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Danni Quee
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4 ABY[1] (39), Commenor

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1.6 meters[3]

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"Master Skywalker, I hope you won't think I don't value what I have learned with the Jedi because I came to this decision quickly, but I was never a true member of the order, and my future lies with Zonama Sekot."
―Danni Quee resigning from the New Jedi Order at the Conclave on Ossus

Danni Quee was a New Republic scientist during the Yuuzhan Vong War. She was present at the very first Yuuzhan Vong incursions into the galaxy, experiencing the horrors of war and the ferocity of the invaders from Helska 4 to Coruscant. Danni, though originally an astrophysicist, soon became an expert on the Yuuzhan Vong's biots and biotechnology, searching for ways to counter their weaponry. She was constantly near the front lines on the war, seeking to decipher the alien organisms while honing her latent Force abilities. Her efforts led to the development of yammosk detection and jamming equipment, a valuable contribution to the war effort. Danni accompanied Luke Skywalker and Jacen Solo to Zonama Sekot, where she was fascinated by the living planet. At the war's end, Danni remained on Zonama Sekot, resigning from the Jedi Order during the Dark Nest Crisis.




Early life

Danni, a native of Commenor, was the daughter of an astrophysicist mother and a bureaucrat father. Her parents divorced when she was still a child and Danni opted to stay with her mother, who started her on her career in astronomy.[1] A prodigy herself, Danni decided to leave the crowded Core Worlds at the age of fifteen, joining the Extragalactic Society which stationed her at their observatory on Belkadan in 22 ABY.[2]

Discovery of the Yuuzhan Vong

Danni works in the field.
Yomin Carr: "Take heed of the woman called Danni Quee. She is formidable."
Da'Gara: "One to convert?"
Yomin Carr: ""
Da'Gara: "A worthy sacrifice, then. She will be killed honorably and at the proper time"
―Yomin Carr and Da'Gara discuss Danni's fate

By 25 ABY, Danni was in charge of ExGal-4, enjoying the world and her work there, and the fifteen other members of the station looked up to her as their nominal leader. She had already shown initiative, killing a redcrested cougar and repairing a damaged orbital telescope.[2] She was the leader of the station, keeping it running well through measures such as forbidding excessive ryll spice use, though she did allow the other crewmembers some small vices.[5] Little did she guess that one of her new crewmembers was Yomin Carr, an advance scout for the Yuuzhan Vong.[2]

She was delighted when the equipment scanning the edges of the galaxy discovered that what appeared to be an asteroid had breached the galactic edges. Tracking the "asteroid", Danni and her crew determined that it was on a collision course with the planet Helska 4. Despite their communications to ExGal headquarters going offline, Danni did not realize that it was an invasion or suspect a threat from the anomaly. After reclassifying the "asteroid" as a "comet" because they had discovered a tail on it, Danni rounded up two members of her team, Bensin Tomri and Cho Badeleg, and they took the station's Spacecaster to further investigate why the "comet"'s collision had not caused Helska 4 to explode.[2]

While traveling to Helska 4, the three discovered that the "comet" was actually a worldship of the Praetorite Vong and their attempts to contact ExGal-4 or escape the system were in vain. The Spacecaster was captured and Tomri and Badeleg were killed by the invaders. Danni's life was spared at the request of Yomin Carr, the Yuuzhan Vong advance scout that had infiltrated ExGal-4. Danni was considered worthy enough to be a sacrifice to their gods, and was held captive on Helska 4 in preparation.[2]

Meanwhile, Yomin Carr destroyed the outpost on Belkadan, leaving no survivors. On Helska 4, Danni was soon joined by another captive, the Jedi Miko Reglia, who had responded to her distress call, and she witnessed his torture as the yammosk war coordinator tried to break his will after the Jedi and scientist had tried to escape. However, help was on the way, as the Solo twins arrived in-system in an iceborer with a New Republic fleet following them not long afterwards. After sensing her in the Force and receiving her mental distress call, Jacen Solo arrived on Helska 4 to rescue both Danni and Miko while Jaina remained in orbit. However, Danni watched in horror as Miko sacrificed himself along with two Yuuzhan Vong warriors in an attempt to cover their escape. The two blasted off the planet in Jacen's stylus ship, which he had used to get into the icy world and met up with Jaina in the main iceborer, who docked with their ship and launched them into hyperspace, flanked by the Millennium Falcon and Jade Sabre. In the close quarters of the stylus ship, Danni's grief for Miko and her co-workers on Belkadan overcame her resolve and hardened exterior, and Jacen comforted her as she wept, both ignoring their bedraggled appearances, injuries, and scanty Yuuzhan Vong garb. Later, she provided the information she had gleaned from her captivity to Luke and Mara Jade Skywalker and the Solos, leading to the successful resolution of the Second Battle of Helska. Danni rode out the battle in the Jade Sabre, helping with the piloting of the ship as best as she could.[2]

