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Daniel was a biblical figure in Human mythology. One of the many stories atributed to this man involved God using Angels to protect Daniel from lions. In the Christian religion, this occasion marks the only use of Angels not sent to deliver a message or kill thousands. (TLE novel: Excelsior: Forged in Fire)

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Daniel works for The Boss in It's a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie.

When he bypasses his supervisor Glenn to bring Kermit's plight to her attention, she sends him down to Earth looking like an ice cream salesman from Hello, Dolly!


  • Daniel was named after Jim Lewis's son, Daniel Lewis. This is also a reason why the Boss referred to daniel as "Danny L".[1]


  1. Lewis, Jim [1]

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Daniel is one of the vital escaped Tibbets prisoners. Like many of his escapee comrades, he carries one of the New Plague mutations – a piece in a large and lethal puzzle that the player needs, and the same virus that inhabits player’s own body.

Daniel is of African descent and is in his forties and is originally from New Canaan. In 2250, Daniel went to find his six cattle in a storm and was captured by robots from the prison.

After the Tibbets prison was busted, he could be found in Denver with Caesar's Legion. Though he really does have two wives and many children, Daniel is, in fact, a big fat liar when it comes to keeping promises. If he is allowed to return to New Canaan from Denver (i.e., not killed and dragged back), he must be taken away from here either by force or by convincing Jeremiah that Daniel is a lying bastard.


Appearances in games

Daniel did not appear nor was mentioned in any of the published games, but was to appear in the cancelled Fallout 3 project by Black Isle codenamed Van Buren. It is not certain if he will appear in any future Fallout game.

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You may be looking for Joseph Daniel O'Toole, a main character in GTA Liberty City Stories, or Daniel Mastrogiorgio, a voice actor who voiced Toni Cipriani in GTA Liberty City Stories.

Daniel is a character and drug dealer in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. He sells drugs out of Hatton Gardens, Algonquin, Liberty City and e-mails Huang Lee, the games protagonist, regarding special deals when selling and buying drugs.

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[[Image:|px|Image of Daniel]]
Real name Daniel .L.
Ring Names {{{names}}}
Height 6'0"
Weight 220 lbs.
Date of birth July 23, 1982
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Date of death {{{death_date}}}
Place of death {{{death_place}}}
Resides {{{resides}}}
Billed from Toronto ,Canada
Trainer Some old Dude
Job Less
SMF caw Search
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Debut Future
Retired {{{retired}}}


SMF CAW Search 2007

thesuperdingos have posted all over youtube and the CAW site www.caws.ws-where everybody posts images of their wrestling CAWs-about their newly CAW search. SMF's administration will pick 4 Created Wrestlers, and the finalists will duke it out at the Royal Fumble. The winners so far were Boom, Jaxx, Shawn Ax and Ultimate X Daniel. Ultimate X Daniel has been voted off the contest so far.


a e-fad to be in youTube by the bumpmeister Freeze

Wrestling Maneuvers

Finishing Moves

  • DanielZ Destroyer (Flipping Tiger Driver)
  • Spear
  • Lion Slaut
  • D-5(Spinning fireman's carry facebuster)

Signature Moves

  • Shinning wizard
  • Stunner
  • Standing SSP
  • VertaBreaker
  • CurbStomp
  • Tiger Bomb
  • SSP
  • 5-Star Frog Splash

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Daniel Faraday
Daniel Faraday
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Daniel Faraday
Also known as
Date of birth
Scientist, DHARMA Initiative
Professor of physics, Queen's College
In Australia...
On the plane...
On the island...
Part of a team searching for Benjamin Linus, looking to heal his mind and continue his physics research
Family members
Charles Widmore - Father
Eloise Hawking - Mother
Penelope Hume - Half-Sister
Desmond Hume - Brother-in-law
Charlie Hume - Nephew
Theresa Spencer - ex-Girlfriend

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Dr. Daniel Faraday was a physicist and professor who parachuted onto the Island from a helicopter sent by the freighter Kahana. He is distinguished by his polite demeanor and his scientific insight into the Island's mysterious properties. The son of Eloise Hawking and Charles Widmore, both former Others, Daniel spent his entire adult life studying space-time. His experiments with time travel debilitated his girlfriend and damaged his memory, forcing him to flee his Oxford professorship, but his illness was healed with his arrival on the Island. He harbored romantic feelings for science team colleague Charlotte Lewis until her death from temporal displacement. When the time flashes started, he assumed an early leadership role in Sawyer's group due to his expertise in quantum physics and protectiveness of Charlotte. When the flashes through time stopped, stranding Sawyer's group in 1974, he joined the other survivors in becoming part of the DHARMA Initiative. Under unknown circumstances, he became a DHARMA scientist working in Ann Arbor, but returned to the Island in 1977, where, after a frenzied attempt to change the past, he unwittingly was shot and killed by his mother. His plans to detonate the Jughead, however, were carried on by Jack Shephard.


Before the Island


Young Daniel talks to his mother, Eloise. ("The Variable")

Daniel was the son of Eloise Hawking and Charles Widmore, although he did not know the identity of his father. He was a very gifted scientist, but enjoyed music more. One day, when Daniel was playing the piano, his mother, Eloise, told him that he should not waste time on such things as music, focusing on science instead. To prove it, she asked how many beats of the metronome had Daniel counted since he started playing. Daniel responded that he counted 864 beats. Eloise told Daniel that he had a unique destiny and must develop his skills. Daniel tried to convince his mother to let him continue playing music, claiming that he could "make time," but Eloise disagreed. ("The Variable")


Daniel argues with his mother about his girlfriend, Theresa Spencer. ("The Variable")

Several years later, Daniel graduated from a doctoral program at Oxford University. He was the youngest doctor to ever graduate from Oxford. As Daniel and his girlfriend, Theresa Spencer, walked out of the college they were met by Eloise, who requested to have dinner alone with Daniel, without Theresa. Theresa complied despite Daniel's protests, leaving Daniel and Eloise to go to the restaurant.

At an Indian restaurant Daniel expressed his discontent with Eloise's behaviour towards Theresa, as she was his girlfriend. Eloise told him that he had no time for women, and that he must focus entirely on his work. Daniel mentioned that he had received a grant from Charles Widmore. After hearing this Eloise relented, apologizing to Daniel and telling him that she was not there to argue with him. Before she left she gave Daniel a wrapped gift. When opened, it was revealed to be a leather journal. ("The Variable")

As a professor

Daniel is shocked to hear his future-self sent Desmond. ("The Constant")

In 1996, Daniel Faraday had become a professor at Queen's College, Oxford University. He was conducting unauthorized experiments involving time travel, and had created a machine that allowed a living creature's consciousness to travel through time. (He tested it on a rat named Eloise). His research was funded by Charles Widmore. ("Jughead")

When visited by Desmond Hume, who claimed to know about the machine, Daniel initially believed that a colleague was playing a practical joke on him, but when Desmond mentioned Eloise, Daniel's lab rat, he believed Desmond. In his lab, Daniel tested the numbers Desmond supplied to him. He used the machine on Eloise, enabling her to unerringly complete a maze that she would not be taught how to run for another hour. Daniel's blackboard revealed his interest in the Kerr metric as part of his theory of time-transported consciousness.

Daniel tests out his time-travel equipment with Desmond. ("The Constant")

A being that undergoes time-transported consciousness, according to Daniel's explanation to Desmond, must identify a constant, something existing in both periods of time travel that can serve as an anchor for the being's consciousness; failure to find a constant results in instability of consciousness, and the resulting stress can lead to brain aneurysm and eventual death. At some point, Daniel identifies Desmond as his constant, noting so in his journal. ("The Constant")

During his days as a Professor, Daniel also studied the DHARMA Initiative and wrote all he knew about it in his journal. This would later help him when he eventually joins the DHARMA Initiative. ("Because You Left") ("LaFleur")

Eventually, after testing his theories on himself, Daniel performed the same experiment on his girlfriend and lab assistant, Theresa Spencer. The experiment apparently resulted in Theresa becoming permanently mentally 'unstuck' in time, with her condition deteriorating to the point that she became permanently bedridden. Soon after this accident, Daniel left Oxford for America, and all records his stay at Oxford were deleted. Charles Widmore agreed to pay for Theresa's care, but Daniel never saw her again. ("Jughead") Daniel's experiments on himself also appear to have wreaked havoc with his memory. ("The Variable")

In America

Daniel cries for reasons he can't say. ("Confirmed Dead")

As of 2004, Daniel was living in Essex, Massachusetts under the watch of a caretaker. Daniel appeared to be suffering from a medical condition related to memory loss, brought on by years of time-travel experiments. When he saw a news report covering the discovery of the Oceanic Flight 815 wreckage, he became visibly upset, but he himself was unaware of the reason. ("Confirmed Dead")

