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Alliance to Restore the Republic

Dansra Beezer was Human female from Alderaan who served in the Rebel Alliance as a member of Renegade Squadron. She held the rank of corporal.


Beezer was a slicer and technician. She was trained by Brooks Carlson to serve as a scout for Alliance commandos in Renegade Squadron. In 4 ABY she was chosen for the Rebel strike team that headed to the forest moon of Endor to shut down the deflector shields of the second Death Star. She didn't feel quite comfortable serving under General Han Solo who was known for his unusual methods. Beezer and the rest of the strike team, in the end, were able to successfully destroy the shield generator bunker. She was promoted to sergeant.

In 6 ABY she was part of a deep cover New Republic Intelligence team led by Major Bren Derlin whose mission was to interrupt the illegal organ donation trade imposed on the populace of Reuss VIII by crime lord Torel Vorne and the ruling Reuss Corporation.

Beezer's part of the operation was to ensure the highly publicized champion shockboxing match between Outer Rim champion Tull Raine and contender Lobar Aybock was fair by confounding an attempt by one of Vorne's henchmen to slice into Aybock's armor and fix the fight. Vorne traced her remote terminal signal and sent a Defel assassin to kill her, but Reussi NRI agent Tisocco killed the Defel.

The operation was successful and Aybock won the fight, leading to the removal of Vorne and the suspension of the Reussi Corporation pending judicial investigation of its activities. The New Republic took over governing the devastated planet.

There was some suggestion of mutual attraction between Lobar Aybock and Beezer.


  • Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi (First appearance)
  • Night Attack (Mentioned only)
  • Fists of Ion (First identified as Dansra)



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