squad and Vergil to escape the city, as the Covenant began to glass it. As they flew away, Buck asked Dare if they can have a relationship again; she held his hand and told him, "Win this war, then ask me that again".

A month later, Admiral Terrence Hood grants Sergeant Major Johnson clearance to interrogate Vergil as to what the Covenant wants on Earth. Dare warns him to be gentle with their ally. As they enter the room, Vergil was in the process of accessing the Covenant Battle Network, which the squad was unable to comprehend as to how it maintains a remote connection. Johnson tossed the Engineer his lighter; Dare warns him that the creature is very flammble; Johnson cut straight to the chase, telling Vergil to answer his questions as to why the Covenant is "digging".


Halopedia has a collection of quotes related to Veronica Dare on its quotes page.
  • It is noted that an Admiral aboard the UNSC Say My Name referred to her as an "S-1 type". Originally, S1 was thought to possibly refer to SPARTAN-I, a program that predated the Human-Covenant War, but she was confirmed by Joseph Staten not to be a Spartan."S-1" actually refers to ONI, as Section One is the main intelligence gathering section of ONI and she herself is an Intelligence officer.
  • Veronica is voiced by Tricia Helfer, who is widely known for her portrayal of "Number Six" from Battlestar Galactica. Helfer's likeness was also used to model Dare. She joins Katee Sackhoff as another Battlestar cast member lending their voice to the Halo games.
  • The number 035 and the emblem of the UNSC Office of Naval Intelligence can be found on the left side of Dare's helmet. It is possible that this means she is a member of ONI Recon 035, a reconnaissance and intelligence unit, as she is an intelligence officer and even wears a Recon armor variant.
  • A running joke on pokes fun at Dare's Recon helmet, which to some appears disproportionate. However, Bungie has said that her helmet is entirely proportional to her body. The illusion of disproportion may be due to the helmet being seen on Spartans, whose armor is much thicker than that of ODSTs. Another reason for the supposed disproportional helmet could possibly be that Dare wears no shoulder pad armor, making the helmet appear bigger than it should be. Her choice of light armor also contributes to this illusion. Contrary to the above misconception, Dare's armor is actually smaller in comparison to the other 5 ODST armors available for Firefight mode.
  • Dare's Recon helmet is unlocked for Female Avatars by getting the Vidmaster Challenge: Endure Achievement.
  • Dare is unlocked for play in Firefight by beating the Campaign on Legendary.
  • The bottom part of the Marathon symbol can be seen at the bottom part of the strap on Dare's backpack.
  • When played in Firefight mode, enemies will say things like, "There he is!" or, "I found him!", even though she is a woman. This may be an overlook when the game was made, but it can easily be accepted that The Covenant footsoldiers are unable to distinguish genders of humans.
  • Dare is the only one in the squad that is not playable in the Campaign.
  • Veronica Dare is to be made into an action figure by McFarlane Toys, and is to be released March 2010.



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Sigel Dare
Physical description




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Eye color


Chronological and political information

Legacy era[1]

Known masters

Treis Sinde[2]

"Die in the name of the true Emperor!"
―Sigel Dare

Sigel Dare was a female human Master within the Imperial Knights during the Second Imperial Civil War. Fiercely loyal to Roan Fel, Emperor of the Empire-in-exile, Dare was rigid in her belief that an Imperial Knight's duty was to obey the Emperor's commands above all else, even the will of the Force. Her icy, unwavering demeanor saw her express open distaste of those not aligned with Fel's Empire, including Jedi, Sith, and members of the Galactic Alliance. This mindset often blinded her to the larger galactic picture; she saw potential allies of her Emperor only as enemies.

In 137 ABY, Dare accompanied Fel as he retook the fortress world of Bastion from Darth Krayt's Imperial forces, and was later sent with Treis Sinde, her former Master, to sabotage the construction of a new Star Destroyer belonging to Krayt's Empire. When the Star Destroyer was seized by Admiral Gar Stazi of the Galactic Alliance Remnant, Dare and Sinde infiltrated the planet Dac and rescued several Alliance pilots from the clutches of Krayt's Empire in an attempt to warn Stazi of the explosives they had planted. Although the mission resulted in Sinde being stranded on the planet, the actions of the two paved a pathway towards an eventual alliance between Stazi's fleet and Fel's Empire.

Dare was later sent back to Dac to retrieve Sinde, accompanied by the Jedi Master Asaak Dan. When Sinde informed Dare that he would be staying on-planet to continue aiding the Mon Calamari Rangers, Dare angrily drew her lightsaber and engaged her former master in a duel that was quickly halted by Dan's intervention. Dan offered to take Sinde's place as an advisor to the Rangers, and Dare and Sinde prepared to return to Bastion.