Soon after this, Charles Widmore visited Daniel. Widmore told him that the plane Daniel saw on TV was not Oceanic Flight 815, but rather a fake plane, planted underwater by Widmore himself.
Eloise encourages Daniel to go the Island. ("The Variable")
He told Daniel that the real Flight 815 had crashed on a miraculous island, and offered him the chance to go there, promising that it would cure him. ("The Variable")

Several days later, Daniel was playing piano at his home, trying to remember a tune, when he was visited by his mother. She persuaded him to accept Widmore's offer and go to the Island, assuring him that she would be proud of him if he did so. Daniel agreed to accept the offer. ("The Variable")

Shortly thereafter, he was recruited to a team, organized by Matthew Abaddon and led by Naomi Dorrit, that was sent to the Island aboard the freighter Kahana. ("Confirmed Dead")

On the Island

Days 91-100 (Season 4)

Faraday asks for Jack's name, moments after landing on the island. ("The Beginning of the End")

While flying to the Island, the helicopter Daniel was traveling in encountered electrical problems and the passengers were forced to bail out. Miles pushed Daniel out first, who encountered Jack and Kate in the jungle upon landing. He introduced himself and claimed to be there to rescue them. He explained that he had lost his pack which contained his phone when he bailed out, so Kate gave him the phone she had taken from Naomi. He called Minkowski to report contacting the survivors. Minkowski asked Daniel if he was on speaker, causing Daniel to then excuse himself to talk privately. While he was talking to Minkowski, Jack and Kate saw the gun he was concealing. Daniel explained that the rest of his team all had GPS units which were tracked by the phones, and enlisted Jack and Kate's help in finding the rest of the team. ("The Beginning of the End") ("Confirmed Dead")

Faraday tries to calm a hostile Miles with the help of Jack and Kate. ("Confirmed Dead")

While walking through the jungle they found a metal box from the chopper. Jack opened it up, revealing a gas mask and other quarantine equipment. Daniel said that he could not explain what it was there for since he was not in charge of packing. Jack remained doubtful and suddenly asked him why he brought the gun, prompting Daniel to reveal that rescuing the survivors was not their primary objective. As Daniel was about to explain what they were doing on the island, Miles' signal appeared on the satellite phone. They reached the cove where Miles appeared to be dead. Miles surprised Jack and held him at gunpoint, convinced Kate had killed Naomi. Daniel told him to stop, that they were good people who were trying to help, only to have Kate try to steal his gun. They travel to Naomi's body where Miles "talked" to her to confirm that Jack and Kate were not the ones who killed her.

Daniel sets up the tripod for his payload experiment. ("The Economist")  (promotional still)

Daniel paid attention to the Island's unique physical properties, observing that the scattering of light on the Island seemed unusual. Kate noticed Daniel's harmless nature and asked him to put away his gun, though Daniel claimed that Miles would kill him if he did. As Charlotte's signal appeared on the phone, Jack ordered them to put their guns down as Juliet and Sayid had taken up shooting position on Daniel and Miles. They complied and began to follow Charlotte's signal into the jungle. Sayid questioned them, allowing Daniel to reveal his name and his profession as a physicist, though he "doesn't like being pigeonholed." Sayid took Miles' phone to see that Charlotte's signal was moving quickly toward them, only to find Vincent with the GPS tracker, revealing that Locke had captured her.

The group then saw Frank's flare. When they reached him they found him unconscious, though he woke up and said that he managed to land the chopper just over the hill. Daniel and Kate retrieved Naomi's body and brought it back to the chopper, which had landed safe and sound. ("Confirmed Dead")

Daniel, tired of sitting around the helicopter, began unloading pieces of equipment. He set up a tripod with a guidance apparatus on top, and phoned the freighter to ask Regina for a 'payload'. He was visibly upset when it didn't arrive at the expected time. When the payload (a rocket) arrived later, the clock inside it reported a different time than its synchronized partner held by Daniel, a difference of 31 minutes. Daniel was somewhat shaken by his discovery of the time differential between the Island and the rest of the world, murmuring "This is not good." He was later happy to see the rescued Charlotte and declined a seat on the helicopter soon leaving the Island. Daniel told Frank that on his flight back to the freighter he should be sure to follow the exact bearing he had flown on their way to the Island, no matter what. ("The Economist")

Faraday fails to remember the three playing cards. ("Eggtown")

After returning to the beach with Jack, and Juliet, Daniel and Charlotte played a memory game involving cards. After guessing only two out of three correctly, he felt he was making no progress. He and Charlotte were then questioned by Jack and Juliet about their inability to reach the freighter on the satellite phone, which they used to contact Regina on an "emergency line". She told them that, even though the helicopter took off a day previous, Frank, Sayid, and Desmond had not yet made it to the freighter. ("Eggtown")

After being interrogated by Jack and Juliet all night, Daniel revealed that the survivors perception of the passage of time differed from its actual passing, though Charlotte prevented him from saying any more. Daniel reassured Jack that everything would be fine as long as Frank had stayed on the correct bearing, otherwise there would be "side effects."
Daniel's journal naming Desmond as his constant. ("The Constant")
After the beach was finally contacted by Sayid, Daniel learned of Desmond's becoming unstuck in time. Daniel told Jack and Juliet that people having recently been exposed to high levels of radiation or electromagnetism could become "confused" when traveling to and from the Island. He only clarified by saying the condition was "not amnesia." He asked to speak to Desmond and asked him what year he thought it was, learning that Desmond's consciousness from 1996 had jumped forward in time. Daniel tells Desmond to travel to Oxford when he returns to 1996 in order to find Daniel. In order for Daniel's past self to believe Desmond, Daniel gives him information from his journal that only he would know: a setting of 2.342, an oscillation of 11 Hertz, and the name of Eloise. This information was used by Desmond in the past to establish his constant. Daniel told Jack that the displacement was unpredictable, ranging between minutes and years for different people. That evening, he was seen on the beach, leafing through his diary. He found a note he had written for himself back in 1996: "If anything goes wrong, Desmond Hume will be my constant." ("The Constant")
Juliet holds Faraday at a gun point at the Tempest station. ("The Other Woman")  (promotional still)

That night, he and Charlotte slipped out of the beach camp in order to venture to the Tempest in order to shut it down and prevent the possible threat of toxic gas being spread by Ben. At a stream, Daniel expressed doubt in his ability to perform his task, but was reassured by Charlotte. They were confronted by Kate en route to the beach from the Barracks, who became suspicious at their obvious lies. She searched through their pack and found a gas mask, only to be knocked out by Charlotte. Daniel and Charlotte continued on to the Tempest and broke in by sparking the wires outside the door. While Daniel struggled to neutralize the gas, he was confronted by Juliet, who was subsequently knocked into a brawl with Charlotte. With minutes to go and his gas mask ripped off, Daniel frantically typed the keyboard, and stopped the disaster with seconds to spare. He remarked that it was "a close one" and stayed behind to shut down the station while Juliet and Charlotte left. ("The Other Woman")

Jack demands from Faraday to tell him the truth about his mission.("The Shape of Things to Come")

After returning to the beach, Daniel attempted to fix the satellite phone (which was broken during Charlotte and Juliet's confrontation the previous day), and was approached by Sun. She told him of her pregnancy and asked him if they were actually going to rescue the survivors, to which he answered that it was not his decision and would not reveal whose decision it was. ("Ji Yeon")

Daniel was among the people on the beach who ran to the edge of the water in response to Bernard's cries for help and Vincent's barking. After the body had been pulled onto the sand, Daniel shared Ray's identity as the freighter's doctor.