The Yuuzhan Vong invasion

Danni Quee.
"They had me once, and I don't want to be their prisoner again. I couldn't stand it, I just couldn't."
―Danni on Yuuzhan Vong captivity

Two months after her escape from Helska 4, Danni accompanied Leia Organa Solo to Coruscant to inform the Senate of the threat the Yuuzhan Vong posed to the galaxy. After the Senate dismissed Leia's claims as a power grab on her part, Danni returned to Commenor to spend some time with her family and recover from her ordeal on Helska 4.[1]

Danni then spent some time developing her latent Force talents under the instruction of Jaina Solo, and accompanied both Jaina and Leia to a conference on Agamar in order to persuade the Agamarians to house refugees from the planets the Yuuzhan Vong had conquered. Due to Leia's status as a hero and Danni's report on the threat of the Yuuzhan Vong, the Agamarians agreed to house the refugees.[1]

After the conference, Jaina and Danni accompanied Leia to Dubrillion, where Danni fully experienced the pain and despair of the people, who had been attacked by the Yuuzhan Vong. Jaina helped her develop control over some of what she sensed in the Force, and Danni helped Jaina with her struggle to develop her own identity. As Leia and Lando Calrissian prepared to evacuate Dubrillion, Danni was ferried out on the Ralroost to Dantooine, where Jacen, Luke, Mara, and Anakin Solo were waiting, along with many refugees. However, Danni's tutelage under Jaina was cut short when Jaina transferred into Rogue Squadron. Instead, she spent some time with Jacen Solo, and though she felt some feelings for him, especially after his rescuing her from the Yuuzhan Vong, she told him that she thought he was better for her as a friend. She later utilized her fledgling Force skills to help Leia ferret out disguised Yuuzhan Vong infiltrators in the Dantooine refugee camp via use of the Force, at the same time as the raging Battle of Dantooine. While doing so, she helped defend Lando Calrissian from an attack by the Yuuzhan Vong spies. One of the Yuuzhan Vong attempted to use a child as a hostage, holding a purloined blaster to the child's head, but Danni used telekinesis to slip the power pack out of the blaster and Leia killed the Vong warrior.[1]

Leia and Danni then journeyed to Bastion to meet with Grand Admiral Gilad Pellaeon regarding Imperial support against the Yuuzhan Vong. Danni was nervous about the meeting, but Pellaeon agreed to look over the material Leia sent him. As a result, he pledged limited aid to the New Republic, most of which took place at the Battle of Ithor.[6]

Aiding the war effort

"We must train you to fly an A-wing, Danni Quee. The Wild Knightz could use someone as crazy as you."
―Saba Sebatyne to Danni Quee

Danni eventually relocated with the other Jedi to Eclipse, a Jedi safe haven created after the public began turning on them. While there, she began working with Cilghal on a way to track and identify the yammosk war coordinators in the hope of also finding means to counter them. Just before the attack on Coruscant, Danni was stationed with Saba Sebatyne and her Wild Knights and assisted them in their skirmishes against the Yuuzhan Vong. During a battle over Arkania, Danni determined the gravitic frequencies that the yammosks used to communicate and she also helped the Wild Knights shoot down coralskippers and avoid enemy fire as they flew through the enemy fleet, gathering valuable sensor data on the way. A significant aid to her work came at the Battle of Talfaglio when they were able to capture an intact, albeit frozen, yammosk.[7]

However, Danni was angry upon learning of the Mission to Myrkr, both at the foolhardy nature of the mission and that she hadn't been asked to go along by Luke Skywalker. In response, Danni buried herself in her gravitic research, and she and Cilghal took the Jade Shadow on a trip to Borleias to ferry equipment there. The pair returned to Eclipse just as the Battle of Eclipse started when the Yuuzhan Vong chased the Errant Venture through the system. By this time, Danni had developed methods for detecting the yammosks, though not how to disrupt their gravitic communications. Danni flew on the Wild Knights' blastboat again, but was disappointed when they failed to capture a live yammosk, which she felt was vital to any future breakthroughs they would have on countering the yammosks. Thankfully though, Luke Skywalker was later able to retrieve one for her and her team at the Battle of the Black Bantha, ferrying it back to Eclipse for research and examination.[7]