Early service

Sigel Dare was trained as an Imperial Knight by Master Treis Sinde,[2] and, after reaching knighthood, became fully qualified to serve Emperor Roan Fel as a bodyguard and agent.[3] At some point prior to 137 ABY, Dare attained the rank of Master,[4] a title reserved only for the highest-ranking Imperial Knights.[3] During sparring sessions with Sinde, she would come to surpass her teacher's skills with a lightsaber.[2]

Second Imperial Civil War

Dare accompanies Roan Fel to Bastion, along with Antares Draco and Ganner Krieg.
After seven years of conducting hit-and-run tactics on the fleets of the Sith Lord Darth Krayt's Galactic Empire, Roan Fel, former Emperor of the Galactic Empire, returned to the Imperial stronghold of Bastion, which Krayt had claimed shortly after the conclusion of the Sith-Imperial War. Dare accompanied Fel as he arrived on-planet, along with fellow Imperial Knights Antares Draco and Ganner Krieg. After securing the loyalty of the Imperial forces stationed on the fortress world, Fel believed that his Empire could now become a more potent threat to Krayt.[5]

Sabotaging the Imperious

Gahan: "Jedi?"
Dare: "Better. We're Imperial Knights."
―Monia Gahan and Dare

Weeks later,[6] Fel sent Dare and Sinde on a mission to sabotage the Advanced Star Destroyer Imperious, which was nearing completion at the Mon Calamari Shipyards; destroying the vessel would mean denying its usage to Darth Krayt's Empire. Undercover and in plainclothes, Sinde and Dare were dispatched to Dac to infiltrate and destroy the vessel. The pair planted three sets of explosives, the first two of which they expected to be found, and the third anticipated to remain undiscovered. The explosives were primed to go off when the Imperious's weapon systems came online during its shakedown cruise; the hope was that the ship would be far enough away from Dac that the Mon Calamari would not be blamed for its destruction.[7]

The plan hit a snag, however, when Admiral Gar Stazi of the Galactic Alliance Remnant executed his own bold mission to steal the Imperious from Krayt's Empire, hoping to add the ship to his fleet's arsenal. Stazi's plan succeeded,[8] and Sinde realized that the explosives would not be discovered by the Alliance. He decided that he and Dare needed to warn Stazi of the sabotage, but Dare did not share the view of her former instructor, feeling that the Duros Admiral was as much an enemy of Roan Fel's Empire as Darth Krayt was. However, Sinde knew that Fel hoped to ally with Stazi against Krayt, and felt that he and Dare could convince him of their good intentions by warning him of the threat posed by the explosives.[7]

Escape from Dac

Ronto: "Uh, who are your "friends"?"
Gahan: "They're Imperial Knights… I know—I had the same reaction."
―Ronto and Monia Gahan
Dare and Treis Sinde help rescue Rogue Squadron pilots held prisoner on Dac.
Angered at the loss of the Imperious, Darth Krayt brought a legion of Sith and stormtroopers to Dac, and ordered the execution of ten percent of the Mon Calamari population, beginning with the members of the Mon Calamari Council. As Sith and stormtroopers swarmed New Coral City, Dare and Sinde, still in plainclothes, fought their way through Krayt's forces in order to locate Monia Gahan, a member of Rogue Squadron and the niece of former Senator and Galactic Alliance Triumvirate member Gial Gahan; Dare and Sinde anticipated that she would prove vital in relaying their warning to Stazi. Finding Gahan, Dare and Sinde saved her from execution at the hands of a squad of stormtroopers, and informed her both of the situation, and that they would be taking her off-planet to in order to help them reach Stazi. Still wary of their plan, Dare taunted Gahan, telling her that her Admiral had been outsmarted, but was in turn reprimanded by Sinde, who felt that she was failing to see the larger picture.[7]