Daniel was provided with the materials to fix the satellite phone enough to communicate in Morse code, and they attempted communication that night. Daniel transmitted "What happened to doctor?" and when the freighter replied, he told Jack the response was "Friends are fine. Helicopters coming in the morning." Bernard, however, knew Morse code and said Daniel lied because the real reply stated, "What are you talking about? Doctor is fine." Under pressure from an angry Jack, Daniel revealed the freighter never planned to rescue any of the survivors, which left Jack stumbling away, upset and in apparent pain. ("The Shape of Things to Come")

Faraday volunteers to journey to the Staff. ("Something Nice Back Home")

Daniel and Charlotte were still being interrogated by Rose and Bernard the next morning over the rescue situation when Jack stepped in to calm the crowd, only to collapse with pain. Juliet gave Sun a list of medical instruments to get from the Staff in order to perform an appendectomy on Jack. Daniel stepped in and offered to help, explaining that he had performed some animal dissections and knew what the supplies looked like. Though aware of the survivors' distrust of them, Juliet agreed for Daniel and Charlotte to travel with Jin and Sun. Upon reaching The Staff, he volunteered to go inside the station first in a gesture of chivalry toward Charlotte. Jin noted that Daniel seemed to have a crush on her. Daniel collected the supplies and brought them back for Jack's surgery. ("Something Nice Back Home")

When Jin discovered that Charlotte spoke Korean, he threatened to break Daniel's fingers one at a time if they didn't take Sun off the Island when the helicopter arrived. ("Something Nice Back Home")

Faraday reveals to Charlotte the danger of the Secondary Protocol. ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 1")

He was then asked by Jack to call Frank's satellite phone, where they heard Keamy ordering Frank to land the copter. Daniel, hearing The Orchid mentioned, realizes that they need to get off the island immediately, because Keamy is following the secondary protocol. After Jack and Kate set off to follow the signal, Daniel witnesses Sayid returning on the Zodiac raft. While Sayid attempts to follow Jack and Sawyer, Daniel volunteers to begin ferrying the survivors back to the boat. Sayid reluctantly agrees. After Kate returns and gives Aaron to Sun, Daniel takes off on the Zodiac raft with Jin, Sun, and three other redshirts. They reach the boat, and as soon as everyone is on the Kahana safely, Daniel turns the raft around and returns to get more people. ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 1")

After making it back to The Island for more people, Daniel tells Miles and Charlotte that they have to be on the raft with next group if they want to leave the island. Miles says he wants to stay; Charlotte, on the other hand, isn't sure. When Daniel returns, Charlotte tells him that she's staying for now. Daniel replies that there might not be a next time and that she may never get off the island. After Charlotte kisses him goodbye, he gets the raft and begins ferrying more people to the Kahana. When the Kahana explodes and the second purple sky event happens, Daniel and the people on the Zodiac raft are seen out in the ocean just before the island moves. ("There's No Place Like Home, Parts 2 & 3")

Season 5

Time Flashes

Daniel encounters a hostile Desmond. ("Because You Left")

Daniel and the rest of the passengers on the raft were shocked when the sky becomes engulfed in bright white light. Neil became panicky but Daniel assured him that they must have been "inside the radius." He rushed back to the camp on the Zodiac and reunited with Charlotte and the others. He explained to them that the camp structures haven't gone, they just "haven't been built yet". He and a group headed towards the Swan to try and analyze where in time they are. While on the way Sawyer assaulted him and demanded an explanation as to what was happening. Daniel found it difficult to explain, and used an analogy that the island was like a skipping record, effectively dislodged from time due to what happened at the Orchid station. He theorized that they were all moving through time.

Arriving at the hatch, Daniel deduced they were at some point after Flight 815 crashed onto the Island. He explained to the others the rules of time travel, the main one being that no matter how hard one tries, they cannot alter the past in any way. He admitted to spending his "entire adult life" studying space time and the DHARMA Initiative. He believed there was no way they could stop the time shifts occurring. After another 'time shift' sent them back to between 2001 and 2004, Faraday separated himself from the group and frantically flicked through his journal. Finding what he was looking for, he slammed on the Swan's door for twenty minutes before Desmond emerged. As time started shifting again Daniel quickly told Desmond that when he leaves the island he must go to Oxford and find Daniel's mother in order to save them. Before he could say her name he was transported through time once more. ("Because You Left")

Faraday attempts to calculate where, and when, they are. ("The Lie")

Two hours later, Daniel returned to the beach. Sawyer asked him why he took so long, and Daniel told him he simply got lost. Daniel began calculating the position of the Island in time in order that they might find a new bearing in order to safely leave the island on the Zodiac. Later that night, while Daniel was performing calculations and going through his journal at the edge of the beach, Charlotte came and gave him a mango she found in the jungle. He thanked her, but when she started complaining about her headache and memory loss he becomes concerned and quiet. He at first reassured her that she was just stressed, but after she directly asked him if he knew what was happening to her, he was momentarily silent before Miles interrupted them. Shortly after, unknown foes attacked the people on the beach, who fled to the jungle. Daniel helped Charlotte when she fell over. Those that survived scattered and went to regroup at a nearby creek. ("The Lie")

Daniel reveals to Ellie that he is from the future. ("Jughead")

When Daniel, Miles, and Charlotte reached the creek, Charlotte began to feel dizzy and had double vision, and asked Daniel why he looked so worried about her. Daniel revealed to her that he knew what was happening to her, and assured her that he wouldn't let it happen. Before they could discuss this further, another survivor tripped a wire that set off a trap, killing the other survivors who had reached the creek and leaving only Daniel, Miles, and Charlotte. The three were then ambushed by The Others. A woman, apparently the leader of the group, asked who their leader was. Miles pointed to Daniel, and the girl turned to him and asked why they couldn't have stayed away. They were brought to the camp where they were thought to be part of a U.S. military expedition. They went along with it, saying they were scientists there to inactivate the hydrogen bomb that Daniel presumed was there due to radiation burns on one of the Other's hands. When Richard Alpert had suspicions that Daniel would instead detonate the bomb, Daniel won his trust by telling him that he was in love with Charlotte, and telling them he wouldn't do anything to put her in danger. When the Others left, he confessed to Charlotte that he had not been lying to them, and that he truly was in love with her. Daniel was then led to the bomb by Ellie, the girl who had captured them. On the way there, he remarked that she reminded him of someone he used to know. At the site of the bomb, after carefully examining it, Daniel found that it was leaking radiation. He then told Ellie that the crack in the casing of the bomb needed to be filled with lead and that it then needed to be buried. He assured Ellie that as long as their people did this, the bomb wouldn't go off. She then asked him how he was so sure. Daniel then revealed to her that he was from the future, and that because the island was still there in the future, if they did this, the bomb would not go off. Ellie then held him at gunpoint, but Sawyer and Juliet came to his rescue. After a flash the group was reunited, but the Others' campsite was deserted. Charlotte then suffered a nosebleed and collapsed, and Daniel ran to her aid. ("Jughead")

Daniel questions Miles about his history on the Island. ("The Little Prince")

Daniel managed to revive Charlotte, and Locke suggested that they travel to the Orchid in order to try and stop the time flashes. Daniel travels with the group which is heading to the beach camp to use the zodiac in order to get to the Orchid faster. After dark, while traveling through the jungle, the group sees a beam of light emanating from the ground some distance ahead. Recognizing it as the light which emanated from the Hatch the night Boone died, Locke lead the group through a different route in order to avoid the light. A short while later, they heard a woman crying. Daniel stayed with everyone else as Sawyer went to investigate. The group then shifts through time once more and they make their way back to the beach. Miles suffered a nosebleed and he asked Daniel about it. Daniel responded that it is related to how much time you spend on the Island. Miles then pointed out that the survivors from Oceanic Flight 815 had been on the Island for a few months before the freighter arrived. Daniel asks Miles if he is sure that he has never been to the Island before. Upon returning to the beach camp, they find that the camp exists at that moment, but seems disheveled.

With no one nor the Zodiac in sight, the group wondered where everyone has gone. Noticing a pair of wooden outrigger canoes, they think that the other survivors may have fled from attackers. The group gets into one of the outriggers. After a short while, they noticed that unknown people are pursuing them in the other outrigger. As the other canoe gained on them, the people in it begin to shoot. After trying to escape for a while, Juliet returned fire with a rifle. Before the pursuers can get any closer, there is another time flash. In this time period, it is raining very hard. The survivors successfully come to shore at nightfall. Daniel listened as Charlotte alerted the group to debris from a ship on the beach, noting that it appears to have wrecked recently. ("The Little Prince")

Daniel looks over Charlotte's lifeless body. ("This Place Is Death")

Daniel traveled with the group into the jungle and they experienced another time flash just before discovering Jin. After everyone greeted Jin, they resumed traveling toward the Orchid Station. After walking for a while, the group experienced a few flashes in rapid succession. After the fourth flash, Charlotte collapsed and began to speak incoherently, partly in Korean. Daniel asked for help carrying Charlotte to the Orchid, but Locke refused and said that she would only slow them down. Daniel decided to stay with Charlotte while the rest of the group moved on to the Orchid. Still unable to move, Charlotte told Daniel that she grew up on the Island but left at a young age with her mother. Though her mother tried to convince her she had imagined the Island, Charlotte has been searching for it. Charlotte told Daniel that she remembered a scary man who, when she was young, told her that she must leave the Island and if she ever came back, she would die. That person, she believed, was Daniel. After mumbling about not being allowed to have chocolate before dinner, Charlotte died. Daniel could do nothing but watch helplessly with tears in his eyes. ("This Place Is Death")

With DHARMA (1974-1977)

Daniel is found by Juliet, mourning Charlotte, who disappeared. ("LaFleur")