Danni Quee

Danni was again thrust into action with the Wild Knights at the fall of Coruscant, flying once more with the Wild Knights in the massive engagement. In the midst of the battle, Danni helped coordinate attacks on the Yuuzhan Vong yammosks and a transmission from Cilghal completed the puzzle of the gravitic communications. As the capital burned, Danni activated her yammosk jamming for the first time, effecting the escape of Millennium Falcon from Coruscant in the process, and finally providing a countermeasure for the Yuuzhan Vong's coordinators. The jamming, which disrupted the communications paths from the yammosks to the ships they controlled, threw the Yuuzhan Vong forces into disarray when used, depriving them of the eerie synchronization they had used to great effect throughout the war. Skywalker congratulated her on her achievement, saying that her success "came too late for Coruscant, but it gives me hope for the future."[7]

When Coruscant fell, Danni Quee accompanied the Wild Knights and Wedge Antilles's Fleet Group Three to Borleias, where she participated in the defense of the planet, with Wedge placing her in charge of all captured Yuuzhan Vong biotechnology. During that battle, Danni continued to work with the Wild Knights and also created a sensing device to determine if the Yuuzhan Vong were tracking refugee ships via one of their creatures. Her life was placed in danger when Tam Elgrin, a holocam operator forcibly controlled by the Yuuzhan Vong, was assigned to spy on her as she was working on the Starlancer Project. Her efforts convinced the Yuuzhan Vong of the dangerous nature of the weapon, as planned. Tam was ordered to kill her, but he resisted the order, feeling that she didn't deserve to die and because he was smitten with her. Eventually, Tam resisted his controllers, overcame his conditioning, and confessed his spying to Jaina Solo, ending the threat to Danni's life for the time being.[8]

The tide turns

"It's Danni Quee's doing. It has to be. She's the only one who could integrate Yuuzhan Vong and New Republic technology this way."
―Viqi Shesh on the Starlancer Project

Danni, however, did not stay on Borleias for the duration of the battle. Instead, she accompanied Luke, Mara, Tahiri Veila, and Wraith Squadron to occupied Coruscant.[8] Disguised as a Yuuzhan Vong warrior, Danni and the others explored the planet, examining what the Vong had done during their occupation. Danni and Baljos Arnjak's studies of the environment revealed that Coruscant was a thoroughly changed world and that it would not be the same for many years. Another part of their mission was learning the origins of the deranged Dark Jedi Lord Nyax after they stumbled into a secret chamber where he had been augmented to make him more lethal. Though she was Force-sensitive, Danni did not join the three other Jedi in hunting down Nyax, as she was scarcely trained and didn't have a lightsaber. Her Jedi training, which had never really been a main focus for her, was sporadic, and she was not considered a full-fledged knight. Instead, she focused on her studies until the team evacuated in the Ugly Truth. Her Force-sensitivity did allow her to experience the disturbances and influences that Nyax generated, distressing her as she felt the commands, negative emotions, and pain he released. Returning to Borleias, she once again served the garrison there with her array of gravitic sensors and jamming devices in the concluding stages of the battle.[9]

Following their evacuation from Borleias to Mon Calamari after the Domain Hul worldship was destroyed, Danni continued to conduct her research on Yuuzhan Vong biotechnology. However, the formation of the Galactic Alliance caused her team to be transferred from the Jedi to the government. Her part of the theoretical work was deemed complete and she was given little else to do, despite her prior achievements. Instead of scientific research, she began training in setting up resistance cells and communications, determined to remain involved in the war effort. This lapse in activity also gave her some spare time to spend with friends such as fellow astrophysicist Thespar Trode and Jacen Solo, who had just escaped from Yuuzhan Vong torture and captivity. While out on a diving trip with Jacen, Danni told him about a group of geneticist friends of hers who were working with the Chiss on the Yuuzhan Vong genome. Danni would also later attend a reception thrown in honor of the young Jedi Knights, including Jacen, many of whom had just been knighted. Many of the Knights soon left for Kashyyyk to join Traest Kre'fey's fleet though, and she continued her work and training on the provisional capital of Mon Calamari.[10]

Danni Quee with her scientific equipment

Into the Unknown

"Why do I keep allowing myself to get talked into these things, Jacen?"
―Danni Quee to Jacen Solo