Gahan agreed to help them, on the condition that they assisted in the rescue of Alliance pilots captured during the battle. While Gahan felt that it would be a sign of Emperor Fel's sincerity if the Imperial Knights brought Stazi all of his missing people, Dare saw it as an unnecessary risk. However, she was willing to defer to Sinde's wisdom. With Gahan at their side, Dare and Sinde cut their way through legions of stormtroopers as the Mon Calamari rescued her fellow Rogues from a prison cell. Sinde quickly laid out a plan that involved everyone who could fit into stormtrooper armor donning it, and Dare posing as an Imperial lieutenant; with the plan put into motion, the ensemble made their way to the hangar levels. Dare used a mind trick to convince the captain on-duty that they were authorized to load prisoners aboard the personal shuttle of Darth Azard, a Quarren Sith Lord. Boarding the shuttle, Sinde and Dare incapacitated the crew, and Dare continued to taunt the Rogues, sarcastically asking if the pilot Ronto could fly the shuttle. Before they could take off, Sinde saw Azard, who had sensed a disturbance in the Force, approaching, and ordered Dare to take the shuttle to a rendezvous with Stazi; Sinde then leapt down into the hangar to engage Azard.[7]

Unfazed by Gahan's horror that she would leave her partner behind, Dare prepared to follow Sinde's instructions. As her former master dueled Azard in a delaying action, Dare used the Force to jettison a fuel tank into the path of the shuttle's rear guns, and instructed one of the Rogues to fire on it. A massive explosion occurred in the hangar, covering the shuttle's escape, and distracting Azard long enough for Sinde to dive off of the hangar level and escape.[7]

Dare and Jedi Master Asaak Dan don disguises prior to arriving on Dac.
Piloting the Sith Lord's shuttle to the Imperious, now in the hands of Stazi and rechristened the Alliance, the Rogues brought Dare to an audience with the Duros Admiral. Dare informed him of the third set of explosives, which were swiftly disarmed, but sarcastically told Stazi "You're welcome", prompting him to remark that as an Imperial, she was lucky to have not yet been shot. Gahan cut the tension between the two by venturing her opinion that Master Sinde had been correct: The Sith were the common enemies of both Stazi and Emperor Fel, and it would be beneficial for the two to become allies. Dare and Gahan agreed that Sinde had been willing to sacrifice himself to the greater good, and Dare expressed her belief that he was still alive, joining up with a resistance group that the Mon Calamari were no doubt creating. Swayed by Gahan's words, Stazi realized the necessity of bringing down Krayt, and instructed Dare to contact Roan Fel and inform him of his willingness to create an alliance. Bowing to the Admiral, Dare acquiesced to his request.[7]

Retrieving Sinde

"You will return with me or you will die here! You have a duty to the Emperor."
―Dare to Treis Sinde

The resulting alliance between the Empire-in-Exile and the Galactic Alliance Remnant went on to decimate Krayt's Coruscant Third Fleet at Ralltiir,[9] while on Dac, Sinde fought alongside the Mon Calamari Rangers in an effort to protect Mon Calamari refugees stranded on the planet. After finally being able to make contact with Sinde,[10] Fel summoned Dare to an audience, along with Antares Draco and Ganner Krieg, who had just reported back from a mission that saw the death of Darth Krayt.[11] In the wake of such a momentous event, the Emperor handed out orders to all three Knights; Dare was to go to Dac and retrieve Treis Sinde,[4] who was needed to train more Imperial Knights.[10]

Dare traveled to the Arkanis Sector and once again met with Admiral Gar Stazi aboard the Alliance. During Dare's visit, the Admiral was also host to four Jedi, all of whom had been dispatched by the Jedi Council in order to aid Stazi's alliance with Roan Fel. Jedi Master Te Corso invited Dare to join a private conversation about the bounty hunter Cade Skywalker, but the Imperial Knight declined, instead asking Stazi for the use of one of the Alliance's Imperial shuttles, which would allow her to covertly slip into Dac. Fascinated by what he had heard about Sinde's work with the Mon Calamari Rangers, Jedi Master Asaak Dan asked to come along, but his request was met with steadfast refusal. However, Dare's conviction was overridden by the Admiral, who reminded her that the shuttle, and consequently the decision, was his.[2]

Asaak Dan halts Dare's attempt to kill her former master.
En route to Dac, Dare hatched a plan that saw her dress as an Imperial Intelligence officer, and Dan as one of her agents. Bothered by Master Dan's presence, she repeatedly informed him of the plan and its details, creating a hostility between the two of them, albeit one that was reciprocated in a largely mock-serious manner. After landing on Dac, they were able to bypass security with the aid of a mind trick on Dare's part, before rendezvousing with Sinde and the Mon Calamari Ranger Tanquar. Hoping to leave the planet quickly, Dare informed her former master of the awaiting ship, and was shocked to hear that he intended to remain on Dac. Sinde believed that the Force was telling him to remain with the Rangers, but Dare, angrily igniting her lightsaber, insisted that an Imperial Knight's personal loyalty to the Emperor transcended what the Force told them. Sinde didn't wish to fight, but Dare was adamant: He would return with her, or he would die on Dac. Dismayed that Dare, and younger Imperial Knights in general, were losing sight of the true purposes of their organization, Sinde reluctantly engaged his former student in a lightsaber duel.[2]