Daniel, along with Sawyer, Juliet, Jin, and Miles, time traveled to 1974 when Locke moved the frozen wheel. When the rest of the group found Daniel, he was still crying over Charlotte's death. When Juliet asked where Charlotte was, Daniel told her that she had died and her body had disappeared, meaning that during the flash, it had been left behind in the previous time frame. A mournful Daniel traveled with the rest of the group on the way to the beach camp they encountered Amy, a member of the DHARMA Initiative who was in the midst of a conflict with some of the Hostiles. Having saved her, Amy took the group to the Barracks but, on their way, Juliet was forced to stop Daniel in his tracks as he nearly walked through the active sonar fence. The group maintained the story that they were shipwrecked on the Island and, as Sawyer negotiated with Horace, an awestruck Daniel saw a young, redheaded girl walking across the grass with her mother and guessed her to be Charlotte. ("LaFleur") For undisclosed reasons, Daniel left the Island to go to Ann Arbor before 1977 when Jack, Kate and Hurley become part of the DHARMA Initiative, while Sayid is mistaken for a Hostile. ("Namaste") However, soon after the Oceanic Six arrived, Miles and Pierre Chang went to the dock to greet the scientists arriving on the Island via the submarine and Miles was perplexed to find Faraday among them. He said, "Long time no see" to the clearly shocked Miles. ("Some Like It Hoth")

Daniel attempts to warn Chang of the danger of his actions. ("The Variable")

Daniel explained his return to Miles by showing him a picture of Jack, Kate, and Hurley as part of the DHARMA Initiative, and demanded to be taken to Jack's house. Once there, he questioned Jack on how he and the rest of the Oceanic Six had returned to the island. Jack told him that it had been Daniel's mother who helped them, and that she had told them they were supposed to return. Daniel ominously told him that his mother was wrong, and that the Oceanic Six were in fact not supposed to be there. He then set off to the Orchid with Miles to meet Pierre Chang. He followed Pierre into the station, disguised himself as a workman, and then observed him from afar. ("Because You Left")  ("The Variable") As Pierre began to leave the Orchid, Daniel caught up with him and recommended that he order the island to be evacuated. When Pierre asked why, Daniel explained that later the drill at the Swan hatch would hit a large pocket of electromagnetic energy, which would cause catastrophe for everyone on the island. When Pierre asked him how he knew all of this, Daniel revealed to him that he was from the future. Although at first disbelieving, Daniel nearly managed to convince him by telling him that Miles was his son. However, Miles told Pierre that Daniel was out of his mind, and Pierre dismissed him and left. When Miles questioned why Daniel had told him they were from the future, Daniel replied that he was simply making sure that Pierre "does what he's supposed to do".

Daniel explains to Jack and Kate the meaning of "a variable". ("The Variable")

Daniel then returned to the Barracks, going to Sawyer's house, where he spoke to the assembled group there, asking if any of them knew where the Hostiles resided. Though Sawyer ordered them not to tell, Kate revealed that she knew the way. Juliet shared with Daniel the combination to the sonar fence. Jack agreed to go with Kate and Daniel to meet the Others, and they stopped at the motor pool in order to pick up weaponry. While they were there, however, Stuart Radzinsky and two other armed DHARMA members arrived, and, upon realizing that Daniel had a gun, began ordering their surrender. Daniel refused to do so, however, prompting fire from Radzinsky at his men. One of the shots grazed Daniel's neck, but didn't incapacitate him. After Jack fired at an fuel drum in order to push Radzinsky and his men back, Daniel, Jack and Kate grabbed a DHARMA jeep and headed to the sonar fence. There, Jack patched up Faraday's wound before they ventured into the jungle. Once past the fence and into the jungle, Daniel revealed to them that he had been studying physics all his life, but that his recent research in Ann Arbor changed his entire view of "whatever happened, happened." He stated that he had been so focused on the constants of time that he had completely overlooked the variables: people. He stated that he intended to detonate the hydrogen bomb in order to get the people to evacuate the Island, as well as to keep Oceanic Flight 815 from ever crashing on the Island and for the Kahana to have never come to the Island.

Daniel is shot dead by his mother. ("The Variable")

He then went on alone without Jack and Kate, stepping into the Others' camp with a loaded gun, firing a few warning shots at Erik's feet, and demanding to speak to Eloise, his mother. Richard Alpert appeared instead, telling Daniel that Eloise was not there at the time. Daniel began counting to Richard, demanding to be taken to Eloise and asking where the bomb was. While holding Richard at gunpoint, he was suddenly shot by a hidden Eloise. Richard admonished Eloise, telling her that Daniel hadn't intended to shoot him. Daniel, realizing that it was Eloise who had shot him, told her that she had known all along that she would shoot him, even when she sent him to the Island back in the future. Eloise asked Daniel who he was, and he revealed to her with his dying breath that he was her son. ("The Variable")


Richard Alpert and Eloise Hawking stand over Daniel's corpse. ("Follow the Leader")

Daniel's mother, Eloise, began to read his diary after his death. During her reading, she came upon a passage written in her own handwriting, which prompted her to ask her son's companions about the man she just shot. They tell her about his plans for the bomb, and she agrees to take them to it. Before she leaves, she reverently closes her son's eyes. ("Follow the Leader")

Non-canon ARG appearance

Non-Canon alert!
This article/section contains information that was shown or released via an official source such as ARGs or extended media (video games, books), however it has no canonical merit to the overall Lost mythos.

  • In the Dharma Initiative Recruiting Project Daniel's voice can be heard in the Dharma booth video. It is clear from his dialogue that he is filming. His voice was unconfirmed for some time, despite being recognised by many fans, however it was hinted by Lost cast and crew, such as Francois Chau stating that the voice belonged to an existing character. (The Lostpedia Interview:François Chau) Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse eventually revealed on the official podcast that Faraday was indeed the voice, explaining that the video was originally planned to be part of the season, but it was eventually cut from the storyline and is therefore non-canon.

Additional casting

  • Young Daniel was played by Spencer Allyn. In the casting call he was described as "George, 10 years old, very intelligent, sharp and bright. A child prodigy who is already completing high school level work. Extraordinarily gifted as a science student and musician, he still deep down simply wants to make his parents proud and get their love. Looking for someone with brown hair and brown eyes. Please submit actors that can play some piano..."[1]


  • Daniel and Penny have the same father. Neither Daniel, Desmond (Penny's husband) nor Penny appear to be aware of this fact.
  • Daniel has brown eyes, despite being born to two blue-eyed parents. While extremely uncommon, this is not a biological impossibility.
    • In one scene in "The Variable", Daniel had one brown and one blue eye.
  • "The Constant" references Slaughterhouse-Five through Desmond's experience. Daniel's inexplicable crying at the news is reminiscent of the book's protagonist Billy (who is defined specifically as "unstuck in time") crying on hearing the barbershop quartet. Billy's reason is revealed to be because the quartet reminded him of the guards who told the POWs of the bombing in the past; Daniel's could be because he'll meet the survivors in the future. This and the "Desmond" page of his diary suggest that he may fall victim to similar effects.
  • In the Bible, Daniel is known as an interpreter of dreams, able to find the truth and meaning behind cryptic visions.
  • Daniel's episode count is 21 (as of "Follow the Leader").
  • Daniel has met all of the main characters, except for Ben, Charlie, Claire, Boone, Shannon, Ana Lucia, Libby, Eko, Walt, Nikki, Paulo and Ilana.
  • Daniel was the twenty-fifth character to ever have a flashback.
  • Daniel was the twelfth main character to die and the second who was not on Flight 815 (The first being Charlotte).
  • He was also the sixth character to die in his own centric episode.
  • Daniel is the fourth main character to die at the end of their first and only centric episode (not counting multi-centric episodes) (The first being Shannon in "Abandoned", the second and third being Nikki and Paulo in "Exposé").
  • Daniel suffers from memory loss as a result of his experiments:
  • He paused a long time before recalling his name when he first landed on the Island.
  • He displayed "word searching" when referring to his pack.
  • He was chastised by Miles for not remembering that Naomi gave the distress code---"tell my sister I love her".
  • He was unsure why he was crying when Oceanic 815 was found. ("Confirmed Dead")
  • He is referred to by Naomi as a "head-case". ("Confirmed Dead")
  • He was playing what appeared to be a memory game with Charlotte, in which she would hide three cards, and he would try to remember them. He only got two out of three correct, which she referred to as "progress". ("Eggtown")
  • He doesn't remember his 1996 meeting with Desmond and seems surprised upon reading in his own journal that he intended to use Desmond as his "constant" if anything should go wrong.
  • He relies on his journal for details.
  • The casting call described him as "Russell, Late 30s, a brilliant mathematician and deep thinker who is capable of great insights and has a tremendous knowledge across various scientific fields. He sometimes struggles socially by being too direct and disconnected in his interpersonal relationships. While an empiricist by trade he is humbled and fascinated by the magic and mystery of all in this world that cannot be explained by science."