In the final months of the war, she accompanied Jacen, Mara Jade Skywalker, Luke Skywalker, Saba Sebatyne (whom Danni persuaded to join them), R2-D2, and Jedi healer Tekli to the Unknown Regions in an attempt to locate the living planet, Zonama Sekot. Boarding the Jade Shadow, the group set their course for the Unknown Regions.[11]

Their first layover was over Bastion, the Imperial capital, but they arrived in the midst of the Battle of Bastion. Thankfully, the Jade Shadow avoided most of the combat, retreating to Yaga Minor with the rest of the Imperial fleet, although their reception by the Empire was somewhat frosty prior to the return of Gilad Pellaeon from Bastion. After Pellaeon and Jacen planned a trap for the Vong at Borosk, Danni's yammosk detecting and jamming equipment was given to the Empire, and she flew in the Jade Shadow with Mara in the Battle of Borosk. However, when Saba Sebatyne proposed using a ship as bait for the Vong in order to free the slaves imprisoned inside a Yuuzhan Vong vessel, Gilad Pellaeon provided the Braxant Bonecrusher as a sacrificial vessel to get them close to the slave-carrier. Danni, armored in a combat jumpsuit, huddled in the Jade Shadow, which was docked inside the Bonecrusher's hangar bay, until Jacen and the droid brains flew the ship past the slave carrier. Once the slave ship extended tentacles into the Dreadnaught to search for victims to capture, Danni and Saba were pulled through them into the Yuuzhan Vong vessel. Once inside, she launched miniature assassin droids to attack the Yuuzhan Vong crew. With the crew defeated, she and Saba got the prisoners out and back into the Bonecrusher using a mass of blorash jelly, where they were cut out and the ship then jumped to safety. The Empire went on to win the battle, and the Yuuzhan Vong retreated. The foolhardy stunt of Danni, Jacen, and Saba also earned them the esteem of the Empire, and the frigate Widowmaker joined their mission as an escort as they left the Empire.[11]

The expedition journeyed from planet to planet, looking for hints and traces of Zonama Sekot. Over Munlali Mafir, after Jacen, Luke, and a small team of Imperials narrowly escaped the natives, they were met by a group of Chiss, who instructed them to arrive at Csilla to request authorization to pass through Chiss space. In spite of their compliance, the Chiss initially denied their request to pass through, but gave them access to their massive library of written books of data and surveys. Danni was aided in her search for the living planet through the records, which gave them some information about Zonama Sekot's movements. Danni's knowledge of astronomy also was valuable in narrowing the data search; she suggested they focus on surveys of stars that had captured planets.[12]

On their way back to the Jade Shadow for a rest, Danni, Mara, Luke, and Soontir Fel were attacked by a group of Fel's Chiss rivals. The group pretended to surrender, but before they disembarked from their ice barge, Fel's wife Syal Antilles Fel programmed its cannons to fire at their adversaries, and the distraction was enough to allow the Jedi to quickly overwhelm their would-be captors. The result was that the Chiss became much more amicable towards them and gave them permission to pass through their space, but they still had yet to find a trace of Zonama Sekot. While Danni was talking with Jacen in the library about their relationship, her use of the phrase "wandering satellites" gave him an epiphany and he realized that Zonama Sekot might have been acting as a moon in its journeys, going into orbit around another planet instead of around a star, as they had previously thought and based their search on.[12]

Their new search yielded results and they deduced that Zonama Sekot was hiding in the Klasse Ephemora system, though hyperspace disturbances kept blocking them from reaching the system. The Force-sensitives, including Danni, joined together in a Force Meld to guide them through the disturbances, and they reached the system, the Widowmaker behind them, to find Zonama Sekot beating off a Yuuzhan Vong attack.[13]

As it beat off the invaders, Zonama Sekot also unleashed a psychic wave that knocked out the crew of the Jade Shadow, which Danni was onboard. She didn't awake until a few hours after they landed on the planet, but was very impressed by the sentient world once she did. Luke, Jacen, Danni, Imperial scientist Soron Hegerty, and Mara were escorted to a dwelling in one of the native Ferroan settlements some distance away, though they had to leave their ship behind. Danni, along with the others, tried to convince the planet's consciousness to join the war efforts, but the consciousness, known as Sekot, was not eager to do so.[13]

Jacen rescues Danni on Zonama Sekot.