As the two fought, Master Dan ignited his own lightsaber and intervened, enraging Dare in the process. Halting the duel, he suggested to Sinde that it was Sinde's duty to return to Bastion and train young Imperial Knights correctly, and offered to stay on Dac and help the Rangers in Sinde's place. After Sinde accepted, he and Dare and Sinde prepared to depart the planet, and Dare grudgingly admitted that the Jedi was skilled and brave.[2]

Peace talks on Agamar

Back on Bastion, Dare, along with Masters Draco, Hogrum Chalk, and Emperor Fel, observed a sparring match between Masters Krieg and Azlyn Rae that was happening under Master Sinde's direction. During the session, Dare took notes as she watched.[12] Dare then joined a contingent of Imperial Knights in accompanying the Emperor and the Princess to Agamar in order to conduct peace talks with the Galactic Alliance and the Jedi Order.[13]

Personality and traits

"We are Imperial Knights. We do our duty by the Emperor and by the Force—no matter the cost."
―Sigel Dare
Dare using a mind trick

As of 137 ABY, Sigel Dare was a Master[4] within the Imperial Knights; the title indicated that she was one of the organization's highest-ranking members.[3] Dare was fiercely loyal to the cause of Emperor Roan Fel, and was very rigid in her approach to her duty,[1][14] an approach which her former master, Treis Sinde, saw as blinding her to the larger picture. While with Sinde on Dac, Dare was very reluctant to warn Admiral Gar Stazi of the explosives planted aboard his new flagship, as she felt that he was as much an enemy to her Emperor as the Sith were. Even while working to warn him, Dare was smug in her actions, taunting several members of Rogue Squadron and insisting that she and Sinde had outsmarted the Admiral, and even sarcastically muttering "You're welcome" to Stazi after the explosives had been disarmed. During the mission, Dare indicated that that if it had been up to her, all members of the Galactic Alliance would rot on Dac, and Stazi would die in space.[7]

Dare maintained that an Imperial Knight's duty was ultimately to the Emperor and not to the will of the Force; when retrieving Sinde from Dac, she insisted that he obey their Emperor's orders rather than listen to what the Force was telling him. Her staunch devotion to this attitude even saw her draw her lightsaber on and attack her former master, who hadn't been willing to return to Bastion. Dare attempted to kill him until Asaak Dan intervened.[2]

Severely critical of both the Jedi and the Sith,[1] Dare was greatly annoyed when Jedi Master Asaak Dan was permitted to accompany her on a retrieval mission to Dac, and felt that she needed to explain her plan to him several times in order for him to understand it. In spite of her open disregard for those who weren't part of Fel's Empire, however, she was known to show humility, such as when she acknowledged Master Dan's skills and bravery,[2] when she bowed to Gar Stazi upon hearing his decision to open talks with Fel regarding a potential Alliance, and when she was willing to defer to Treis Sinde's wisdom on Dac.[7] As cold as ice, Dare did not want to admit that the galaxy was falling apart around her.[1]

Powers and abilities

As an Imperial Knight, Dare was part of an organization that was said to be among the most talented and dangerous Force-users in the galaxy.[3] Dare was skilled with a lightsaber, and during her training, came to surpass Treis Sinde's abilities with the weapon. She was also proficient with various uses of the Force, such as mind-tricks[2] and levitation.[7]

Behind the scenes

Sigel Dare was created by John Ostrander and Jan Duursema for the comic book series Star Wars: Legacy, and, along with the Imperial Knights in general, was first revealed in Legacy's Issue 0, released in June 2006.[1] She went on to make her first appearance in a brief scene of the third issue of the series,[5] and appeared on the cover of its sixth issue, despite not appearing within its pages.[15] Dare's first major role came in Issue 22 of Legacy, written by Ostrander and pencilled by Alan Robinson;[7] she later went on to play a significant role of the series' forty-second issue, also written by Ostrander but pencilled by Dave Ross.[2]


In 2008, Dare received her own miniature figurine, as part of the Legacy of the Force set of Star Wars Miniatures. Although Dare's likeness was used, the figurine was simply called "Imperial Knight".[16] The following year, Dare also received her own action figure. Hasbro, as part of its Legacy Collection comic packs, released Dare and Darth Krayt as 3 ¾ inch action figures, packaged with Issue 22 of Legacy.[17]


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