  • In Flight of the Navigator there is a Dr. Faraday.
  • David Arthur Faraday was the first victim of the Zodiac Killer in the 1960s. The Zodiac raft in which Daniel Faraday rides on the show is possibly a reference to this.[2]
  • Daniel Faraday was a time traveler in the episode FINAL APPEAL (THE OUTER LIMITS). [1]. The episode also features a time traveler named Theresa and features Swoosie Kurtz who plays Locke's mother.
  • His name first appeared as the season 4 clue word for chapter 2 of the Find 815 alternate reality game.
  • Michael Faraday (September 22, 1791 – August 25, 1867) was an English physicist who researched electromagnetism.
    • Faraday invented the Faraday cage, a cage that prevents electro-magnetic radiation from permeating it.
    • He is accredited for introducing the idea of electromagnetic induction. Although Joseph Henry discovered it at about the same time, Faraday published first.
    • The Faraday Constant, a constant in electrochemistry, is named after Faraday. The episode "The Constant" is an obvious reference to this and contains many more references in it.
    • The Faraday constant is 23kcal/mol.
    • The SI unit of electrical capacitance, the farad, is named for Faraday.
    • The face of Michael Faraday is visible on the Bank of England Series E £20 note that can be seen in the secret room at Ben's home in the Barracks. ("The Economist")
    • Faraday worked on a theory that combined the interchangeability of electricity and magnetism, with the interchangeability of gravity. He was not successful.
    • Michael Faraday (Daniel's namesake) gave popular lectures on The Chemical History of a Candle.
    • In June of 1832, the University of Oxford granted Faraday a Doctor of Civil Law degree (honorary).
    • Flight 815 crashed on what would be his 213th birthday.
  • The Faraday Institute is a research institute at St. Edmund's College, Cambridge. The institute studies the correlations between science and religion. The belief in and value of science (logic) vs. religion (faith) is a theme often explored in Lost, particularly in arguments between Jack (who usually supports logic and devalues faith) and Locke (who usually supports faith and disregards science). ("Orientation")
  • During casting he was named Russell, and described as "Late 30s, a brilliant mathematician and deep thinker who is capable of great insights and has a tremendous knowledge across various scientific fields. He sometimes struggles socially by being too direct and disconnected in his interpersonal relationships. While an empiricist by trade he is humbled and fascinated by the magic and mystery of all in this world that cannot be explained by science."[3]
  • In the novel "House of Leaves" by Mark Z. Danielewski, on page 90 there is discussion of how the house, an anomaly of space-time, defies the use of a compass much like the island. The fictitious Footnote 101 on this page regarding this phenomenon states "Devon Lettau wrote an amusing if ultimately pointless essay on the compass' behavior. He asserted that the minute fluctuations of the needle proved the house was nothing less than a vestibule for pure energy which if harnessed correctly could supply the world with unlimited power. See 'The Faraday Conclusion'(Boston: Maxwell Press 1996)."

Equations and notes

The error in the equation (with alpha, h-bar and e) seen on Faraday's chalkboard is a reference to this error visible in a well-known photo of Enrico Fermi[4]
  • Equations: Several Physics equations are visible as props with Faraday.
    • According to the enhanced episode captions for "The Constant-Enhanced", "One of the equations on the chalkboard is the Kerr metric equation which some scientists believe implies the existence of time travel. Faraday's chalkboard includes physicist Enrico Fermi's error in the fine structure constant as depicted in a famous photo [5]." Specifically, the elementary charge, math, and the reduced Planck's constant, math, are transposed in the expression for the fine-structure constant, math. The equation should read: math, instead of math.
    • Some equations appear to relate to black hole theory including gravitational potential energy (math), the distance at which light can remain in a circular orbit around a black hole, and the event horizon. Other equations are illustrations of general relativity (point source light emissions in one frame, being observed in a moving frame), and a Minkowski diagram.[6]
    • Diagrams of a "Mexican hat" potential also appear on Faraday's chalkboard. These "W" shaped curves are often used to represent spontaneous symmetry breaking, such as occurs when using the Higgs mechanism to generate particle masses in the standard model of particle physics.

Unanswered questions

Unanswered questions
  1. Do not answer the questions here.
  2. Keep the questions open-ended and neutral: do not suggest an answer.
More details...
For fan theories about these unanswered questions, see: Daniel Faraday/Theories
  • Why is his surname different from his parents'?
  • What experiment(s) did he conduct on himself, what went wrong and when?
  • When did he leave for Ann Arbor and what did he do there?
  • Why in one scene in "The Variable" had Daniel with one brown eye and one blue eye?


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Daniel gave information about the Ghost Rider to his brother Malachi, in order to try and help him out of the jam he had gotten himself into.


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Captain Cell (previously known as Daniel) was an exiled Changeling, from the Founders' homeworld, and commanding officer of the USS Phoenix-X in the late 24th century. He changed his own name in 2379 after being sent back to 2344, where he spent 35 years immobilized and left to his thoughts. (Star Trek: Phoenix-X)



The Gamma Quadrant

In 1879, the young Changeling lived within the Great Link on the Founders' homeworld. In February of that year, a small group of El Aurian transport ships had stumbled upon a wormhole that led to the Gamma Quadrant. They had planned to find and colonize a planet in the Gamma Quadrant. As per standard procedure, the El Aurians sent out a scout-ship to search ahead. Aboard it was an El Aurian by the name of Daniel, who accidentally crash-landed his vessel onto the nearest planet to his location. Unbeknownst to him, the planet was the Founders' homeworld.

Downed and with injuries, the El Aurian Daniel was approached by the young Changeling who, out of curiosity, innocently imitated the El Aurian Daniel's likeness. When the Female Changeling caught sight of this, she immediately killed El Aurian Daniel in hatred for all solids. Out of resentment to her actions, the young Changeling kept El Aurian Daniel's appearance and decided to keep his name.

Now known as "Daniel", the young Changeling was met with a second El Aurian visitor, named Guinan. Guinan had successfully landed her shuttle onto the Changeling homeworld, in search of her husband-to-be: Daniel. The Changeling, Daniel, quickly explained everything - to Guinan's dismay. But the Female Changeling's hate for solids wasn't over with her last victim, as she also desired the death of Guinan. Not wanting a repeat incident of murder, the Changeling, Daniel, turned against his people and protected Guinan until they could both escape on Guinan's shuttle.

By this point in time, the El Aurian's had already decided to colonize one of the planets in the Changeling system. This, and the encounter on the homeworld, had prompted the Founders to attempt a purge of the El Aurian infestation. By the time Guinan's shuttle was able to reach the colony, only twenty to thirty ships had escaped: one of which contained Guinan's father.

Guinan allowed the Changeling, Daniel, to carry on with the illusion of being her husband for safety: a thanks for warning her and attempting to save her people, and a sympathetic gesture for him being forced to leave his people. That same day, the El-Aurian ships evacuated through the wormhole through which they came, ending up in the Alpha Quadrant. ("The Links Traitor")


In 1879, the El Aurians had briefly become friends with the Vulcans. Some were allowed to live on their world. Daniel decided to move to Vulcan to settle for some time, while Guinan chose to explore other worlds - the first being Earth.

After about a century, and in 1983, Daniel was contacted via subspace transmission, on Vulcan, by the Female Changeling. She wished for him to return, but he refused. Fearing Guinan's safety, Daniel traveled to Earth in search of her. After quite some time, he was unable to find her. He returned to Vulcan and spent another few hundred years there, learning Vulcan martial-arts, how to teach, and become a leader.

In the 22nd century Daniel had heard about the Federation and decided to enter Starfleet Academy under the pretense he was a Human/Vulcan hybred. ("The Links Traitor")

Early Starfleet service

Cell using his shapeshifting ability

After Starfleet Academy, Daniel was discovered for being a Changeling by the secret organization, Section 31. Taking immediate action, Section 31 covered Daniel's tracks in order to gain him as an ally, deceiving him in saying it was for his own safety. With Section 31's involvment, Daniel's medical records were manipulated on an annual basis (and quite possibly, people around him too). ("The Links' Traitor", "Spider Agencies, Part II")

Throughout the following hundred or so years of service, Daniel's lack of aging was easliy accepted through his supposed Vulcan genes.

In May 2234, Daniel had been ranked Ensign during a lock down on Flortarios III, where the Federation was battling an enemy on the surface. There, he fought alongside Starfleet Captain Laumar Gotens until she was knocked out and close to death. Daniel brought her into a cave to wait out the firing in the area, until he was able to take her to a ship where she needed her symbiont transferred. During his stay in the cave, he encountered the Female Changeling, emerging from the wall. She approached him in the same manner as before, asking him to return.