During the night, an angry group of Ferroans collapsed the roof of their dwelling and seized the unconscious Danni as a prisoner. They were pursued by Jacen and Saba as they tried to escape with their prisoner. Once the two Jedi caught up with the kidnappers, Jacen realized that they weren't hardened criminals and agreed to let himself and Saba be taken as hostages also so he could talk with their leader. Apparently, the Magister of Zonama had also been taken by the same group, whose leader was a Ferroan named Senshi who resented the presence of outsiders. Danni was still knocked out by the evening, having been carried by stretcher to Senshi's compound, and Jacen attempted to use the Force to heal her, as he was worried about her condition. Danni's life was particularly threatened by an angry boras plant cluster, but Jacen convinced the plant to retreat while Saba stood guard over her. Later, they realized that the whole kidnapping had been a test of them by Sekot and Danni awoke once the test was complete, none the worse for wear. Sekot agreed to return to known space and aid the war effort.[13]

The war's end and beyond

"Danni Quee. Sekot wishes to speak with you."
Jabitha to Danni on Zonama Sekot

Danni remained on Sekot during its turbulent trip back to known space, with the other members of their party, the newly arrived Corran Horn and Tahiri Veila, and the apostate Yuuzhan Vong priest Harrar, who had realized that the Yuuzhan Vong war and culture were a sham after experiencing Zonama Sekot. As the world prepared to arrive in Vong-occupied space, Danni explained the discoveries she had pioneered such as yammosk jamming and decoy dovin basals to the world at its request, so it could prepare for a final confrontation with the Yuuzhan Vong. The world ultimately arrived near Coruscant and Danni had a chance to see old friends such as Han, Leia, and Jaina Solo, and other members of the Jedi Order before they launched the final battle of the Yuuzhan Vong War.[14]

Sekot requested Tekli, Danni, and Cilghal to remain on the planet throughout the battle. Though Danni had originally planned to go with Luke and Mara to Coruscant, she acceded to Sekot's wishes, for neither she, Cilghal, or Tekli were warriors anyway. It was while sitting in a Sekotan airship during the battle that Danni realized that she could never have a future as a Jedi, nor with Jacen Solo. Shortly afterwards, Sekot wished to speak to the human scientist and revealed to her that Sekot did not wish to destroy the Yuuzhan Vong, even if they wished to destroy it. Instead, as Danni informed the others, the living world wanted to welcome the Vong to their new home, as the two species were closely related. Zonama Sekot revealed that it was a seed of the long-destroyed Yuuzhan Vong homeworld from antiquity and that it wished to bring the Yuuzhan Vong to it for the purpose of re-shaping their culture from conquest and savagery. Those Yuuzhan Vong vessels not destroyed by the Galactic Alliance armada attacking Coruscant were drawn to Zonama Sekot or were withdrawn and later surrendered by Warmaster Nas Choka, and the Yuuzhan Vong War ended after five destructive years. After the battle, Danni stayed on Zonama Sekot (along with Tahiri Veila and Tekli) to study the planet's flora and fauna, while Jacen left to follow his own path.[14]

Quee remained a part of the New Jedi Order even as she studied Zonama Sekot. Following Luke Skywalker's Jedi convocation on Ossus in 36 ABY, however, she resigned from the organization, as both she and Luke knew her destiny was on Zonama Sekot.[4]

Personality and traits

"This one is a scientist. This one didn't use to know how to kill."
―Danni Quee to Saba Sebatyne

Danni was a dedicated scientist with a passion for exploring and learning new things. This led her to the ExGal society, full of many other idealistic university students. Though she didn't mind the sparse company this work required, she had begun to wonder whether she was wasting her life just prior to the Yuuzhan Vong War.[5] Danni was also known for her initiative and resilience, earning the respect of Yomin Carr, a Yuuzhan Vong infiltrator. While she was the subject of much male attention at ExGal-4, Danni ignored it, deferring romance for later in life,[2] though she hoped to one day be married and have children.[1]

She was horrified by the Yuuzhan Vong and their penchant for cruelty, though innately curious about their biotechnology. Her captivity and witnessing the death of the Jedi apprentice Miko Reglia shocked her,[2] but she again displayed her inner strength by returning to the front lines of the war in the Outer Rim Territories.[7]

As the war progressed, Danni continued to display her characteristic resourcefulness, endurance, and intelligence by providing the New Republic with valuable techniques to counter the Yuuzhan Vong, even risking her life several times to further the war effort.[8] Danni was devoted to learning throughout her life, even giving up her place in the Jedi Order for the sake of learning, as she felt her future was on Zonoma Sekot. Danni had never fully embraced the Jedi Order as others had, having never constructed a lightsaber or had an official master. As she had done throughout her short life, Danni did not shy away from making such hard choices. For the sake of learning and doing what she thought was her destiny, Danni gave up life on Commenor,[2] the Jedi Order, and Jacen Solo, whom she had some attraction to.[4]