It has not been stated who the identity of the enemy Starfleet was fighting on Flortarios III was.

Daniel retired his commission on Trill, after taking Captain Gotens to a hospital there where he witnessed her death. After a few years on Trill, prior to the 2240s, he was summoned by Starfleet. Feeling that enough time had passed, Daniel rejoined. From here on, he worked his way up the ranks until hitting Admiral in the mid-2300s. ("The Links' Traitor")

A few decades later, during this rank-climbing from the mid-23rd century to the mid-24th century, Daniel was sent on an away mission to one of the moons orbiting the Klingon homeworld. There, he met and befriended Menchez, after Menchez saved Daniel's life in an attack by other Klingons. ("Betrayal and Honour")

It is uncertain what vessel Daniel worked on in this time, or what his rank was. The mission and the reasons for being attacked are unconfirmed as well.

In 2364, Daniel was in command of the USS Kyushu. ("Remnants")

This is presumably under the rank of Captain, before he was promoted to Admiral.

Commanding the Phoenix

In 2369, Daniel took an on-again/off-again role as captain of the USS Phoenix when needed. Sometime between this year and 2373, the Phoenix had encountered Menchez commanding the IKS Bochnah. At the time, the Bochnah was under scrutiny by the Klingon Empire for Menchez's supposed intention on ruining relations with the Federation. Daniel set the records straight and cleared Menchez's name, and in thanks, Menchez gave his ship's cloaking device to the Admiral. ("The Links' Traitor")

Why Menchez was suspected for treason is uncertain, and what mission the admiral was on was also not stated.

In 2373, Admiral Daniel took full command of the Phoenix. ("Betrayal and Honour")

In 2374, while traveling in the Tiloniam system, he encountered the Female Changeling once more, who beamed aboard his ship from a cloaked Dominion vessel. After another failed attempt to persuade Daniel to return, she beamed away. But almost immediately afterwards, Daniel met Night Gotens who was drifting nearby in a Starfleet shuttle from the USS Xena. Daniel was forced to save Night's life from sudden incoming Jem'Hadar warships. After a battle, the Phoenix was totaled (but salvaged - the Phoenix was seen again in "New Beginnings") and Daniel was given command of the USS Phoenix-X.

Due to the near-destruction of the Phoenix, Daniel's rank was knocked down to Captain. But in truth, this was the wish of Admiral Theseus (working for Section 31). Theseus sent Captain Cid to devise the reasoning behind Daniel's demotion - which was the publication of Daniel being a Changeling. ("The Tiloniam System", "The Links Traitor", "The Tilonian System")

Captain of the Phoenix-X

The USS Phoenix-X was a special vessel carrying transwarp drive for the X-Project. It was the perfect opportunity for Section 31 to use Daniel, someone who felt owed them, to take command of the ship. The project was officially deemed a failure, but instead of deconstructing the drive, the drive remained and its existence became known only to the ship's crew and Section 31.

Along with Commander Night Gotens from the USS Xena, Ensign Dan was another officer assigned to the Phoenix-X, to Daniel's dismay. From the beginning, Ensign Dan tested Daniel's patience and continued doing so during the entire run under Daniel's command.

In his first year aboard the ship, Daniel had encounters with the Borg, Deep Space 9 faultering, a Second Maquis group and an unspoken encounter with the USS Voyager.

In his second year, he had encounters with large threats such as the Trozonian generation warship, Mirror Universe duplicates of the Phoenix-X crew, and Romulan and Cardassian enemies working together against him. (Various episodes in Season 1)

In his third year, Daniel and another Changeling, Shane, were taken prisoner by a Doctor Steve, after the Phoenix-X was temporarily decommissioned. The experiments would go on for two months until the two were rescued by Commander Gotens. The Phoenix-X then was brought back into service, and the Captain retook his command position. ("Experimentalism") A month later, Daniel helped a group of Helenion refugees return home. ("Christmas Special")

A month after that, Daniel temporarily received omnipotent powers from X, a fallen Q. Throughout his continual encounters with the omni'X and Q, over the next few years, Daniel gained and lost powers accordingly to each encounter. (See: Cell#Encounters with the ill-conceived X-Continuum)

In the late 2376, Daniel was captured by Klokian, who attempted to extract omnipotent powers from him. Through this encounter, Daniel was brought into the 39th century where Commander Seifer and the crew of the Phoenix-X were forced to travel and rescue Daniel. ("Fight, Part I, II & III")

In 2377, Daniel used the Phoenix-X`s transwarp capabilities to assist the starship Voyager return home from the Delta Quadrant. Unfortunately, the consequences proved discomforting for the crew, as the Phoenix-X`s secret of harboring an advanced engine was revealed. The resulting revelation led to a chain of events that saw the destruction of Starfleet Command. Daniel then decided to reset the timeline by going back in time and stopping themselves from saving Voyager. This was successful, and Daniel restored the timeline; but in order to do so, had to destroy the past-Phoenix-X. ("Phoenix Restoration")

Education & service record


Encounters with the ill-conceived X-Continuum

Cell using his Q/X powers

In the Captain's third year aboard the Phoenix-X, he was merged with a renegade Q who changed his name to X. When Q cornered X aboard the ship, X ended his existence and put all his omnipotency into the Captain. Thus, for a short while, the Captain had full omnipotent power. ("The X Continuum")


Unfortunately, in 2377, more Q had changed their name to X, one of which approached the Captain and drained the better part of a large amount of power - the X claimed that mortals throughout the Galaxy were being given the same amount of power in hopes of one day creating an X Continuum. ("Vengeance")

The next year, Captain Daniel would finally discover the X-Time bubble, where the Rogue X's attempt to create the X Continuum would be evident. Inside, many omni'X, like the Captain, sought to increase their power as much as possible in order to be worthy of joining the X Continuum. For a few seconds, Daniel was tempted. But Q arrived in order to take back all the Rogue X to the Q Continuum. The result was a no creation of the X Continuum: leaving all the omni'X, including the Captain, with whatever power they built on their own. ("Avalon Battlefield, Part II")

Q promised that he'd come back for Daniel, due to Daniel retaining the last remaining lost Q omnipotent material that was once X (who was once a Q). Q did come back for Daniel, a month or so later, requesting the return of Daniel's powers. The Q Continuum created a large space anomaly meant to destroy Daniel if he did not hand back the powers. This anomaly, causing massive stress to Daniel, persuaded him to give the powers back before it was too late. Thus, the Captain was without any partial-omnipotent power whatsoever for a short while. ("Destiny's Revenge, Part III")

This would change two years later, when the Captain was approached by a league of worrisome omni'X. These omni'X, led by Mishima, one who the Captain met in X-Time, feared for their lives as they were being hunted and slaughtered by the Klokian-- a species somehow repellant to omnipotent beings. Mishima empowered the Captain with partial-omnipotent powers once again, turning the Captain back into an omni'X. Though reluctant, the Captain did indeed assist the other omni'X in fighting back the Klokian. This helped turn the tide of the Klokian/omni'X war, and the Captain was able to return to his duties aboard the Phoenix-X. ("Power Levels")

In 2383, the Captain, who had changed his name to Cell, was met with Klokian. Klokian claimed he was on the run from the omni'X, after the tides of their species' quarrel had turned. Fearing an unending cycle of violence, Captain Cell stood up against the omni'X, and Mishima, saving Klokian's life. The omni'X were eventually forced to leave and pursue other Klokian elsewhere. ("Transphasic Meltdown")

The next year, when the X Continuum was finally created, Cell was met with Q, once more. Due to those current events, Q was on a mission to extract all power from any omni'X in the galaxy, which included Cell. After Cell's small power was taken, he was returned to normal. ("Forbidden Crossing, Part II")

Section 31

Daniel was assisted by Section 31 when he first entered Starfleet in the early 23rd century. They helped cover his background and dealt with anyone who questioned Daniel's history. ("The Links' Traitor", "Spider Agencies, Part II")

In 2377, Daniel discovered that one of his crewmembers aboard the Phoenix-X was secret reporting information on the crew's happenings to Section 31. This person was, Wallace. After Daniel discovered and confronted Wallace with this, Wallace felt guilty for his actions and joined Section 31 with intentions on using his placement to help the crew of the Phoenix-X whenever possible. ("Secret Shuttles, Part I, II, III, IV")

Daniel's first known link to serving Section 31 was through Admiral Theseus, and to a subordinate degree, Admiral Cloud in 2374. Theseus wasn't a direct member of Section 31, but launched the Phoenix-X with intentions of Daniel as being its captain. He handed Daniel top-secret missions of a covert nature. Cloud did the same, but Cloud's memory would be altered or erased after giving out such missions from time to time. At times, a third party would assign the missions--a Council representative, another admiral, or Captain Cid. (Various episodes in Season's 1 & 2)

In 2379, Daniel changed his name to Cell, and the Phoenix-X discontinued taking direct orders from Theseus and previous venues. They began taking orders from Theseus' assistants, Elena and Nelkast. In 2380, these "assistants" were discovered to be full-fledged Section 31 agents. Cell and the crew continued taking missions from these two, who were (as Theseus and all previous figures had been) usually disappointed and outraged in Cell's and the crew's normally failed mission outcomes. (Various episodes in Season 3)

In 2382, Cell discovered Theseus on an undercover mission for Section 31 and they became enemies. ("Spider Agencies, Part II") Two years later, Wallace returned to the Phoenix-X, on behalf of Section 31, to act as an observer during missions. ("Forbidden Crossing, Part I")


The Female Changeling was in a way a mother figure and an enemy to Daniel. From the very beginning she threatened the new ideas and ethics that Daniel came to have. In 1879, Daniel escaped her and his people to live in the Alpha Quadrant. The Female Changeling would make several attempts to suade Daniel over to the side of his people over the next few Centuries.

She contacted him at his home on Vulcan in 1983, forcing him to promise that he would protect alien worlds from the likes of Changeling kind.

He was approached by her again when he was in Starfleet as an Ensign. The Ensign was assisting in a war on Flortarious III when she emerged from a cave wall. After returning to safety, Daniel was unenergized by the Female Changeling's constant intrusions and decided against returning to his life in Starfleet. Fortunately he quickly returned to his senses when Starfleet found him and persuade him to return.

In 2374, during the Dominion War, Daniel was approached yet again by the Female Changeling aboard the ship he was commanding: the Phoenix. Thanks to the war, and his continual resistence, she explained that he was branded a traitor by the rest of the Founders, and that there was nothing she could do for him anymore.

A year later, the Female Changeling made her way onto the Phoenix-X, where she explained that she had also been claimed a traitor by the Founders for her continual efforts with Daniel. By this time, the Captain's impression of her had descended into that of 'mortal enemy'.

Even after Q attempted to allow the Captian to re-live his life, Daniel was unable to change his feelings toward the Female Changeling. It was at this point Daniel was approached by Wesley Crusher, who opened the Captain's eyes to the Female Changeling's mother-like intentions.

Q later arrived to extract the Female Changeling from the timeline, claiming that she was meant to die in the Captain's previous timeline, and that having her remain alive in the Alpha Quadrant would eventually and somehow cause the fall of the Q Continuum. ("The Links' Traitor")


Night Gotens/Seifer

In 2234, Daniel gave up his rank and commission of Ensign after taking a dying Laumar Gotens to the Trill homeworld. He chose to stay on Trill for the next two years, as he had befriended the next host to the Gotens symbiont, Rivera Gotens. ("The Links' Traitor")

Daniel met Rivera Gotens again at a Federation Eelstock Convention on Flortarios III in 2302. Gotens, at the time, was back in Starfleet and ranked Lieutenant. Ever since meeting Gotens again, in 2374. ("The Tiloniam System")

In 2374, Daniel encountered Night Gotens and Ensign Dan on a shuttle from the USS Xena in the Tiloniam system. He beamed them aboard when Jem'Hadar attacked, and it wasn't long before the Phoenix was totalled and all personnel rescued by the Xena. Night Gotens transferred over to the Captain's command structure as executive officer, while Daniel was given command of the USS Phoenix-X at Deep Space 9 immediately after the incident. The two became close friends while serving together. ("The Tiloniam System", "The Links' Traitor")


In 2375, Daniel retrieved a container of Changeling protoplasm from a destroyed Klingon battle-cruiser. The protoplam turned out to be Shane, a Changeling, one of the hundred that were sent out by the Founders, who was living with the Klingons aboard the IKS Hou-Ling.

Since the ship had been destroyed, Shane decided to live among the crew aboard the Phoenix-X. Here he became a prankster to most of the crew and a good enlisted officer at times of need. But on the most part, he became good friends with the Captain. ("Retrieval")

In 2376, the Phoenix-X encountered a Borg Cube with the Borg Queen on it. Shane admitted to giving her half his Changeling protoplasm years ago so that she would spare the Hou-Ling, during an attempt at assimilation. When the Borg Queen threatened the safety of the Phoenix-X, Shane willfully allowed himself to be taken by the Borg in order to let the Phoenix-X go. Yet, Daniel decided not to give up on Shane and devised a plan to save him from the Borg, in the process, threatening the lives of the crew.

They soon found that Shane had been assimilated with nano-probes. Daniel decided the only way to diffuse the strength of the assimilation was to link with Shane and take on half the nano-probes. This proved successful, as the diffused nano-probes broke Shane's link to the Collective. ("The Return of the Borg")

Months later, Shane witnessed the Captain's ascent into omnipotent status. He was also present when the X decided to take that power away to a certain percentage. Both Shane and Gotens were privvy to the knowledge that the Captain would one day be forced to join the X Continuum. They both kept this a secret from Daniel, in fear of it actually tempting him. Unfortunately, Daniel found out on his own - and both Shane and Gotens were forced to go an extra step in convincing Daniel not to join. ("The X Continuum", "Vengeance", "Avalon Battlefield, Part II")

In 2378, Daniel was forced to let Shane go when Shane became responsible for helping bring omni-status to a Borg Cube. Shane and the Traveling Link joined forces in an effort to stop the Borg Cube. This was the last Daniel ever saw of Shane. ("Destiny's Revenge, Part III")


In the early 24th century, Daniel saved Captain Menchez from disgrace within the Klingon Empire. After becoming good friends, they agreed to a mutual exchange of officer's between crew's. This exchange program started in the early 2370s and continued on to the Phoenix-X.

In 2375, the Captain met with Menchez again, where he assisted in stopping a war between the Federation and the Klingons. In late 2378, their exchange program with each other had come to an end. All Klingon and Starfleet crew were returned to their respective ships. But faining comforts by both the halves of each crew had suddenly led back the exchange program: and so the program was reinstated. ("Betrayal and Honour", "Destiny's Revenge, Part I")


For a short while, in 2376, Daniel attempted a romantic relationship with Kugo. This was unknown to the crew, and unsuccessful. Since then, the two had continued to be friends, with no ill feelings toward the other. ("Identity")


Gul Meloneus

The Captain's first encounter with the Cardassian, Meloneus, occurred in 2374. During a mutual run-in, Daniel attempted to take a prisoner of war by beaming over an officer, Agenos, from Meloneus' ship. Meloneus retaliated by beaming Cell onto his ship, the Tarak, and placed the Captain in a holding cell under an anti-shapeshifting device. Battle ensued and Meloneus' wife, Carella, on board the Tarak, was killed. The Phoenix-X crew saved the captain and Gul Meloneus and his ship were captured. ("Missed the Mishap", "Secret Shuttles, Part IV") Meloneus soon escaped the Phoenix-X during a battle with the Second Maquis, and swore revenge against the Captain. ("Cookies")

In 2375, Meloneus was working with the Dominion in an attempt to kidnap the leaders of Flortarios III. It was an act of revenge against both Starfleet and Flortarios III, but he was easily thwarted by the Captain and the crew of the Phoenix-X. ("The Bajoran Trove") In the same year, on Stardate 52339.1, Meloneus teamed up with Romulan starship commander Plutark in exacting revenge against the Captain. They attempted to steal the schematics for an experimental slipstream torpedo, but their plans backfired when the Phoenix-X destroyed both of their ship's with one of the torpedoes. Meloneus was immediately beamed away to safety onto a cloaked timeship by his nephew Tellus. He then used the Timeship to go back in time to attempt to save his wife, but was ultimately unsuccessful thanks to interference by the crew of the Phoenix-X. ("Secret Shuttles, Part II & III")

Meloneus was brought back to the year 2377, where the Timeship was lost to the Phoenix-X crew. He returned to Cardassian space aboard Tellus' ship, the Scorpion. Meloneus would return in the same year for one last attempt at revenge against the Captain and Changelings everywhere, by joining the Fragma Alliance and upgrading his vessel. Meloneus asked for Shane as a prisoner, but only received the Captain who had taken Shane's likeness. Daniel ultimately gave Meloneus what Meloneus really wanted: the location of the Changeling homeworld, after hearing of Meloneus' pathetic childhood encounter with Changelings. But such information proved useless as Meloneus was chased down by the Fragma Alliance whom he cheated for technology. ("Secret Shuttles, Part IV", "BaKardi Slang")

Shadow Flare

The Captain first encountered Shadow Flare when trying to send him and his people back to the Mirror Universe in 2377. This proved unsuccessful, even as the Captain had come to realize that Shadow Flare was bestowed omni'X power. Daniel eventually allowed Shadow Flare and his people to remain in the original Universe, as long as they stayed away from and stopped stealing from Federation worlds. ("The Nega'Jem, Part I")

The Captain would meet Shadow Flare again in late 2379, when RaeLuna came to Shadow Flare for help. In a simple questioning on the subject of RaeLuna, both the Captain and Shadow Flare erupted into a physical battle. Such a battle then impressed Shadow Flare, causing him to co-operate. ("Responsible Delinquent")

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Memorable quotes

"If you guys retracted the Telurian plague, you're on your own. The secret cure of that pathogen stays within the bulkheads of the Phoenix-X, and the Phoenix-X only."
Star Trek: Phoenix-X: "Fantastic Method"

Background information

  • The Captain was originally based on one of the two main head writers of the series. The writer eventually left in mid-Season 2, but his character continued on as Captain.
  • Cell was named after Cell from the Dragon Ball series'.
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Hap Daniel
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Rebellion era

Hap Daniel was the owner of the YKL-37R Nova Courier light freighter Lord's Mistress. According to the station master of the Dantooine Space Station, he was "a real vengeful cuss."