Even from a young age, Danni was considered a genius and a prodigy, particularly in the area of astronomy.[2] Danni was also skilled in the use of droids and computers,[14] as well as being mechanically adept. Her time at Belkadan also gave her a decent knowledge of survival skills and practical knowledge, in addition to her extensive education in the physical sciences. She spoke at least two languages, Basic and Ryl.[5] Despite her killing of a redcrested cougar and her courage,[2] she was never a warrior, however, and was unskilled with conventional weapons or lightsabers.[1] Danni had some piloting skills,[2] but was not an accomplished pilot. When it was discovered that she was Force-sensitive, Danni received some training in the use of the Force from Jaina Solo. She was a quick study, learning basic telekinesis easily and saved Lando Calrissian's life with the skill.[1] While she was held prisoner by the Yuuzhan Vong, she was able to unconsciously send out a telepathic call for help through the Force, despite having had no training in the use of the Force or even knowing at the time that she was Force-sensitive.[2]

As the war progressed, Danni became one of the New Republic's leading experts on Yuuzhan Vong biotechnology, delving into the field of biology to understand how their creatures and biots worked.[8] Later, after the primary breakthroughs such as yammosk jamming had been developed, she turned to other areas, being trained in infiltration and communications in preparation for setting up resistance cells.[10]


Jacen Solo

"Liquids under pressure don't boil when they should, and emotions tend to act the opposite way. I think you are wonderful, and I treasure you as a friend. Anything else, well, as you said, the future is constantly in motion."
―Danni Quee to Jacen Solo

Prior to her first encounter with the Yuuzhan Vong, Danni displayed little interest in pursuing romantic relationships. After being rescued by Jacen Solo, Danni felt some attraction to him as he was there for her, comforting her after her capture and bringing her mementos and holos from her ruined station on Belkadan. For his part, Jacen saw Danni as the first woman he had been attracted to outside the Jedi Academy, and his seeing her as a "damsel in distress", as well as the level of physical contact necessitated by the confines of the stylus ship they had blasted off Helska 4 in, imparted a different dynamic to their relationship. On Dantooine, when she saw him next, Danni realized that he would be better as a friend for her, though, saying that under different circumstances something might have developed between them.[1] On their expedition to the Unknown Regions, Danni again found herself attracted to Jacen, making efforts to spend time with him and worrying about his safety when he was in danger.[11] While they were on Csilla, she told him that she considered him a man that she was proud to call a friend, though Jacen felt she was talking about more than just friendship.[12] However, her time on Zonama Sekot opened her eyes and she knew her destiny was with the living planet, and not Jacen Solo. They parted ways at the end of the war.[14]

Tam Elgrin

Tam Elgrin was a holocam operator for holojournalist Wolam Tser, but was also a mind-controlled Yuuzhan Vong operative. While on Borleias, Danni obtained records and holos he had taken while on occupied Coruscant and he was smitten with her. His attraction to the pretty young scientist was encouraged by his controller, Viqi Shesh, who wanted him to use a relationship with Danni as a key to get more information. For her part, Danni realized that he was attracted to her, but did not reciprocate the attention, seeing it as an obstacle to her work. She would later deduce that he was working for the Yuuzhan Vong, and placed herself at personal danger to feed him misinformation, as Tam had been ordered to kill her by Shesh. However, in his admiration for Danni, he found the strength to resist his conditioning and was rescued and healed by Cilghal. His attraction ended after that, as Danni had left for Coruscant by that time.[8]

Behind the scenes

A portrait of Danni Quee from the canceled Knightfall trilogy.

Danni Quee first appeared in the novel Vector Prime, and was created by R. A. Salvatore.[2]

Danni was originally going to be the main character of the canceled Knightfall trilogy. However, after the first novel was completed, the trilogy was canceled due to the dissatisfaction of Lucasfilm Ltd. and Del Rey regarding how the story was advancing.[15]

In Dark Tide II: Ruin, Danni Quee journeys with Leia Organa Solo to Bastion, where she meets Gilad Pellaeon.[6] However, in Force Heretic I: Remnant, Danni states that she has never met any Imperials.[11] No clarification has been given on this issue. Neither has the discrepancy between Vector Prime and most other New Jedi Order books, which state that Danni's eyes are green,[2] and Dark Nest III: The Swarm War, which states that her eyes are blue,[4] been addressed by Lucasfilm.


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