In 1 ABY Daniel's freighter Lord's Mistress was boarded by a spacer in the Tatooine system, and its load of Corellian brandy was stolen. When Daniel learned of the theft, he tried to take his revenge on the spacer. He managed to track him to the Dantooine system and intercepted the ship when it returned to the Dantooine Space Station to deliver the brandy. When the station master realized that Daniel would find out about his involvement in the theft, he ordered the spacer to eliminate him. It came to a dogfight between the spacer and Daniel in his Ixiyen-class fast attack craft that ended when Daniel's ship was shot down.


  • Star Wars: Galaxies (Only his starfighter is seen)

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Specifics: PVC, some fiction
This article is about Spike Witwicky's son. For Sari Sumdac's "friend", see Daniel (Animated).
Daniel Witwicky is a human from the Generation One continuity family.
He wears a matching "D" on his underroos.

Daniel Witwicky is the human son of Spike and Carly Witwicky. He is approximately 12 years of age in 2005, and was presumably born sometime between 1990 and 1993. He is the grandson of Sparkplug Witwicky.

Daniel often gets into trouble, which requires either his father or the Autobots to save him. He is very good friends with the Autobots, particularly Wheelie, Grimlock, and Hot Rod, but the one he's closest to is Arcee, who views him as a surrogate son. Come to think of it, he doesn't seem to have any human friends. What a shocker..

Daniel is (sometimes) the Headmaster partner to Arcee.



American cartoon continuity

The Transformers cartoon

Voice actor: David Mendenhall (US), Mayumi Tanaka (the Movie, Japan) → Masumi Gotō (2010, Japan)

In the year 2005, Daniel appeared to be in the care of Hot Rod at Autobot City while his father was preparing for an assault on the Decepticon-held planet Cybertron from Moonbase One.

Following a brutal Decepticon attack on the city (in which he was almost killed), Daniel tearfully witnessed the death of Optimus Prime, sobbing on the fallen commander's hand as the color left his corpse. (We forgive Daniel's crying on this occasion, as everyone else cried as well.)

Escaping from a second Decepticon attack, Daniel and a group of Autobots were stranded on Junkion, where Daniel donned his father's old exo-suit to weather the harsh environment. He did not get much time to enjoy the suit, as yet another Decepticon assault left Ultra Magnus dead and stirred the native Junkions into violent action. Daniel proved his worth in this battle by smacking Junkion leader Wreck-Gar with an I-beam, saving a prone Springer.

Hostilities with the Junkions were settled with the arrival of Hot Rod and Kup, Ultra Magnus was revived, and a brief and very campy celebration was held wherein Daniel showed he could boogey down.

Daniel joined the combined Autobot-Junkion attack force in the assault on Unicron. He was on the ship that plunged into Unicron's eye, and soon became separated from the main Autobot group. As luck would have it, he ended up in Unicron's acid-based digestion center, where he was able to save his father, Bumblebee, Jazz, and Cliffjumper from certain death.

Daniel and the rest soon met up with the other Autobots inside of Unicron. Everything around them was exploding! And then came this Rodimus Prime guy. Spike and Daniel hopped into his front seat, all of the Autobots drove out of Unicron's undamaged eye, through space (!?), and back to Cybertron as Unicron blew up. Daniel looked on as Rodimus gave a heroic speech. The Transformers: The Movie

I want to tell you about the Transformers!

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That kid's therapist is gonna make a fortune.

Daniel would subsequently be around to watch his father get kidnapped by Sharkticons Five Faces of Darkness, Part 1, witness Optimus Prime's revival as a zombie Dark Awakening, become the subject of a Quintesson dream/reality experiment Nightmare Planet, try to determine Ultra Magnus's birthday Surprise Party, bring a mad Quintesson wizard to justice Madman's Paradise, and steal Trypticon's transforming cog. The Ultimate Weapon

Following those adventures, Daniel took on the role of "chew-toy" and was seriously injured in an attack by Snapdragon and required extensive life support. Arcee volunteered her own systems to assist in saving Daniel's life. Her head was reconfigured into an exo-suit, allowing Daniel to become Arcee's Headmaster partner. The Rebirth, Part 2

Japanese cartoon continuity

The Headmasters cartoon

Voice actress: Tomiko Suzuki (Japan)
Note: The Headmasters anime ignores the events of the 3-part "The Rebirth" story arc.
Give a boy a gun and you arm him for a day. Teach him how to make a gun... and the whole metaphor breaks down.

In 2011, Daniel seemed to be somehow regressing in both age and maturity, looking and acting a good deal younger than in the movie or the previous season of the cartoon. He hung out with Wheelie a whole lot more than was probably healthy, and the two shared constant adventures. In fact, at one point, Daniel and Wheelie defeated Trypticon by tricking him into trying to walk a rope bridge across a deep gorge.

As the series progressed, Daniel changed from a snot-nosed little cry-baby into a responsible young man. These coming-of-age adventures included traveling alone to a robot-killing asteroid, befriending the murderous psychopath, Sixshot, and finally rescuing his Mom from inside a narrow crevice she had tumbled into, injuring herself.

Real men don't cry, Danny.

The Headmasters manga

We find this picture works better WITHOUT the captions.

Shortly after Mega Zarak and the Decepticons were driven from Earth, Soundblaster showed up and took Daniel's family hostage. Not havin' none-a that, Daniel finally snapped. He went insane and took on both Slugfest and Overkill in a bare-knuckle brawl, defeating the pair of Cassette dinosaurs and leaving Soundblaster open to an attack from Chromedome.

Marvel Comics continuity

Note: Events from the UK-only comic stories are in italics.
Fifteen years old, and still wearing matching outfits with his dad... and still a hysterical wreck too.

In 2009, the Terrorcons and the rest of the Decepticons rampaged across Earth unhindered, and Daniel and his father Spike were rescued from the carnage by Kup. Kup brought them to Autobot City, where Daniel convinced Rodimus Prime that he wasn't devoting enough resources towards defending Earth. Time Wars

Coloring books

The Lost Treasure of Cybertron

Note: In this story, Buster Witwicky was portrayed as Daniel's father. Daniel, however, looked the same as he always did.

Universe: The Wreckers

Making Daniel badass risks destroying reality as we know it.

Daniel detonated an explosive to destroy a legion of Nightbird drones, killing himself and Wheelie in the process. This event caused Arcee to enter a deep depression, setting the stage for her personality change as she became a Wrecker. Departure

Dreamwave comics continuity

Thanks kiddo. What would I do without you?


Get your head knocked is what.


A day after a reactivated Megatron attacked and destroyed a South American rebel militia, a young Daniel reminded Spike to wear his hardhat, which he scrawled his father's name on so he wouldn't forget (the hardhat, not his name). Spike told him to go upstairs when General Robert Hallo invited himself into Spike's home. He wears pajamas to bed. Prime Directive issue 1



Every boy dreams his own car... but maybe not a pink technomobile.

A pink redeco of Chromedome as Headmaster Arcee was considered by Hasbro/Takara at one time. Presumably Daniel would have been the Headmaster partner.


A PVC figure of Daniel in his exo-suit was released in Takara's Super Collection Figure series. It was only available in ACT-4, coming in the same blind-packed box as Arcee (who was unchanged from her ACT-1 release).


  • In Japanese continuity, it originally was not explained why Daniel did not seem to age between the animated film, which took place in 2005, and their season three, which took place in 2010. To the contrary, in Headmasters his mental age seemed to regress. According to the massive timeline featured in Kiss Players, Daniel was in suspended animation in outer space in the interim. As far as retcons go, there have been clunkier.
  • Daniel and Arcee are secret lovers.

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